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  1. Oh man.. is it possible just being negligent towards the lich system could result in someone unintentionally doing this? It seems convoluted because of all the layers of RNG involved. But also no instructions on the UI that i could find about where i am or what stage i am at. I read the patch notes but could'nt make sense of how to even take part in the system. I dont want to mistakenly troll people when i jump into public matches. Is there something i can unequip to ensure i dont unintentionally troll people as OP has described?
  2. Most people i know who left this game early left at the Kubrow egg part too. Its probably the most common hurdle i hear about from friends. I think its a stupid way to design a quest around RNG. You dont see Nintendo doing this type of design in any of thier games. The quest too is so old now and the devs have been very reluctant to bring any major QOL changes to not just that but the pet sytem as a hole. Fissures and relic system. Mmmm DE just need to find a really easy way to explain allot of these systems. You pretty much need to watch Dev streams/primetime to get a solid idea on how all the side systems ingame work.
  3. I hate the fact that i agree with your first 4 points. Most of the issues you highlight is stuff i've just learnt to be passive towards in the years ive been playing Warframe. On your suggestions to improve it. i think Youre heading in the right direction. Theres definitely more creative angles DE could head in. On that: I remember there was an Unreal tournament Mutator once that if you cut up dead bodies (gibbed) Their body would spawn additional zombies. They could also do the Legend of Zelda skeleton one where anything that isnt a headshot just breaks thier limbs apart and makes the enemy run around reassembling themselves lol. Or just give every enemy thier own wisp 2nd ability on death that charges at the player (but doesnt hurt the player).
  4. Oh MY! No wonder my counter was ticking from 100-0 in less than 5 seconds. Geeeeeeeeeees
  5. I beleive theres some actual settings in the graphics options you can adjust to remove that white contrast. I think its called "white balance" It might be color correction though. I cant remember precisely. But i recommend delving into the graphics options as i think theres 3 settings that can effect what youre complaining of. Either DOF, White balance or color correction. There might be 1 more in there that im forgetting.
  6. My first 2 runs on stage 3 failed around 9 minutes in after the red circle changed location. There were no enemies spawning in the new location They were all spawning far far away according to my map.
  7. Reminds me of Survival when it was first introduced many years ago now. Not enough enemies to even make it to 10 minutes lol.. Sucks to anyone who doesnt or isnt interested in totally researching the inner workings of the games flaws. (like spawns effected by enemy radar)
  8. Destiny 2 chat has always been a ghost town. I think it wasnt even actually implemented until 6 or so months ago? Maybe after the Warmind update they added it. They had no public chat channels in the first year. Just squad chat channels. Its rubbish when you think about it. There was also no easy way to actually accept squad invites on the fly. The only time you ever saw people talking in public was in the hubs and even then it was fairly quiet at the best of times. Didnt they also have public chat channe muted by default in the settings menu?
  9. I wanted to get more Emissary derelict keys from infested invasions. Because i totally forgot about the Pathocyst weapon until the last few days of the season. Otherwise im not really that fussed over the rewards. I enjoy the mix of nightwave objectives. Theres definitely stuff of value in intermission 2's list that I can see value in. So i dont really mind aslong as the objectives arent too crazy repetitive. Yea the Kuva is a nice sweetener for me too. Would love an Endo pack aswell just incase i decide to make some more deranked copies of maxed out mods to fit my mad scientist builds.
  10. Dragon Nest done it fantastically well during the level 40 cap. The Sea Dragon Nest had 8 stages to the fight, with about 14 bosses all with very different stage mechanics and boss mechanics. The bosses would also change thier behaviour and attacks depending on how weak they were during the fight. After the lvl 40 cap DN went full on into the pay to win and difficulty scale. The benefit to Sea Dragon Nest was the bosses and most of the mechanics in that raid all originated from normal dungeons that were casual friendly as the damage was gentle and there was no 1 hit k/o's or dps checks to speak of. So when people who had played through the entire casual content reached there they were familiar with the mechanics. It was just basically 1-3 hit k/o's all around though. lava randomly flooding the floors during the fight forcing players to wall climb 2-3 bosses in a stage where all 3 need to be killed in Synch Airlock sucking players out to space Poison or magnetic auras that infect team mates too close together Dance dance revolution stun attack if players shoot out of synch lol. Varying elemental weaknesses and strengths during the raid. The obvious problem DE have is the time investment in designing bosses. They could just make 1 hyper raid where they copy and paste a mix of current bosses into a unique stage. Then add some simple stage hazards to those fights.
