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  1. I'll agree that the Revenant "quest" was horrible, short, and did nothing for any lore at all, and although Gara's quest was a sweet story between Saya, Konzu and Onkko, it didn't really link to everything else and once it was over, it's ignored. I'll also agree that the Ropalolyst fight's lore/story wasn't presented well at all. I liked the taunting, but I agree that the transmissions should NOT have taken up most of the screen at all. That was bad. However, the way The Sacrifice not only gave emotional weight to Umbra, but explained deeper origins of the Warframes for those who didn't know as much, as well as drip fed lore and suspense through the bed scenes was really well done. Just because this game is mostly speed and action and rampant killing of enemies, doesn't mean that cutscenes can't exist to present story in different ways. The whole Komi thing was meant to give you a false sense of security. You try to win, only for him to pull the rug out from under you. Story quests SHOULD be different from the pace of the rest of the game.
  2. I completely agree with them adding way more quests and character interaction. In fact, I'll even go so far as to say that while everyone loves the "wArFrAmE nEeDs cOnTeNt" memes, I think more people who say that should instead say what KIND of content they want specifically. I've told people that and they've responded with "well just go to the forums, plenty of people say what they want." That's not good enough. EVERYONE should say what type of content they want, and I'll give your post a like here because it's specific to wanting quests and character interaction, which is more of the type of content I want as well. I'm dying for Empyrean and Squad Link, the cooperative aspects to those look really fun and engaging. But yeah, quests and character development, I absolutely want more of both. Even if the characters are just little radio transmissions with some light writing thrown in, it'd be great. I wonder if maybe we wait so long for quests because usually with good Warframe quests, they have unique mechanics to them? They're not just a string of the same old mission types, but unique aspects? I don't know. Shouldn't take a year for that, though, if that's the case. I am optimistic about the fact that many of the quests with the last couple updates have featured MORE quests becoming replayable. I think some type of weekly (or even daily) harder version of a quest replay for some unique or persistently needed reward, like Kuva or resources or whatever could be great to keep people interested in the story and purpose we've had in this game. Absolutely.
  3. I think that may be what they're experimenting with to get Grendel. Like, the grind for Vitus Essence to buy the Mission Part keys represents the grind, but once you complete the mission, you just get the part outright. At least for new Frames, anyway. Primes probably won't be available like that, but at least if new Frames are, it's something. I try to do as many syndicate missions for two syndicates just about every day, trying to find as many medallions in each mission as possible. I don't kill myself finding them, but that definitely reduces the grind of each mission, for sure. But yeah, medallions, Relic Packs and rad share, that helps a ton.
  4. What's factual is that a player can choose to not perform missions on a node where a Lich has influence, and thus lose a fraction of their rewards. And depending on how much resource or credits they have, and the difference in what they don't get, yes, they MAY want to not engage in the Lich influenced mission, and instead the non-influenced one. That said...depending on how the Lich node actually works, if they can take that influence away by completing it, or if the Lich himself/herself can appear and be defeated and made stronger before their final stand off, and other factors we don't know, it doesn't seem like an appealing option to NOT do the Lich influenced mission when the option is there. They may steal rewards, but if you don't engage them, they can't be defeated.
  5. I think they could make some of the drop rates of the rewards more consistent from relics with what you put into them. Like, making it easier to better focus on what type of rarity you want via the void traces. I'd be completely in support of that. And as far as getting the relics themselves, I've actually found it easier to get them from the open world bounties rather than crossing my fingers on a star chart node where that relic supposedly drops. But honestly, between trading, bartering, and opening fissures in groups mitigating the RNG, it's acceptable. Far from perfect, but not necessarily bad. Definitely incentivizes matchmaking or focused teaming up to ease the grind, and while I guess that makes it harder for some people, there are at least ways to ease the grind if you want it badly enough. The RNG with Relics isn't nearly as excruciating as the RNG attached to Rivens, but that's another thread entirely...
