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  1. Wow, I kinda thought more was coming, back to other games I guess
  2. "and?" it matters because as you have previously discussed the lack of reliability in anecdotal evidence, any you provide yourself is just as easily dismissed. You keep stating the tools are effective, but they clearly don't work because its been a recurrent issue in this game for over half a decade now. The tools in place like AFK timers do little to dissuade leeching, and report functions have not tangible impact for those doing the reporting. Tools are needed that have immediate and noticeable impact on the leeching occurring in the moment. And No, "Suck it up" isn't the solution
  3. "I have never encountered a leacher" - anecdotal evidence 101 besides that, these "tools" can be ineffective through a multitude of ways, the lack of clear knowledge of how to use them, The game incentivizes play with multiple people an example being relics, rewards being lost if one leaves the mission before making to exit, Solo play can be draining for those unable to actually play solo for a variety of reasons, and many more. There are other solutions like matching MR rank, or changing how players joining/dropping missions work and many more unexplored ideas The tools
  4. Or maybe the tools that you deify so heavily aren't as effective as you think they are, Its not that these tools aren't used, its that these tools you keep referencing do very little to mitigate the problem
  5. Do you really not have elements on you regulators, slap on corrosive or really anything are you using your 2/3 for defense on mesa aswell, plus you cant just press your 4 and stand in one spot you should be jumping around and moving when you can to go to enemies
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