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  1. Battacor is used to kill Raknoid in Orb Vallis while Prisma Grinlok is better for all other enemies except sentients (yes, don't use it on Eidolons).
  2. I guess you have been always "doing" Garry too fast that he couldn't show u any technique.
  3. For my own experience I found no absolute definition of "leeching". I'm lazy to google "game leeching meaning", I don't even wanna know, because people could just say you leeching for whatever the hell reason they could think of, and another reason is, as long as the objectives are cleared, little does it matter. I once did a high-level PoE run and asked an OP guy to kill a Teralyst during the bounty. One teammate just kept yelling "f*** all of you" because he just thought we were leeching by not focusing on the bounty (everyone there can solo the bounty lol). The funny thing was, after that OP dude killed the Teralyst, the complaining dude came to take Teralyst's drops too.... 🙂 Well, if I'm on a run that I can just solo without anything or anyone hinders me, it's fine for them to leech (more like I just waste time caring about what they wanna do though). If it's a run that requires coopration from all teammates, leechers in any definition possible are d*ck ! But it just seems Warframe doesn't have any mode for that (maybe ESO but anyone with Zenurik main finds it easy). But I abominate the d*ckheads that bring Sexcalibur umbra with a damn Rubico into Index, just standing there making no move and earning other people's hard work (it's too f***ed up that they could even make an excuse of killing all the NPC for being efficient so I just couldn't complain).
  4. Your articles are simple and detailed enough for good weapon choices. Warm admiration from me for your dedication. Very nice job ! Keep up the gud work ! But since melee weapon type is pretty diverse, I suggest you should make the list wider, from 10~20.
  5. Unless there was a change on how Infested Salvage's rotation works, hell no it's 1 wave 1 rotation. Only 4 waves each run.
  6. Don't sell it, plz, craft it ! I swear to you farming Lato Vandal is a goddamn hellish Grind, and it's a very good weapon for Slash proc. Craft and use it !! You can farm plat later but I swear to you 99% weapons in this game can be farmed for free ! You can even farm Platinum from players if you're experienced enough so plz don't waste that Lato set for plat !
  7. Sexcalibur, Volt, Mag, Frost and Loki prime has nearly same appearance to their Made-in-China variants too. So it doesn't mind me if Equinox prime has the same fate. Well, at least that could be a reason for me to buy Tennogen skin, if my mood iz gud.
  8. Buzz Kill or Primed Fever Strike depends on how u want your Lesion to become. More chance to proc Slash or more dmg with easy Viral proc.
  9. Lesion has very high Slash dmg so it's best to use viral. Furthermore there are various way to completely strip Grineer and Corpus' pants so Viral does better job at cutting off their d***, resulting in 50% HP loss. And since Lesion is a status polearm, mod for extra Attack speed to have higher chance for Slash + viral ! You may wanna consider Buzz Kill too.
  10. I understand your feeling. But 1 thing u should understand that, there are toxic players everywhere, you'll just get demotivated like this again in the future. If you get sick of big clans, try to find smaller ones that may be recruiting, they're usually friendly for me. For me, if I saw someone with noxious words, I'll just consider if what they said was right. Right = Learn and Adapt. Wrong = "oh f*** you too ! 🙂 ". Some poor people with poor words and inferior intelligence, that's why they couldn't even say anything sound good, ignorant small-brain evolved from monkey, not worth spending time on caring about them. Even though I'm trying to motivate you with my own experience, the chance that I encounter those idiots are not high. So I'm just cool !
  11. For me this "quick transition" is good for me because it really encourages me to use melee in more situations because I use all weapons not only melee. As I understand your words, you only use melee so you will never understand the great smooth feeling of flexibility it brings to me. I really like this type of melee switch. And about melee blocking, try to persuade DE to make it a auto/manual toggle. Gud luck with that !
  12. that is because u and your teammate hacked the console at the same time. And I think the prosecutor won't show up if Corpus occupied that node, so just find the others.
  13. Limbo. If u know how to handle him, he's one hell of immortal war god with Rift Surge. In case some ignorant fool may think I'm joking, no I didn't.
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