  6. I mean, at current...seems like a strategy. Essentially, taking in less rewards in the short term for a massive payoff in the long term. I imagine that might be the reason you get "some" of the rewards back, not "all," so that the thing doesn't stay around forever, but I have no idea. It would be cool if the Lich, creating a bigger and bigger empire upon every death, they use your credits and rewards to build that empire, then taking that empire down yields MORE rewards in the end...essentially "interest," 😄
  7. I think some people are concerned that rare drops like mods could be stolen by the Lich, and then since the devs have said that "some" of your rewards would be returned, as opposed to "all" of it, they would hate to see some rare mod reward they've been farming forever vanish just because a Lich stole it and the rule of the game is that you don't get everything back. That said, I think even if resources and materials and credits aren't 100% returned, by the time you take the Lich down, you'll get a big glut of reward back when you finally take it down. Especially if you don't have the right Requiem mods yet, they'll just keep accumulating reward before you take them down, so...it's still worth doing, in my opinion.
  8. I think they did this this time due to them saying the update was coming last week, and it didn't, and they wanted to address items that needed more clarification that they didn't want to do a whole devstream for. Not a normal thing.
  9. Yeah, I can agree with that. I'm not entirely sure giving us access to everything in Archwing in every mission was necessarily feasible when it first launched, but you're right, it was very isolated from the rest of the game. And even if it's really cool, a lot of people felt like it didn't have much purpose beyond just "stuff to level." Same could be said about Railjacks probably, though we'll have to see what major purpose they're given and how grand the scale will be. I don't think the star map or associated mission nodes are going away with Empyrean, nor should it since a lot of people are used to ground-only mission combat. To me, it seems like a new space map overlaid on top of the old, giving rise to new places to visit and engagements to partake in. Which hopefully link up to the events coming in the New War. After all, they did imply that we'd need these new ships to tackle the larger Sentient threat we'll have to deal with.
  10. I think part of the reason more people don't engage with Conclave is due to the rewards attached. Obviously, it has to do partially with combat balancing as well, but at the risk of being controversial, Lunaro is one of the best things about Conclave. It's an actual "game," it's unique to other games' PvP. You say Lunaro being in Conclave is the problem, but where's it supposed to be? Are people just supposed to break out into Lunaro games after a mission? It's supposed to be in Conclave. The problem is, the rewards that are offered from Conclave aren't enough to encourage people to go for it. They're basically just cosmetics, and if you get to the highest rankings, you can purchase base starter Frames. If there were regular events in Conclave that offered Forma, potatoes, even Rivens, people would force themselves through it. Hell, even though plenty of Warframe players scoff at Destiny, their Crucible PvP faction at least offers bounties, XP and PvE usable rewards. There's plenty of things Conclave could offer as purchasable reward sources to get people in there more. As for Archwing, I think it was a nice idea that didn't have much purpose, that much can be said. But over time, they're trying to give it more purpose. Arch Guns on the ground, flying around open world areas, and now Empyrean featuring ships to fly out of and around. Some have said that Archwing was originally meant as a part of a bigger update like Empyrean, and that seems entirely valid. I don't know, I think DE has put a lot of little things into Warframe that may not have had much purpose or reason to be there outside of them being neat concepts. But just listening to Steve get excited about it, the Dark Sector game from almost 20 years ago was originally supposed to be Empyrean. DE has been trying to make Empyrean pretty much for as long, and I think they're passionate enough about it to make it live up to the hype.
