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  1. I found a placeholder mod in the codex. https://imgur.com/a/fJ9Sixm
  2. its still a stupid idea. There is no reason to do this, your pets would just play the game for you, you could build up your army of specters and pets and play nekros and just afk all the time.
  3. Primed rocks? Do you wan't rocks with some golden bent bars in them? Could actually look cool for a deluxe skin but for now that's besides the point.
  4. Try to pump it full with ketamine, should put it to rest in some minutes.
  5. Just play excalibur, I think? Also, what kind of play style would that be? We already have a excalted sword guy. If you wanna go a stealthier approach we already have ash. I don't get why we'd need another frame in the ninja/samurai style.
  6. I think no one, except for people who would try their builds or make memes, would play this as there is no benefit. If we got some neat rewards it would be played by more players but at the moment the "veteran mode" is a not so usefull idea.
  7. Wouldn't work. If it was scaled of enemies EHP, the gun could be used in level 3000 survival missions and still do decent damage as the weapon would scale with the enemies. Also, it would be even more OP: you could suck up ~5 bombards and kill every enemy in the game no matter their level. The thing is you could just suck up that bombard and he would be dead as he now is being converted into a projectile. Unless the weapon suck has a cool down or lets the spat out enemies survive. It's a cool idea but it would be way too over powered.
  8. They still have time, but I'm not too optimistic.
  9. Can you help me with a build for her? I tried damage and duration on her sonar but I never get good crits.
  10. You had a banshee in the team, but does she really give you so much damage?
  11. The same reason for why people buy skins for 20 dollars.
  12. What do you mean they didn't wait for you? Did they just quit the mission or start it already? I'm sure the team is allowed to start the mission without you. Also, if you take too long to load you will just spawn right into the action.
  13. That is because eidolons have invulnerability phases just as the thumper.
  14. It sometimes just zooms into a random planet.
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