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  1. Nice video dude but next Excalibur nerf Radiant Finish mod :D
  2. Recommend use drop cahnce booster in (C) Rotation Squad (2-4) Players For Nidus recommend to 8 wave Solo Nidus (1) Player- to 4 wave good luck (very rare ) :D For Harrow recommend 26 wave - i think around 40 min .I play for x2run x40 min in 2 run get (C) Rotation 3
  3. Your topic/Post is useless everything, is on base farm relics and selling on Prime Parts\Kuva Wepaons\and Spetcial parts for weapons from other boss/Invasion = more Grind + Reward (Platinium)
  4. When DE will makes Loid Rnak 5 with new mod maybe rare (Necramech Thusters for 100k Standing ) :D https://warframe.market/items/necramech_thrusters - axaxaxaxaxxa Im wait :DE Pls fix: Wrongs with Jupiter-boss :The Ropalolyst,Neptune-The index (Host Migration) ,Deimos -Cambion Drift- (ore stuck in Three/Wall-nope markers ), Venus Fortuna -today have (2) interesting bug .I play before long time but i see first this strange bug Squad(1)-2 Players complete finial 1 phase and quit from cave and see Exploiter stuck down on floor (what,what? =Abort misison)
  5. Nidus is so hard farm on Eris,Protea too,Wisp no hard (but in misison have bug with boss ),Equinox some small hard -is 2 set Day/Night,=full set I have 18 complete on Helmith Systtem= 8,7 Rank Feed Helminth: [img]https://i.ibb.co/31Qnrry/helmith.png[/img] In my Foundry have again 13 done only detect on every 24h+ now 4 on 1d and again 4 (Revenant,Octavia, Simaris Standing-Titania,Inaros ) Note : In 7 Rank from this resources : Remove more Criotyc and Copernics For solo : Note for Copernics not recommend for farm mission RJ but (have chance for low Erat
  6. Top Animals Kavats: for x2 XP and Resource and crit is Smeta Adarza is battle kavat use with Inaros (Arbitration hold life around 1h,40 min solo) Sentinels : Carrier Prieme is the best For Codex scan is- Helios Prime Dog-Huras Kubrow is the best -makes invisible your warframe and Hostage Deimos -Infest Animals every useless (only for XP)
  7. For Normal Disrupt low lv You no need Ash use Loki/Prime with 2 Arcane with Acseleration and Avenger + Augument: Hushed invisibility with Bramma (Corosive) is the best around (45-53k Damage or (Catchmoon on Corosive- 21k) and your operator Recommend: must have Aracne Magus Lockdown (make stun for 3 sec ),Arcane Magus Repair For Hard Mode use Inaros/Prime it so easy with build Primary Damage Primary weapon Kuva Brama 53K damage minimum Recommend: must have Aracne Magus Lockdown (make stun for 3 sec ),Arcane Magus Repair melee weapons (my Kuva Sildeg)+ stun
  8. I missing Kuva but i change my img
  9. For fast farm every sptcial resource from every planet. Wiil get from extermiante with Nekeos/Prime + smeta kavat+ weapon melee crit and slash (example:my is scoliak,atterax,) and oyaa only more mutagen will get from surv Orokin Derelict
  10. Plаy on Dark Sektor Solo in Surv (no need from squad is useless ) recommend Chance and resource booster ,from 40-60 min with proc Smeta Kavat with perfect Build you will get from 10-42 Steel Path Essence ,and your see sometime no give in 1 long run ,somtime give more silver from stell path ya it is RNG RECOMMEND dont play with weapons from 3 element corosive,radiation and gas =kill all your loot More players make this wrong=nope steel essence I play only solo Infest Uranus (Assur) Use only melee weapon ( my is Kuva Shildeg ),only on virial for infest and aura ste
  11. Nalij Vabi-Kuva Ogris 58% only bonus Radiation (560 pl)
  12. Loki Prime only Radiation (Kuva Convert Friend) for sell
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