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  1. Thanks for that, I did look around a second time and I did see where I was misinterpreting ... And did see that What I was looking was the front of the propulsion systems... But if you look , you can see that the back glass is indeed glitchy. From there you cannot see the backside of the ship (or is indeed transparent), and if you look down you can find that the camera is not where supposed to be.
  2. nope, unless the camera on the sunroof is backwards, when i'm looking is where is supposed to be the front ( look at the dry dock) and the tail is actually in the right place, even the height is right relative to where i'm looking... but i can be right under the engine... so that is a possibility.
  3. I thought that the huge void vortex that appeared when you travel with it would give a clue that it uses void travel.
  4. Ok, I did see it coming.. But I want to inform about a visual bug in the railjack where is the engines? you can surely see the tail of the ship, but you cant see the engines from here... but its a transparent ceiling... so, where is the front of the ship? and to be honest we obviously we can't see the interior of the ship from outside (i don't even know how it is possible, but this is also a space ship that is capable of flying in a vortex of a paradoxical universe we are talking about) But i guess We should be able to the front of the ship... And btw the backside is not coinciding with where the glass(?) should be... I know how the classes are just a camera in the tileset, but it can be fixed with, for instance, different distances of projection for each glass... so just think about it. @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Megan and guys.
  5. honestly, this is a open door for further investigation, but the way this taps the glass, and whisper.. and the way everyone around it seems a little spooked is really interesting. But it makes me wonder, what could be powerful enough to actually open a vortex in through the void? we all see void keys doing this all the time... but we never saw what powered the void gates machines. And i guess the paradox exist because not even the super advanced Orokin science could understand. but I guess that theory that only the Tenno can see the void is plausible. but.. What, or who, is suppose to fill the vacant chamber?
  6. Ok, but btw there is a bug that happens when you try to use the Decorate camera on the Dry Dock and it just blinks all over the place, and end up hundred of metes in the directions you moved
  7. Só, when you guys will finally add an Orokin theme?
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