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  1. im aware of the whole warframe thing, but when it comes to weapons, you would say levelig 3 weapons in ESO is better than Akkad and Hydron?
  2. Which is the best for bulk leveling, i currently have 58 items in my foundry and at least 40+ are weapons for mastery, where should i go so i could rank all these up
  3. so when it comes to a mod config what classifies it as "first" and "second" top row on the left then over to the right or is it different?
  4. wow, thank you that helps loads i will most definitely use all these tips!
  5. i appreciate you taking the time to comment, but my khora build is perfectly fine, and my statstick, when we went 3 hours i was still one shotting level 1100+ and my statstick is gram with a cc,md,cd riven, and naramon school would not be needed as i have on fleeting expertise, 6 extra seconds is plenty of time. I will be using that double nekros advice you and hypnos were talking about. (and of course reworking my smeeta build) but other than that the frame builds are not the issue its the team comp and smeeta builds. also taking off smeeta isnt even a question when it comes to farming resour
  6. im gonna have to do a lot of research, thank you though 7
  7. i never thought about that, im not sure if its needed though, i run zenurik with a r5 arcane enegize, 2 of my other friends also had it on (i was the khora) and not gonna lie the protea was now too useful so we may end up just trying double nekros
  8. oh, so its in the sense that, by the time he has descrated the bodies, 30 more have shown up? and nekros has some sort of desecrate cap?
  9. this may be a lot to ask but what is the point of having 2 nekros' when a body can only be desecrated once
  10. ooooh really now??? that is interesting i never knew that? are you sure cause doesnt charm say it has a 28% chance to proc every 20 seconds?
  11. i also forgot to mention we were running a pretty optimal team, protea, khora with pilf, nekros, and speed nova
  12. oh, i forgot to mention i had that on too, i'll probably make a second post on what im doing to stop my smeeta from procing cause my friends were proccing pretty often while mine did it maybe 2-4 times an hour
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