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  1. 13 minutes ago, Zimzala said:

    Yes, I give an example form my experience that proves the tools can be used to avoid players with whom one does not want to play.


    Lack of knowledge is on the player. If you think you needs more rewards per minutes, then you have to make the call on your own, PuG or not. Solo play can be draining, how does this even merit a thought? 

    The tools are effective ,there are simply some people that don't like how they work.

    If you want the tools to work better, then advocate to better matchmaking.

    Saying you don't like the tools or they don't work for you is just saying the game is not your thing.

    And yes, 'suck it up' is the solution. Accept reality.

    You are advocating for DE to be a nanny-state so player never have to encounter other players they don't like to play with which is impossible.

    "and?" it matters because as you have previously discussed the lack of reliability in anecdotal evidence, any you provide yourself is just as easily dismissed.

    You keep stating the tools are effective, but they clearly don't work because its been a recurrent issue in this game for over half a decade now. The tools in place like AFK timers do little to dissuade leeching, and report functions have not tangible impact  for those doing the reporting. Tools are needed that have immediate and noticeable impact on the leeching occurring in the moment.

    And No, "Suck it up" isn't the solution because it simply allows the issue to fester. these tools where implemented for the exact reason to avoid leeching, but because leeching continues, the tools need to focus less on the symptoms of the leeching and more on how to prevent leeching itself. 

    Affinity works in this game as a method to encourage leeching, that needs to be addressed. Passive reward sharing also acts as a way to encourage leeching. A possible solution is individualizing rewards based on performance, but that would need to be balanced. There are ways and tools to make the situation better, but by road blocking and simply saying  "suck it up" no improvement to the overall game play experience can be had.


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  2. 8 minutes ago, Zimzala said:


    I have never encountered a leacher, so i know the tools work effectively if used.

    Can you show me how they can be implemented and not be effective?

    I mean, if you gather a team in chat and everyone says they are into the mission and someone was lying and does not participate, OK, perhaps that happens, but beyond that? You just avoid that player and done.

    Solo or make your own groups, things the OP immediately shoots down, are the tools available.

    A kick system has been shot down for years.

    A better matchmaking system would be great, but is not reality.

    Each player has the power.

    Many seem to think i am defending the idea of leaching, when that is not the case.

    I am promoting learning how to shape your game time with the tools provided, but there are players that simply refuse to use them and kvetch the world should revolve around them.

    "I have never encountered a leacher" - anecdotal evidence 101


    besides that, these "tools" can be ineffective through a multitude of ways, the lack of clear knowledge of how to use them, The game incentivizes play with multiple people an example being relics, rewards being lost if one leaves the mission before making to exit, Solo play can be draining for those unable to actually play solo for a variety of reasons, and many more.

    There are other solutions like matching MR rank, or changing how players joining/dropping missions work and many more unexplored ideas

    The tools you proclaim simple aren't effective for some people, and it has been repeated almost at nauseum how much they don't work. But saying "suck it up" isn't a solution because clearly the current tools don't work  and doesn't remedy anything.   

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Zimzala said:

    And if that bothers you as a player, you have the tools to report, leave the team, make your own teams, solo, etc.

    The players that come out of the woodwork to rage 'because their hard work' is 'leached' are, IMO, the ones with the issue, because they have the tools to avoid the situation they don't enjoy, but refuse to use them

    Or maybe the tools that you deify so heavily aren't as effective as you think they are, 

    Its not that these tools aren't used, its that these tools you keep referencing do very little to mitigate the problem

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  4. 7 minutes ago, VJSZTHOMAS said:

    First of all, I didn't say that it's MY build, I'm open to new ideas especially when I'm stuck. Secondly, I didn't just copy it to "learn nothing", someone recommended it to me. Since I'm not a Mesa main I wouldn't say that I have a "playstyle" other than spamming abilities.


    Mesa Prime:

    Pistol amp, No exilus

    Augur Message, Augur Secrets, Narrow Minded, Fleeting Expertise

    Coaction Drift, Umbral Intensify, Umbral Vitality, Continuity

    Arcane Grace R4


    Target Cracker, Pistol Gambit, Barrel Diffusion, Hornet Strike

    Magnum Force, Lethal Torrent, Augur Pact

    Do you really not have elements on you regulators, slap on corrosive or really anything


    are you using your 2/3 for defense on mesa aswell, plus you cant just press your 4 and stand in one spot you should be jumping around and moving when you can to go to enemies

  5. 16 minutes ago, Skoliogery said:

    Yes, but as we are used to read the descriptions to know the origins of the item or its utility and nothing more, I didn't expect it to be like that... I even thought that it would be cool if we got blood-soaked when WE DEAL melee damage, like in God of War and other ''gore-ish'' games, but... I don't know, just not like this :P

    Oh don't get me wrong thats the exact thing I thought at first, but when i eventually got it from profit taker I found out i was wrong

  6. The new mastery symbols kinda just suck and seem to be a downgrade from the original after rank 9, as a mr 29 about to be 30 its honestly such a disappointment to be cheated the reward of getting the last golden original UI symbol right on the cusp of getting it.  the new design look lazy with repeating patterns being rotated or stretched and fails to evoke the same kind of imagery the the original mastery UI symbols does of a blossoming lotus flower. Honestly I just wish I could toggle on and off the original symbols because the new ones just look lazy and just a complete cluster duck of a design

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  7. 1 minute ago, Hashie1000 said:

    really now?

    to both ypur claims.

    wat do u think unlocking relics are for ..

    there is 3 reasons

    can you tell?

    other wise keep quiet

    other wise you would never have answered here at first

    what kind of response is this? was this a rebuttal? Maybe English isn't your first language, which is perfectly ok. We are trying to highlight the issue here that whatever farming techniques you are using currently in warframe are so poor that its detrimental to YOUR time to reward cycle in this game. The issue here isnt the game but your playstyle, dont blame the game for your failures

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  8. Just now, Hashie1000 said:


    secondly if you knew the game you would know i in no manner can choose a team mates reward..


    from the wiki:

    "If the Void Relic is cracked and the mission successfully completed, each of the players' equipped relics will display one of the potential rewards from their relic's rewards table, with each player's reward being independent of their teammate's rewards depending on their equipped relic and drop chance. All players with a relic equipped can then choose which of the up to four rewards on offer they want to keep — either the one from their own relic or one from those of the other players. Note: Players can receive or choose any blueprint reward, regardless of the reward's Mastery Rank requirement to craft the item. Example: A player can choose and receive a  Tigris Prime Blueprint at Mastery Rank 6, even when Tigris Prime requires Mastery Rank 13 to craft and use."

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Hashie1000 said:

    wow..none of you work for DE..why do u comment..did i ask u?

    1). lol, why did you even post it in general then

    2). We are rebutting your claims because they seem to by very hyperbolic and if you are actually spending 200 hours grinding and can't buy stuff you have clearly wasted your time. It seems to be a more of a YOU issue then a price issue for Baro as many others who play far less warframe then you are able to make more ducats in a so much less time then you 

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