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  1. nvm for this with other account make 4:13 min rng chance
  2. Best Place Farm for me is Venus \ Orb Vallis Free Roam in on Mission with hack console and Defeat for time in free area Make 5 Form for 3 Hours must have strong weapon 4 on your Voidrig around 130k damage lol :D
  3. Sortie specification Conditions: Energy Reduction,Enemy Physical Enhancement,Enemy Elemental Enhancement,Augmented Enemy Armor,Radiation Hazard,Eximus Stronghold,Fire,Sniper Rifle Only,Bow only,Secondary Only,Melee Only,Cryogenic Leakage,Magnetic: Use Operator: Naramon/Zenurik+all max bonus+ two Arcane ,Magus Repair,Magus Lockdown Squad/Solo: Recommend Weapons: Sniper,Bow,Kitgun,Melee Recommend Sentinel\Kavat- Carrier Prime/Smeta Recommend for all Conditions: 1/2/3.Spy ,Rescue,(Sabotage for hack console);Wukong,Loki/Prime Only Wukong Prime on Cloud for 5 sec
  4. What a fix in RJ i see bug again again and see (13:07 missing enemis Fighters) in greeners mission
  5. Today 3h farm for Epitaph BP Earth-2 Barrel,1 Receiver,Venus-2 receiver+ 3 relics;Saturn 2 Relics+ 1 Epitaph BP
  6. Today play solo around 4h from total 8 mission 3 fail mission (missing -1 Crewship Corpus;no when complete no give return to dojo; automatic quit from corpus ship -hack console ) 5 complete : from (Proxima only Exterminate) Pluto 2-Systems ;1 Chassis;Neptune -1 Systems ,Veil -1 Neuroptic DE it is mockery with players
  7. ESO Focus is nerf before long time just Recommend Smeta kavat+ Xp booster I no see problem with Eso Focus ,just need 4 corrosive projection 2 saryn,1 volt,1 Trinity =4-6 wave 300-400k focus Only 2 Corrosive Projection Volt/Saryn to 8 wave make 345-400k focus But 90% from community players play with useless Wukonk Prime,Saryn Prime,Mirage Prime (use aura steel charge and Phisique ,Energy Siphon) is how to make focus-300k.....Nope to 4 wave make around 40k it is only idiots 90% from players play with Saryn on (Phisique,Rejuvenation)
  8. Solo How to get easy XP in RJ (Plexus )use Xp booster and play Recommend:Smeta kavat Railjack- Neptune Proxima Mission Nu-Gua mines (exterminate) - around 40 min make 26 rank System is destroy 2 crewship corpus and farm with your RJ ship and your crew and kill only respawn fighter Bonus and General missions for XP is useless
  9. Solo/Squad This is Joke with players .Level with/without boost /smeta kavat for UP it so useless with. Squad have 90% big chance everything collect all items =stuck mission and block Recommend Solo: Info in movie Warframe Railjack Lu Yan (Veil Proxima) Mission Volatile Warframe Railjack Calabash (Veil Proxima) Mission Exterminate
  10. Xaxaxax XP it so funny on every lv (on High when die in mission ship corpus loss your progres) and complete get 1-2 lv DE kill all players in Railjack nope for what play.I have all max mods/Reactors/Shileds/Engine Solo Crew -have strange bug when have mission x3 Priority Target ( use Artillery).My Crew pilot when get Realjack -moves forward and I skip red target with my Artillery Trick When pilot is other room have 50% chance for destroy red target :D I have idea how to this fix this bug in solo /When get Artillery must have button for lock pilot and when quit from a
  11. Bug on Fortuna nope Kubrodon Beat in gear when hunt animal i Use this for Kubrodon bate on my General Gear, Bug in RJ space nope energy Bug RJ mission Defense sometime nope Crypod in mission Bug in 3 Orphix complete mission no detect incomplete Bug in RJ final Extraction locked door in Corpus ship Bug in Crew Ship Corpus when hacked console reactor no destroy Bug with Oeprator dash sutck in Crew ship Greener/Corpus-sometime destroy and give black skreen stuck =abort mission alt+F4 Bug in RJ bad host -failed mission Bug with hacked Console des
  12. I see is very easy .I nope play in 2-3 month every buy all new from Market in game for RJ junks ship,sentinel weapon and nope make stupid forms Only Idiot play for all,and see skill Commander is Demo version (nope 10 Rank) 90% from RJ is DISFIGURED,Nope for reload on resource (Forge).[Orphix is useless Normal levels easy-hard is good for fight use Useless:(Bramma is useless) Warframe (Nezha Prime to) Recommend: 1.Mesa Prime -2 Umbra Forms + play on 4,Aura Corrosive,Arcane Velocity,Arcane Avenger Oprtaror:Naramon+ max all bonus-Arcane Magus Repair,Magus
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