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  1. You don't play status with Sniper, you go full damage without any status mod like 60/60 ones. They have combo count => damage up like old melee 2.0
  2. If only you played on PC, I would drag you around those spiders and have fun seeing you falling down all the time.
  3. I played D2 and apart from the fact that both games having the same PvE looter shooter theme where you pick strongest weapons and equipments to go sweeping all mobs and bosses, there is nothing else I find from D2 similar to WF. Those people who compared WF and D2, I believe they were just short-term hype. Heck, WF was even compared to Anthem the failure.
  4. If I need to touch CO, I would pick fast melees like Kronen Prime, Orthos Prime, Kuva Shildeg, Dual Keres, etc, all of them have at least ok status chance. Furthermore, melees have a lot of crucial mods that cannot be neglected easily, so I need a riven (sounds disgusting to some ppl but I dun give a damn). Riven allows me to have multiple crucial stats and save mod slots for other mods. For example my Dual Keres riven has 240% base damage and 74.9% attack speed so I don't need PPP and Berserker, I save it one slot for Sacrificial Steel or CO.
  5. This game would become a hell hole of Grind f**kery if DE really planned for separate variant rivens...
  6. You can find some frames with nice booty and level them up
  7. I registered my account as yahoo.com.vn domain and got no issues just like OP mentioned... I'm not sure about Outlook but I think the problem must be lying in somewhere else, not the emails themselves.
  8. I can't understand some people's idea of disliking making enemies smarter. Both Grineer and Corpus have enough intelligence to create and engineer weaponry that can wipe out a whole planet but you guys just don't feel OK with them adapting new tactics or something ?? Anyway, I like OP's ideas.
  9. I don't know how Current Endgame should be defined. For most games, as far as I know, endgame means you can defeat the most difficult enemies of the game (again and again). For MMORPGs, endgame will be extended by new patches with harder enemies and stronger equipment to reach new endgame. But this game, all warframes have their own Limit but the level of the enemies does not. The enemy's level scales to infinity (I think) which means no biggest number, so Current Endgame = No Endgame. That's my own definition. Endgame to me, in Warframe, is that I can do all content whenever I want, do w
  10. Heh... So your "hype" definition is anything whose DPS is close or equal to that of Rubico Prime. Ok then ! But just think it otherwise, if Fulmin had so-so DPS like around 20% crit rate and 2x crit dmg, (if that is your wish) there are uncountable number of other weapons that resemble Fulmin so much that no idea why it was borned, if not for extra MR exp. Opticor, Latron Prime, Vulkar Wraith, Veldt are some good paradigms. If it didn't have the "hype" stats I would have just considered it a fodder thing to train.
  11. Fulmin's primary trigger has one of the most ridiculous DPS in the game, scaling very well with Hunter Munitions and you said it's just a hype train... idk if you have ever tested it on full strength and judge. To OP's question, Igris wraith and Fulmin is different in playstyle so not sure which one is more enjoyable for you. Ignis has more status which doesn't work against most bosses so it's more suitable to melt mobs to liquid state. But both are top tier weapons. Just keep them both to switch for occasions.
  12. Well, I'd love that DE may create mods specifically for Amp. But no damage Amp mod like base or elemental ones. Instead, these mods should serve various utility for amp, for example Increasing Void projectile's flight speed and dmg fall-off range, further decreasing Amp energy drain, adding element (no damage bonus, but more damage type and status), decreasing self damage, increasing Operator's move speed while aiming, etc.
  13. When melee 3.0 is finished, there will be random adjustment to both all melees' stats and their rivens. Right now nothing will be messed up so just have fun while u can.
  14. I did the challenge (last time when it appeared 1st time) fine as a Limbo, with a clanmate as a Nekros, in Nightmare mode. If you and that dude is experienced, only you 2 are enough to lift the challenge. Only Nekros is enough for Taveuni. But make sure that you bring a Slash-based weapon that helps you slaughter and dismember as many as you can. I brought Akjagara prime.
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