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  1. This has happened to me in the recent past as well. Just another reason Profit-Taker is 100x better than Index.
  2. Cause afk farming is only ok on Cambion Drift during bounty/vault objectives while you wait 2-5 minutes for the timer to finish.
  3. i think the subsequent vaults being a different tier than expected is because the Fass/Vome cycle changes. if you dont complete all 3 vaults before the cycle changes then you have to start over. this is intended and explained in the dialogue.
  4. like i said, i try to be patient and i only ignore most people for a matter of hours. but if you think im the devil thats fine i guess
  5. i think all the changes in this update are good.
  6. psa: you can increase your affinity gains by leveling the Naramon node that increases affinity gains for your equipped melee weapon
  7. im not sure tbh, i dont have much experience with it. LeyzarGamingViews is a good youtube channel to see a specific gun in action and get an initial idea for modding it.
  8. if your goal here is to profit from the riven then phage is not popular enough to justify rolling it. a riven for an unpopular weapon like that is usually best sold "unrolled" to make the selling process quicker. if its for your own use then its worth rerolling to try for better stats. its important for a riven to have a harmless negative so its other stats are better. the ammo maximum could also be a much better stat.
  9. why would not having to use an augment mod be disappointing?
  10. you are absolutely right. the majority of players dislike limbo in particular out of all the frames. now if only de would rework the frame to address that.
  11. my point is that i have high rep so people obviously like trading with me and im active so its not just some fluke sample size. quit demonizing me for no reason...
  12. if i remember right, the mobs dont spawn at a set rate in that test. i thought each mob spawned based on when i killed the previous one. it seemed like if i killed the one that spawned within the 5 seconds or whatever it was then i could complete it in time. ranged frames make this easier since youre ready no matter where the enemy spawns.
  13. warframe market isnt going to ban a very active high-reputation trader for forgetting to change their status once a month.
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