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  1. Thank you for all your hard work DE!!
  2. Gara's Mass Vitrify when cast in a short duration creates an unbreakable wall using Shattered Lash. Also casting Mass Vitrify sometimes does not reset the timer for Splinter Storm. Is this a latency caused issue or something else?
  3. Having Gara's #2 be toggleable instead of having a timer would have made a MUCH more useful augment... even if it were something like: Gara - Persistent Splinters (Splinter Storm Augment):Splinter Storm no longer has a timer, but damage scaling is reduced by %30. ...or 50%... or whatever it takes to be balanced. But having to rebuild 40 mins of damage stack building because you were too busy playing the game and not babysitting a damn timer is really discouraging.
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