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  1. Stepping back or surrender was never an option it seems - at least for Warframe
  2. Synth Charge: +200% Bonus Damage on final shot. Requires Magazine 6 or higher Epitaph has Magazine size of 1. Through testings with the Mod Hemorrhage, I can definetly tell, that the slash-proccs are boosted through the Mod Synth Charge, which definetly shouldn`t be the case if we read the mod description. Location of testings: Simulacrum Ball Room Enemies tested on: Exo Gokstad Officer (Lvl 180) Aiming at the main Body - so without the Headshot Multiplier. Yellowcrit without Synth Charge with Expel Grineer Mod ~8k slash tic damage per 1 slash proc Yellowcrit with Sy
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