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  1. I just think it would make sense to be able to have a riven for every weapon. Now, I have no idea how many that would be... lets just say there are a combined total of 400 weapons for arguments sake in which some of those rives have variant types, primes, vandal, prisma, etc. Ideally you'd try and collect 1 of each "viable" weapon type with actual usability. But if you wanted to collect just Stug and Torrid rivens... well, more power too ya I guess. Being capped at 150 rivens stifles theorycrafting, at least it does for me... I like to play with builds for all sorts of weapons not just the met
  2. I really think the max purchasable capacity needs to be at least enough to own 1 riven for every weapon type..... some of us are collectors!
  3. A rather nasty bug I've encountered on several occasions is when my Vermisplicer + Tremor + Splat Primary Kitgun just stops producing any damage whatsoever during a mission. There are no tendrils produced, I cannot even hit or damage containers... nothing!! However it IS consuming ammo.... but no damage to anything! I've tried swapping weapons back and forth, I've tried premature reloads, reloads on complete empty, Transference in/out of Warframes... just waiting for extended periods of time... nothing seems to work! The only thing that fixes it is to leave the mission entirely!
  4. Yes, this problem still persists! Really makes using his kit on defense a problem.
  5. Had an issue in Orphix Venom Endurance where I could not Transference from Operator back into either my Warframe or Necromech. Enemies completely ignored me yet I was still able to function normally as the Operator. Dropping down into a void only placed me back as Operator on top of my Warframe but not in it. Eventually I was able to get back inside but I don't know how... possibly died from weapons crossfire. Everything seems normal for about 4 or 5 minutes until it once again happened exactly as before.
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