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  1. Tnx for DE for fix for Other exploit when player is death (stay in AFK)),when complete game no get reward (Phasic Cell) Now play with my friend nope problem complete on 2300 Phasic Cell without others players Only 2 players Prоtea with Dispensary max [Voidrig+max 7 Form][Fluctus+5 Form no need Riven][Combat Decline] =2300 easy 90% frоm player nope items and Failed OV 36
  2. No recommend this Have exploit on Operation Venom on Core someone players hold time for more kill on enemy = complete 40k socre Recommend: 23-27 score is normal 2300-2700 Phasic Cells
  3. @Technozorro Khora is not nerf, you nope build for Whipclaw ,I kill on T1,T2 normal Necramech and new with shield .Without use my two Voidrig,Bonewidow Note: For new T1,T2,T3+ New Bounties.. is recommend use drrop chance boost and full squad= more rare parts for Necrameh and new wepaons from new Bounties Don't play solo= more endo -junk ,inposible % rare (arcanes ,scintillants and parts for Necramech )
  4. Im in cave only for mining but see detect boss pls fix https://youtu.be/ddOhPD08Rgg
  5. Problem with dont find rare Scintillant in area on new Bounties Infested Research I find rare Scintillant 3 or 4 on spot use two bossters Example 1: My friend is host .Complete all /restart bounties again and again and see /get Scintillant but i dont see .He play with Rhino .I use khora For 3h get around 40 have total around 103 ,i total 29 (more from rewards ) Example 2: Im host .He play with mе and get more from me. Have bug in stuck Polyp-Hog Juggernaut ,and misions with key-for yellow holes (emitt...) When play two players on this mission mak
  6. From Old vault no give extraction and i quit from cave for activate new Bounties = failed in failed stuck on missions (nope enemies,and bonus emita... 2 ) give useless reward ENDO /mods I use all boosters but no see rare parts for my wapons ,and robot For me is not problem.I have all 5 new mod and small farm now .DE pls fix this wrongs
  7. You wrong,every,return ,For Uranus is 4 mission system is 1,make Host/ Interc with group next solo wirite in chat LF murmur 4 mission with group and return and play solo your mision but final Ur disrupt recommend solo Loki
  8. 1.Make more restore and from 32 lv up will found Kuva larving 1.Go Sedna/Adaro find Lich enemy and kill Kuva larving complete mission or press escape for abort 2.Go farm Surv,Exterminate,Defence,Capture with Mesa Prime and Smeta kavat and get surv or defence give more requim mormur ,when make full 1-2-3 symbols every symbols give x1 stone end see picture and must make perfect combination in your parazon Build every wrong stone This stone will farm from new Requim Relics I,II,III,VI or buy plat. Example vome,ris is wrong combination or nope nothing in my
  9. yaa is not bug Arbitration Drone shield make defence for all + Eximus/Red Demolisher and enemy just is immortal 1 must kill Drone next Eximus/Red Demolisher
  10. Somthing give more hot spot for good farming I see bug: nope enemy ,empty areas with Excavation ,and see nerf enemy with batery Somthing he stuck/block in wall Example :Pluto: http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/42/9653042b.png http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/46/9653046k.png
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