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  1. every have on Pluto/Extermiante/Capture somthing on Finish use and scaner
  2. Arka Palsmor with Radiation on Pluto/Extermiante:\Acheron with Loki
  3. I play with Revenat High Risk: when quit Host migration in 1 wave,i losе and others players His broke game (my game is freezing) and quit with Alt+F4 http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/643/9650643g.png http://prikachi.com/images.php?images/708/9650708b.png but see all categories /Eso/Surv/Fisher/The Index/Arbitration/other misions =broke freezing game
  4. Sortie PArt 1 POE Earth Mission:Drone Hijack He stuck/block in tent around base greeners pls fix this ,and delete my old post from General Discussion 😄
  5. Sortie Part 1 on Earth Mission: Failen Drone stuck/blocks in tent around base on Greeners pls fix this 😄
  6. For 30-40 lv every warframe is good when use good melee weapons WARFRAME NERF Useless normal/Prime version Ash,Loki,Trinity,Banshee,Mag,Nekros,Gara,Ember, Frost,Saryn,Rhino,Hydroid, Inaros -big form 13k is 7,4k,and other warframe For Arbitration Meta CC only Khora In solo Surv.-Inaros around 1h,30 min Excavation Infest-Khora 1h,30 min for Corpus/Greener every warframe useless Index TOP :1 In solo so fast [1 wave 6min ] 2 wave 12-13 min Revenant remove all weapons play on 2 + arcane/Guardian/Velocity with Castchmon- 22k radiation
  7. On this map Mesa is useless nope visibility and Nova too I play from 2 day on this new map nope problem but teleport for enemys is broken I see this map how to start System is for fast credist : Revenant on 2 Immortal in Solo 1 wave -5-6 min. 2 wave 13-14 min. with very good set tile in room around bases Other White map on me started very rear When play with other players the gamne is very on this map =more more time With this ne map nope players
  8. no dude i use 2 velocity for my mesa and titanya nope problem iknow helmet get one slot +empty slot=2
  9. Warning Broken Arcane slot 2 is missing from every warframe and i restart my game and nothing DE pls fix this 😭
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