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  1. It's not even real squad link. People are doing ground missions and then space missions, only to get the resources they need from THEMSELVES.
  2. Not really a game fix. Create proper servers for this game. That would fix a lot of problems.
  3. The one where her 4 doesn't renew your Splinter Storm timer?
  4. In December it was 4 months sence I posted my original post. It's now more than half a year since original post. Save to say DE will not be fixing this. Like most broken sh*t in this game.
  5. It's as if they don't spawn quick enough. The kills are going good, but the spawn rate suck. I read somewhere that lots of enemy radar help with spawn rate. My almost 2hour solo runs where pre mainline update.
  6. I would like to know, if you go beyond 2 hours, how do you keep life support up? I always run out at 1h:50 min mark. Enemies just don't spawn quick enough.
  7. Vauban's Vortex. Being sucked into that with 20 other enemies can't be a good way to die. Worst if he uses Bastille and you just float there and you know what's coming next.
  8. I just can't be bothered to forma my frames to fit Primed Sure Footed. Haven't even ranked mine up yet.
  9. I wish DE can just stop f-ing up everything. Isn't it enough that they release new broken sh*t. Now they break older better weapons/frames/content.
  10. The name of the game is Warframe. She is a Warframe. To not allow yourself to experience ALL the frames is stupid. If you don't want to nuke everything then don't. Simple as that.
  11. He might survive better after shield rework, but IMO his damage isn't strong enough anymore. You will make it to 8 but efficiency will be lower. I might be wrong.
  12. DE must just make Chroma work like Mirage. Have hie armor and damage ability be duration based.(With decent duration on damage and make it that you can recast his armor)
  13. Why is there a crate, pillar or wall EVERY time a door opens. DE is evil an stupid.
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