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  1. Here's an idea for Ayatan Stars and shield drones... Instead of putting them in the rotation, why not give the drones a smallish chance of dropping cyan and amber stars, since the rotation drops a lot of statues to put them in? Obviously the reason the community overwhelmingly reacted negatively to putting them in the rotation was because it further dilutes the rewards people are there for, but drone drops are an ideal place for single stars to occasionally drop at a rate sufficient to at least partially fill all the statues people are getting in Arbitration, without lowering the chance on anything else. Another thought for drones: Maybe give them an unusually high chance of dropping heavy weapon ammo, to help give archguns (which the rivens for are behind this game mode) another potential niche in high-end play? Maybe even a special drop that not only refills ammo but gives a brief buff to damage and perhaps armor penetration so that archguns don't get out-scaled as quickly and are good for taking down the now-exposed other enemies? 30-60 seconds perhaps? Maybe have the buff timer start only once your archgun is equipped? Though, realistically, because of enemy scaling, a permanent, stacking, small buff dropped by each drone might be a very worthwhile option here. Also, consider changing the wording of "Endo rewards will be reduced to roughly 75% of what they once were (since you’ll be receiving rewards twice as often)." to "Individual endo rewards will be roughly 75% of what they once were (since you’ll be receiving rewards twice as often and getting around 150% of previous endo income total)."
  2. Hi all. I'm shopping for a new laptop to play Warframe for hopefully many years to come, or at least as many as practical. With the OS climate, it needs to be able to run Windows 7 as long as that remains practical, and some form of Linux that's relatively ex-Windows-user-friendly (for Linux) and runs Warframe as well as practical, ideally through Steam+Proton so it counts as Linux Warframe for Steam stats. Something that will at least last 10+ years as a backup machine for retro gaming in its later life, with a minimum of inexpensive maintenance like dust blowing and replacement batteries. Initial price isn't much of an object, and I'd prefer high-end specs, but I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on maintenance and replacement parts over the years. Practical advice on getting and keeping Warframe running smoothly on any Linux emulation is welcome, as are thoughts on how the recent Ubuntu/Steam debacle may influence the future of Warframe on related platforms. I'm considering Mint and Zorin OS Core so far (both Ubuntu/Debian-based) or SparkyLinux, but want to maintain distribution-flexibility, and good general VM support would be very nice. SteamOS is likely inadequate for my needs but I'm not entirely closed to it. Would be willing to consider non-Linux alternatives like ReactOS, but AFAIK none of them are viable so far. I've heard @[DE]Glen is the main DE patron of Warframe-on-Linux and that it's gradually getting better, can anyone confirm that? I know there are at least several players who advocate for Linux on the forums. Needing to plug in to play Warframe for more than brief periods is acceptable. I can accept as little as 10 or so minutes of Warframe on battery. I'm willing to sacrifice some performance for lifespan, compatibility and reducing cooling issues. I'd really like to be able to buy TennoGen through Warframe on Linux through this laptop. Oh, and a side question... any particularly Linux-friendly clans/alliances out there? Doubt it, but can't hurt to ask. Please don't waste time advocating for Microsoft, consoles, or hardware you aren't confident will run Linux well. This thread is primarily about running Warframe on a new Linux-friendly laptop. It is not a Linux vs. Windows thread. Windows 10 or anything else from Microsoft past 7 is already out of consideration. Thank you.
  3. What node is the redtext assassination mission on? After those jokes, something must be done. Inb4 redtext drops parts for a horse-themed frame.
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