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  1. Generally there's 16-20 residue and it take <5minutes to collect them all. Go out, grab'em, return to town, repeat. Like Cetus Wisps but you can tell where they are from afar. Not that that's excusing the bad design. Fish bait is a tertiary use for the stuff and not being doubled because of that is ridiculous. But it's not too hard to get enough for a couple days with a half hours farming.
  2. don't worry there's still people complaining about their favorite op weapon, not enough buffs, and the very idea of the system itself.
  3. So they've chosen to try and get more interaction in exchange for cutting off everyone around the world who would have to go out of their way to tune in? Terrible
  4. Unlinked and re-linked earlier this week except I unhooked from twitch first contrary to the instructions. Left my computer on as normal before stream when I went to work last night and came back to nothing. Unlinked and re-linked again last night just this time in the correct order. We'll see how it turns out this week
  5. Is Fire Blast also being checked? That's been noted to be overly easily blocked as well. Still, thanks!
  6. This'll be useful to quote when I see people asking over in the sub :)
  7. Would it be possible to get a Subsumed Resonator volume? I like my Octavia just fine but I have no use for those lonely wubs on other frames
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