  11. lol... Theres also loads of mistakes Destiny made that DE could equally make. So be specific about exactly what youre asking for and expect! Dont fall into the mistake of adopting some of Destinys poorer and worse design decisions please. We had it before and no one played it 😕 DE even ran easy peasy alerts handing out powerful corrupted mods to try and help the low numbers incase it was too much of a gear/grind check.
  12. Just screenshots? What about screencaptures from youtube or livestreams? Maybe i should delete all my youtube streams of Warframe so no one tries to commit fraud.
  13. I havent been knocked out of Archwing for ages... Atleast in Poe, OV i havent ran recently so cant comment on that one. With poe you just need to gun it through some trees or just cast the archwing abilities. Or shoot the turrets before they rotate around to shoot you.
  14. Theres allot of things they could do with heat. Just make it a dot that spreads to objects in a radious. Have it cause mines, grenades and ammunition to detonate (emptying magazines). Or destroying spare ammo clips. It can work both ways. *my personal favourite (big head mode) or DK mode.. Enemies under heat have thier head and limbs inflate like a balloon. causes weapons to jam for a short period.
  15. I thought hard mode is nightmare missions. They could add some additional modifiers to that mode, like no ammo drops, health drops, cc immunity ontop of adding certain existing Sortie limits like (melee only) etc. But it doesnt really add difficulty it just pushes people into solely 1 style of gameplay for each modifier (which is always the most efficient). Especially when rewards are concerned. I think the game is difficult its just anyone whos played for more than 24 hours is probably well conditioned in whats required to beat the games challenging aspects. So at this point i think if you want challenge look to PVP/team death match. You'll find your challenge against humans not AI. I thought i liked challenge. However a very bad experience in Dragon Nest from the lvl 24 cap to level 70 cap made me much wiser. The challenges became a chore and it shoehorned groups of players into just hating any class or combo that was considered "inefficient" or disadvantaged to the group. This created a very toxic culture in the community. Things escelated when Shanda moved the challenging content that was previously solely in raids into general content. It killed allot of relationships because "oh we cant do this with you because your class is no good" or "youre undergeared" or "Youre blocked because you wiped us last time" or "sorry we got someone else who has better gear then you" or "lets wait for someone who has god tier equipment". Its fascinating to see Blade and Soul currently stuck in the same mess Dragon Nest had. The thing is if you only have just 20minutes to 1 hour a day to play a game. You dont want to be studying up every single mechanic or browsing youtube to find your answers. Im thankful that DE so far has avoided falling into such a spiral. But with the angry youtubers and streamers about. Im fearful for what the future might bring.
  16. After optimising my download cache and starting game. Doing a few tests to try and replicate my issues i couldnt reproduce the problem. Sadly i dont know what else you can do. I'll have to try public matches.
  17. Yea, (edit:having the same problem). i just ran my first couple of missions after a couple of weeks and getting the same issue in solo play. Experienced in Orbiter on planet selection, Mars capture mission and plains of eidolon. Very heavy freezes. Currently doing that cache optimisation in the launcher to see if that removes the stutters. Running, Warframe 64bit, Windows 7 (64 bit), Rx 580 4gb, I5 4590, Running all the latest drivers and updates.
  18. Im so greatful it was a light month from you guys.September game calender has been absolutely insane this year. There was way too many good games released that i didnt find much time at all to even run my nightwave missions. Just want to thankyou you guys at Digital Extremes so much for the effort and coincidentally timing your updates almost perfectly for my schedule!
  19. I was hoping for a Convectrix Prime 😞 But im still Happy Atlas prime is finally here. Been waiting years for him!
  20. Which games do allow it? From my experience, i've played most of the free to play MMO's in the last 20 years. Hardly any allow players to trade items direcltly for platinums equivalent. The games i've played create an alternate currency that only gives you partial access to the cash shop (Dragon Nest, Blade and Soul, every game under perfect world entertainment. Cabal online, Raycity online, Dwo, Luna, Destiny star, League of immortal, Asda Didnt even go near allowing platinum currency to be used in trading. The closest is probably Dragon Nest but even thats incredibly limited to just a soft version of the cash shop.
  21. If they add a store/auction hall/automatic trading system then Theres absolutely no way its goinng be using platinum as a currency. They'll use credits for the transactions.The platinum to person to person trades. I dont know of any MMO that actually allows the equivalent of platinum to be used as a trading currency. For good reason. People are deluded if they think DE are going to allow platinum into automated trades.
  22. So this has change now... whats in the Saryn Nitro bundle?
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