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  1. I would love to spend extra 5400 + 16200 Dirac to upgrade 2 more ranks for each Grid.
  2. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Eidolon_Hydrolyst 1 arcane per "lyst"
  3. Vidar Predator was buffed (already knew this) and the wiki was updated. Just did not expect the buff was that significant.
  4. So, sometimes DE were really drunk. This is the first Avionic I have ever seen whose Vidar house has lower drain but higher buff than those of Zetki. Was this intentional ? Zetki Predator is dropped on Veil while Vidar Predator is from Saturn. DE is still drunk from vacation I suppose. Which DE should I tag in about this ?
  5. What I don't like about the current Lich systems is the fact that we have to lose to progress (or break our spines again and again). I completely lost count on how many spines I had broken.
  6. I like the soundtrack in Simulacrum but suddenly, for unknown reason, DE removed it.
  7. If you use Cryophon, always go for Vidar. It has damage buff, sure, and it has highest crit chance of 28% among 3 houses, which scale up to ~50% crit with Predator. You need crit dmg from Section Density to have a chance to one-shot-kill those fighters. You can snipe those Fighters off within a few hits with Zetki Apoc Mk III. It has 30% base crit, up to 51% crit chance with Predator and it is auto trigger so the DPS is overall stable. Or you can pick Lavan one with 59% fire rate for 14% status and to destroy those healing bubbles, which Cryophon cannot.
  8. Sometimes I wish I could see someone bring Hind to sorties.
  9. I doubt the command intrinsics could help us solo RJ missions. The RJ itself and its functionality were designed to co-op... We still have to find other ways around, soloing with....... Archwings... in RJ mode... Pffft... But what else I could do to solo the missions efficiently when the RJ itself could not even destroy a fooking crewship properly... but the crewship could fooking destroy us...
  10. Condition Overload damage before nerf could stack damage exponentially, aka Damage x 1.6^n (with "n" is the number of Status proc on an enemy). Condition Overload formula after nerf was fully explained by Skaleek.
  11. I thought the RJ during missions would be as big as it was in Dojo 😞
  12. The poor Hystrix is always underestimated and forgotten huh.
  13. Sometimes I feel DE was pretty conflict. They want RJ guns to be strong on their own and yet they nerfed Cryophon to much more inferior tier because they did not want it to one-hit-kill... I don't know around what point they balanced the gun...
  14. Or simply being azzholes for not soloing it. Playing in PUB already proved that they were abusing other people for fast clear. Furthermore, @Oryana you said those 2 people typed "gg", there's a good chance they also needed those parts (for whatever reason). I think they just fooked themselves up. So people could sometimes be both azzhole and stupid at the same time.
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