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  1. I was farming for rime rounds not jupiter and after a few runs i got it but as i completed my mission my internet messed up then i went to fix it i didnt close the game left it open it said unable to update account or something like that after i fixed my net i came back and saw that i got rime rounds but when i check my inventory its was not present in it so i restarted my game and it still wasnt in my inventory. So im wondering if DE can fix stuff like this so it wont happen to other players i also have a small video that i might upload to yt and im sad 😞
  2. if they focus on pve for now and in the future add a pve quest that can unlock this mode and have good rewards for pve and this mode e.g if they something like a weekly or monthly thing that you can in the mode like you need to win 10 match of ranked without kicking without using moves or going flawless when you complete these challenges you get special mods like a riven that you can only get from this mode
  3. How about a takken or street fighter type of conclave with tag team or solo and comp keyboard friendly with support of controllers I was watching AngryJoes Tennocon 2018 Trip Vlog! and if go to the time stamp at 8:30 joe find the frame fighter game him and other joe both play it. i think this game mode will be fun if they introduce a new mods for the game mode and ranked and new maps/arenas and if they make the bosses from different factions playable as characters
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