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  1. maybe one day custom roombas sticker with necramech style
  2. i have a little complain to make i, had stocked a lot of archwing avionics maxxed out to turn in dirac , but as the update removed those, i did not got the refund of them , i had a ton .
  3. thank god , Thursday was so late for me. not just stream but in game event like resets too
  4. i had this trouble with claiming at twitch but in game there was no message , but, normally after ido some missions it show up, you somehow need to "update" the game to get it, just login isnt enough.
  5. manual claiming is lame, but if it will avoid watching and not getting , it will be fine, will be good if we start to get booster, so we can choose when activate it .
  6. if going that direction, should have more tutoring quests , not journeys , after completing the vor prize players should visit the relay and there each important npc, the sindicates , silmaris, tenshi should have a little quest teaching those little things like modding your arsenal and frames, how to use consumables , about resource location extractors , and on and on .
  7. this sucks, i expected orphix to be a biweekly event like thermal fractures , without the arcanes ofc.
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