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  1. The new mastery symbols kinda just suck and seem to be a downgrade from the original after rank 9, as a mr 29 about to be 30 its honestly such a disappointment to be cheated the reward of getting the last golden original UI symbol right on the cusp of getting it. the new design look lazy with repeating patterns being rotated or stretched and fails to evoke the same kind of imagery the the original mastery UI symbols does of a blossoming lotus flower. Honestly I just wish I could toggle on and off the original symbols because the new ones just look lazy and just a complete cluster duck of a de
  2. here let me help you along to the warframe wiki so you can inform yourself, Go to google type in the search bar "Void relic warframe wiki" read the section on use
  3. what kind of response is this? was this a rebuttal? Maybe English isn't your first language, which is perfectly ok. We are trying to highlight the issue here that whatever farming techniques you are using currently in warframe are so poor that its detrimental to YOUR time to reward cycle in this game. The issue here isnt the game but your playstyle, dont blame the game for your failures
  4. from the wiki: "If the Void Relic is cracked and the mission successfully completed, each of the players' equipped relics will display one of the potential rewards from their relic's rewards table, with each player's reward being independent of their teammate's rewards depending on their equipped relic and drop chance. All players with a relic equipped can then choose which of the up to four rewards on offer they want to keep — either the one from their own relic or one from those of the other players. Note: Players can receive or choose any blueprint reward, regardless of the reward's Ma
  5. 1). lol, why did you even post it in general then 2). We are rebutting your claims because they seem to by very hyperbolic and if you are actually spending 200 hours grinding and can't buy stuff you have clearly wasted your time. It seems to be a more of a YOU issue then a price issue for Baro as many others who play far less warframe then you are able to make more ducats in a so much less time then you
  6. OP this makes very little sense, I always check Baro to see what I want to buy and at most it has costed 3k ducats (primed chamber) which I farmed out under 3 hours. I don't know where those 200 hours of grind are going but clearly its being wasted.
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