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  1. Its 1% each time. You most likely wont get it in 100 runs
  2. @[DE]Megan Was the nikana holster style bug fixed? Or is that still an issue? Because after the Saint of Altra update, nikana holster styles were mysteriously removed leaving anyone with an over the shoulder holster with a bugged nikana in the arsenal screen (The warframe holds the nikana out as if it is presenting it to you like "HERE MASTER HERE IS YOUR SWORD!!!")
  3. Yeah it’s a trend and it’s frustrating but complaining and beradding DE about doesn’t help.
  4. Truth. My sarcasm irl is so thick people think I’m serious.
  5. To much salt and it’s repulsive. There is balance that needs to be kept, as with all things. When even one thing falls out of balance, things can change drastically.
  6. True. But I completely get where you are coming from. I have the attention span of a gold fish and the patience of a hyper active kitten
  7. But I have a point. In regards to the saltiness that is emanating from you, water that down. You are over salivated.
  8. That’s a waste of energy tho. Yes I am negative. I practice the fine art of cynicism
  9. Then that is sad. You have my condolences.
  10. I see your point but then again sleep is really really important, I should know I’m a high schooler and if I don’t get enough sleep I feel dead inside
  11. AGAIN! Your life does not revolve around an f-ing game omg like Jesus common sense.
  12. If you gotta go to sleep or have something you need to do go do it. Your life isn’t dependent on whether you hear about an update or not like seriously. You’re making the decision to stay up. DE isn’t making you stay up, and we certainly are not so quit complaining and let them do their work.
  13. Bro it’s 3:37 eastern time they are way past done with lunch so no they aren’t eating lunch and they are at work so an update would be nice. Look at the time zones don’t just assume stuff.
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