  11. Wow, so...raids are innately toxic, innately exclusive, and only for people to feel "elite" because of some "rule" you apparently don't have any affect on, it's a "popularity" contest for people who want the "thrill of exclusion." The more you say, the more I see a broader profile of a person who has become deathly afraid of interaction, deathly afraid of engaging with human beings, deathly afraid of the toxicity of a few which doesn't, under any circumstance, represent the attitude of the many. You want a game just for YOU. You want a game to play that caters to only YOU. That's made specifically so that YOU can enjoy all the content, and everyone else who wants more variety, more difficulty, more epic engagements...THEY can take a long walk off a pier. I'm sorry, but that makes no sense. And by the way, let's be really clear here...FISSURES are not a "push," they're practically a requirement to team up. Know how I know that? Because for a long time, I did fissures and relics purely solo. I didn't want to join public games, I was afraid of it, I only wanted to do them by myself...and dude, looking back, that was excruciating. I got literally NOWHERE trying to crack open relics and farm prime parts purely on my own. I mean, I'm willing to say here, "yes, it's possible to farm primes by yourself, but it's really stinking hard," but you what? TONS of other Warframe players don't feel like opening relics by themselves or grinding that hard at such a simple activity. And so, they do it in teams, why? Because it's eons more effective. And when something is THAT much more effective, you can pretty much consider it...a "requirement." You can bash your head against relics for days, weeks, and months, and be WAY farther back than someone who just joins public games once in a while and gets parts from other peoples' relics. Wukong Prime has been out since July, I already have him on PS4. Why? Public games. Made it way easier. Yes, people get annoying in public games. Yes, people troll sometimes. Yes, people get toxic on headsets, or just don't turn their mics off when not talking. Does that mean DE should massively adjust drop rates to appease solo players because "waaaaah, people could get toxic?" DE should hold their game back because of some "rule" that "easier raids aren't raids," but they shouldn't adjust relic drop rates so that solo players can get prime parts easier? Do you advocate for that? "Killing Eidolons and Orb Mothers solo is slow." Darn tootin. Know why? Because you shouldn't be doing those things solo. 😉 Know why? Because they're supposed to involve people working together to overcome the challenge that's presented to a single player. In fact, I'm going to make an assumption here. If taking those things down is so slow for you (which by the way, it isn't slow for everyone, plenty of solo players can take them down in minutes), I'm going to assume you either don't have many Rivens, don't have the right ones, or the ones you have aren't good enough to tackle it. You direct me to YouTube to look at WoW videos, have you viewed Eidolon solo guides telling you how take them down in minutes, because with the right gear, the right Warframe, the right mods, whatever, you should be able to do it super fast. But...it's "slow," as you say. We don't know each other, but I'll ask this...are you advocating DE also rework their Riven system to lose a majority of the RNG which excludes players who a) aren't lucky enough to defeat every layer, and/or b) aren't paying premium plat prices to the Riven Mafia? Because...that sure seems like it "excludes players" from monumental amounts of power, and breeds "toxicity" based on the "popularity contest" of whoever has the best and strongest ones. But here, you're focusing solely on the presumed "toxicity" of raids being a "popularity contest," because there are some people who do that. Right. Despite many people just wanting something big and epic to do in groups because not everyone wants to be alone all the time, making the broad generalization that toxicity is something to be feared is a reason to hold the game back. Dude, listen, here's the bottom line...I can build a house by myself. Sure. It'll take literally the rest of my life and would be tons easier if I had a team to help me. That's an undeniable fact. Even if things like raids don't return to Warframe (and they are, the devs have said they are...this post wasn't me suggesting they put them back in...they're coming back at some point, so get ready), playing in groups will ALWAYS and FOREVER be more effective, faster, and easier in many different ways than playing solo. Always. Another undeniable fact. Combining forces and power together will always accomplish more than one person soloing the whole game. Yes, fine, toxic people exist, they always will. Yes, inexperienced or bad players hold things up sometimes, yes. And we shouldn't ignore trying to tackle those things. That doesn't mean a COOP game should change to being a "single-player experience" simply because "toxic people exist." That's faulty logic 100% of the way. Games SHOULD totally have paths to power for people who don't want to interact, in case you missed that, I do advocate for that. And it'd be great if DE found more ways to do that in Warframe, for people who hate interacting. Easier versions of Raids, as I said, would be one way, and if elitist jerks have a problem with that, THEY can take a long walk off a pier, okay? 