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  1. That is weird... My experience was most of my problems stopped the moment i switch to a warframe that is not Ivara. (even just getting in my archwing). Theres still some massive bugs with hunting in general but i havent spotted any issues that are 'exclusive' to Sawgaws.
  2. Im doing Sawgaws consistently.. (have been for the past year now.) got quite allot of fluffies in my ship from my hunts. Really they only really bug out if you hit them with warframe abilities. If you just rely on the tranq and any stealth frame you can get perfect captures. Only thing that bugs me about them is spotting them is very annoying and the limited range of the codex/simaris scanner makes spotting them near impossible sometimes.
  3. I wonder what Warframe would be like if all mission objectives and hackable objects were destructable by the players/warframes own weapons and abilities? It worked well on Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. Clever enemy placement (setup posts in some tilesets specifically for snipers. with 100-200 metres+ range). Throw unpredictable targets into missions that effect the flow of battle. (In goldeneyes case that was scientists or civilians. hostages that discouraged spray and pray). Shoot gas pipes or fuel barrels that flood the mission with toxic gas or combustable fuel. Make use of things like Turning off the lights, adding fog or screen distortion effects. To hide the true location of enemies. Suppression fire alone can be effective. Security cameras that were much more functional. Objectives and hackable computer terminals being destructable by players own weapons. I liked the Jupiter rework with all the trapdoors.
  4. Same issue here AMD 3600, 16gb of ram, 4gb rx 580, windows 10 latest updates. Im also getting booted from squads almost instantly on mission start and able to rejoin just as fast.
  5. I cant see it being a viable development option. Given how even Nvidia are still making/selling gaming branded GPU's that dont support RTX. This type of technology needs to be mainstream or wonderfully easy to implement. RTX, DLSS right now is neither of those things. After witnessing how disruptive RTX development was to Kunos and the vast strides they made with thier game as soon as they dropped it. Im against it being added in the near future.
  6. Fantastic changes. Always saw this as the ideal way games should head in.
  7. Events are always the basis for rallying freinds or new people to the game. Atleast its the most successful tool for me to bring new or old people into MMO's through the years. Mastery locks on events. Just tells those friends this isnt worth the effort. Because value of time is'nt equal to the required time investment just to meet entry requirements. ME: "Hey come to warframe theres this cool new item." Friend : "Nah i cant be bothered theres just too much to do." Events should be an oppurtunity for time restrained people to catchup. But it becomes a hurdle if they're just so far behind. I have a good example of this recently with Blade and soul. Me and my friends were absolutely done with that game. But the recent update gave out a god teir endgame weapon for just logging in on our main characters. That got us playing again because the grind and time investment simply to get that weapon in the past was far too unreasonable.
  8. I know right.. Please wait 30 minutes for your friends to finish before you can join them.
  9. Do the right thing, stay civilised... Meanwhile... Where is the next nightwave season 😧 This wait is so depressing.. Im missing the nightwave updates...
  10. Loving the graphics upgrade. I occasionally get stutters its rare but it happens. Is this because my hardware is being stressed or because a bug or other issue in the rendering process? System : Ryzen 3600, 16gb ram, rx580 4gb, Windows 10 64
  11. It is very weird all this negative feedback. I feel like im in a different reality when i read this thread. She is one of my most played frames and other than her squishiness when shes not in razorwing. I havent had many issues at all. Especially after the rework 2 weeks ago which improved tribute and lantern enormously. Spellbinds the only ability i think that still has niggling issues. To be fair I dont take her 100 minutes into survivals or 200 waves into defence.
  12. I dont want Titania getting blink. It it makes her too strong at speed running in normal missions. My concern is this becomes a meta as it is the only warframe that can execute this move in normal tilesets. All her other changes in this update have been fanastic. Im really happy with all her abilities.
  13. It was announced in patch notes around the time (i think 2 weeks before) they added the vampy kavats to game that reduced the drop rates by 25% or 50% occured. I cant remember if they specified the reasons but they have pretty bad rates now. 1 per 12 scans sounds about normal im afraid. 😞
  14. Fantastic, Thankyou Warframe. Would love it if next year you could add something new like dex archwing weapons or k-drive, or maybe operator things!
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