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  1. Would it be possible to get a Subsumed Resonator volume? I like my Octavia just fine but I have no use for those lonely wubs on other frames
  2. Please change this so it says "*gifting the Lavos Collection" because gifting Lavos does nothing extra @[DE]Rebecca Now I gotta try and work with the giftee and support to refund a present :/ Eh, nvm. Spirit of giving something something. A different friend can get the whole thing
  3. Huh, actually seems a bit excessive. I would have thougt the simple solution would be to just make it so that you can go directly to the tier you want rather than dump the idea of needing to clear the evershifting vault each time Edit: Oh, any particular reason Tier 2 and Tier 3 Mother switched spots?
  4. 200 CAD gets a dojo room named after us? doooooo we get to choose one?
  5. "MEND THE FAMILY" Were those super expensive tokens grandmother had supposed to do something? Becaue on test they were just a way to dump resources for a tiny amount of tokens
  6. Can't wait to see what plans you have the change Nightwave. I like the system, but clearly it's not panning out as planned with Intermissions and each season taking longer than the last
  7. Heeeey, since we are seeing the return of previously limited items is there a chance the Cetus Wisp decoration could be a drop? I started playing right after PoE dropped and missed that campaign by a week.
  8. So when are we going to get Nightwave Revised and drop the idea of Seasons and Intermissions? Just an ongoing reward and cred store then you release story bits and limited time things to buy? Something that puts less crunch on you guys be so you might be able to hit a time frame at some point
  9. Clearly some people are never going to be happy with how the system works, so I hope not too much time is spent on trying to find ways to satisfy them.
  10. The changes are nice but right now all I need are moar bugfixes. Deimos stuff still falls apart at the first wrong look
  11. Cool, thank you for listening! Sorry things have been getting so vitriolic though
  12. Odd, after yesterday's tweak it seems significantly faster
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