🙂 However...there are actually GOOD, non-toxic people who don't relish in the isolation of being a one-man band 24/7/365, who want reasons to team up. That's been me most of my gaming life, and I'm inching my way toward being done with it. I want to be involved, I want to engage with people, I want to find the GOOD people out there who AREN'T toxic (and they do exist, no matter how many times you say the word "toxic", doesn't make those good people less real). You don't want to be "forced" to team up, but I also don't want to be "forced" to be alone. And making everything in this game soloable simply because some people don't want teaming up to feel required (which in many ways, it is, regardless of raids). True, I don't think "raids" are necessary for games to succeed or be great, but just as you think DE should be emphasizing solo play, others want more. And just as YOU don't deserve to be excluded, those players don't deserve to be either. I get it..."requiring" teaming up "excludes people." But no man is an island. And even if raids never come back in Warframe, you'll still have people out there to be jealous of because THEY interact and THEY team up to get more done and THEY work together...and you don't. I'll be honest...this whole argument I've had with you is only inspiring me to find more groups, to talk more on headsets and be a good player and squadmate, and WANT more to do in groups, and WANT to be part of big things, rather than emphasize everything in this game to be easy enough for people to do all by themselves. Like I said...I'm okay if there's a path to it...but it's also okay if people want more than the ease of doing everything alone. It's also okay if people want to be part of a team, if people want to help others, and if people want things to conquer that requires a group. The nice thing about our community, and this game being focused on COOP, is that we're all supposedly on the same team, working toward the same goals. This game SHOULD have solo missions that you do by yourself and accomplish by yourself, with no one to rush you through. This game SHOULD have encounters that solo players can handle by themselves, that also contribute to a larger "greater good" or "war effort" or whatever, to feel like they're part of a special breed of beings in the universe. But this game SHOULD also have engagements large enough for teams to want to come together and conquer and coordinate to solve. You wanna say the rewards should be tweaked so that maybe certain exclusive things aren't locked behind that teaming up? Fine. Maybe you just get MORE credits or MORE resources or MORE blueprints or whatever when engaging in that, rather than have exclusive things there. Whatever. But the game should have this, just as it should have solo experiences, too. Oh, and one more thing...the primary progress metric isn't MR. Not when at least one player finished the majority of the game without raising their MR over zero, 😉 But nice try. Have the last word. The loneliness hovering over this discussion has been exhausting. Have a good day.
  12. See, I miss the dynamic nature of the old alerts, but...the fact they were so short-sighted, just...do a mission, done...do a mission, done...it was kinda flat. Nightwave may need more added to it, I can get behind that. And it could use a ton of tweaking in terms of rewards. But ultimately, it's a better system. Plus, we have Invasions, which are basically the same as Alerts were, just with a more narrow reward pool and you have to do three missions instead of just one. I wish they would expand the reward pool for Invasions to include maybe credits, materials, blueprints, whatever else, let's discuss. Invasions, for me, fill that void of having dynamic missions pop up anyways. I don't miss Alerts that much as a result.
  13. I like it. All sounds good. I mean, when we saw Squad Link at Tennocon, Drew was in a squad with Taylor and one other dev, I don't know who. But Drew accepted it on his screen, and everybody ran to the objective. Practically speaking, if you're in a dedicated squad, everyone can communicate and say "yes, we all want to do Squad Link" before the beacon is put up, so that takes care of that. But if you're with randoms, though, there would need to be some kind of vote in-game to see if everyone wants to opt-in together. That's an interesting point.
  14. Fair point, but...the amount of work to essentially redefine what "Level 1 enemy" and "Level 100 enemy" is feels like infinitely more work, as well as not solving the problem at the core, than say...putting more power in weaker players' hands by making Rivens more available and reworking how they're cycled. Things would balance out quicker and easier, and you wouldn't need to redefine scaling by calling it "1-100" instead of "1-9999."
  15. May have to depend on how difficult the Squad Link objective is. Maybe there will be various tiers of difficulty based on the missions being linked, or it's just linked to the difficulty of the mission you're already in. Hypothetical...let's say I'm in a Lith Exterminate Fissure, likely really low level, Squad Link says to, I don't know, take out some Eximus across the map. Easy peasy, no problem, likely takes a minute tops. Later on, I'm in an Axi Interception Fissure (this is assuming Squad Links can be activated during Fissures, hopefully they can, that'd make things CRAZY), Squad Link says to intercept the message within, say, 2 minutes in the round to help a Raiding party. That might be tricky with the gear I have on, so I may want to decline or get another Squad Link objective I can handle instead. So yeah, there's probably going to be some meta'ing going on, but if Warframe is so focused on players choosing the content they want to engage in, that's going to come with the territory. DE will need to offer a variety of different objectives to add, of varying difficulties, not to mention "good" enough rewards (which I hate saying, because I'm not defining "rewards," like people should) to inspire people to engage with it. So that the raiding party feels like they need help, as well as the helpers having some urgency to push through to feel as if they've done something valuable. Ultimately, I don't know, though, we need way more info than we have on the feature before we can truly make real predictions about it. It was just an idea wanted to float past the community. I'm appreciating all the feedback.
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