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  1. The fact that no one forced him to by the vault pack is irrelevant. The fact that he paid for something and now they want to change it is the point. I understand powercreep is a problem, but it's none of your business if he spent money or not. You don't need to comment on that.
  2. My original post was on Sep 13. Just go to show how little DE cares to fix any of their crap.
  3. Thank God, someone else has realized how bad the energy per second drain on her 2nd is. I have never seen anyone but me mention it. The drain is just ridiculous.
  4. The new Meta is only using crap weapons.
  5. Yes, make it easy for new or low lvl players and don't screw the veterans. Just like Arbitrations. This is they there should be a MR or some sort of lvl lock on new content.
  6. I learned enough from WF thank you. At MR20 lvl you should at least be able to fight lvl 100 enemies. I know there's useless players out there that still can't, even at MR27. I'm talking in general. That's why I said you will have less of a problem if they MR lock content. That includes any future content as well.
  7. The problem is the low lvl noobs that can't fight a tougher enemy. They don't want to fight their lich, because it ranks up. DE should MR lock liches at MR20. You will have less of a problem. I don't know why DE can't MR or lvl lock stuff like other games. This trying to please new players and veterans are the biggest problem in this game.
  8. I never played with the first Ember. Everyone say she was great, because she nuked everything. I'm not crazy about the nuking. I Ember I now when I started playing was crap(for me), so I enjoy the new Ember. Only problem I have with new Ember is that HORRIBLE energy consumption on when her 2nd ability hits 90%. Even with max efficiency you can't get it lower then 2.5 energy per second, and adding Hunter Adrenaline you can't sustain that 90% damage reduction. You have to use your 3rd to lower that gauge and that ALSO use energy. It's a stupid concept poorly executed.
  9. This I totally agree with and is the ONLY explanation for not stabbing you Lich, because it doesn't matter where you stand on the subject. There is a better way of doing it out there.
  10. 1. Going to recruiting chat is a good idea if you want to keep your Lich lvl low and is something people that doesn't want to stab their Lich should do, but they don't and that's selfish. 2. I do it in random squads, because I like the lvl to climb. 3. If your Lich lvl up because you stab it and your gear is low. Your team will help you 99% of the time.
  11. When "wanting to play how you want to" is stopping your squad from completing something? Yes you are selfish and if you think otherwise, you are a moron.
  12. The mechanics is flawed, but how is it not the players fault also. Why would you not want to attempt to kill your Lich. I had a new Lich the other day and had no idea what mods I needed. What did I do? I went and took one for my random squad, because I knew I'm preventing theirs to spawn. Turned out I had my first mod correct. Win win. Whenever you are preventing others from enjoying their game, YOU ARE SELFISH!!! PS. I also enjoy if the Lich level up, because everything else in this game is so brain dead easy.
  13. I don't know if you are serious or sarcastic. It seems that it can go either way. That being said, enjoy your content.
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