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  1. There are some tables here and there on google but, as far as I see, they are not really precise. As for Furax, all Fists have pitiful range, so just add Primed Reach. Btw, you may wanna check out Amalgam Furax mod.
  2. Pandero > Lex Prime > Marelok You may wanna look at Vaykor Marelok
  3. Vectis Prime is a sniper, which will always utilize mods like Bladed Rounds and Argon Scope. If you like headshots, Argon scope is much more killer. For endgame purpose, mod with Viral + Hunter Munitions.
  4. Uh.... doesn't the drone also make mobs around it invulnerable against gunfire too ? If you were not in arbitration but still experienced the above issues, well, it could be a bug. Or you were lagging. No damn mobs can be invulnerable while inside Cataclysm and that's for sure.
  5. you want Stealth frames ? Bruh... Just use Octavia... both stealth and melee dmg bonus... Anyway, Valkyr with Eternal War is enough.
  6. There's no MOA combo. Actually the stats given by each part are just for fun. Even with highest health, at high level missions they will just be slapped hard. Just consider all of those parts are "fashion MOA". Make the most beautiful or stupid MOA and you're gud.
  7. Bow: Dread, if you want an endgame bow. Rakta Cernos, if you want an all-round bow. It's pretty fast. Cernos Prime, if you want a "shot-bow". Lenz, if you want an explosive bow. Sniper: Vectis Prime the all-round sniper. Rubico Prime the META. Vulkar Wraith + Snipetron Vandal the Head crushers. Lanka the One Punch Sniper, if you want Highest damage per shot of all Sniper (and 5m punch through). Komorex the fast and status-oriented sniper. And here I'm waiting for Daikyu Prime 🙂
  8. Yeah you can reach orange and red crit at 2.5x or 3x combo with sacrificial steel. If you have time, do some math and pick between, whether: 37.6% crit + 3.8x crit dmg or 20% crit + 5x crit dmg is better for you. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Critical_Hit You can even use Sacrificial Steel for 110% crit chance, that would be 42% crit on former case.
  9. https://tennoware.com/meleeweapons/prisma skana/1100000200c903b010b203d803a505p903j610j005f805v This build needs only 1 forma. 2 Formas if you pick Primed Pressure Point. Last slot you can replace Gladiator Might with True/Sacrificial Steel or Primed Reach for more range. But Skana has quite short range so I doubt Primed Reach could be useful. You can use other combined elements if you want.
  10. Took me 1 year to reach MR27, the motivation for me is the benefit from removing the shackle of Limited Standings everyday and limited Void Traces I could accumulate (because I accumulate a lot). I just really like the way I accomplish and obtain everything though.
  11. Utterly unnecessary. Both mods are additive to each other, which will not benefit low damage melee like Skana. If I make the Blood Rush build with 2 elemental mods, the last slot I would rather use Gladiator Might for more crit dmg which scale up DPS much higher. If I were you, I would want to pick between: Bright Purity's buff, or extra 65% base dmg.
  12. Bright Purity (Skana's syndicate mod) or Primed Pressure Point is fine, as both variance of Skana have very low base damage. Anyway, with full Blood Rush build, Prisma Skana can kick-as.s all mobs in Sorties, at most. Another big advantage of Skana, is its high riven-disposition.
  13. I mainly use Mesa and Octavia because both allow me to do "multitasks" without being disturbed by some damn mobs. I also use all other warframes. I dislike none. But they are situational. Some I use just to stay away from my own META a little bit. For now I'm patiently waiting for prime of : Ivara, Gara, Garuda, Atlas, Wisp (ooh the new frames....), especially my lovely Octavia!
  14. Seeing people wishing Nightwave to end soon just makes me wish that Nightwave ss3 would begin right after ss2 😄 Although I did say that I was bored of Nightwave, but looking back the whole seasons, Nightwave is the reason I have something to do, and the exclusive rewards, although I'm not sure if they would become available for those who missed them. So anyway, I really do hope for an instant ss3.
  15. Best situation you can use this mod is when Camping in a Grineer survival mission, Or when you are doing a riven challenge that requires you to headshot some damn enemies in 100 meters. I once used Snipetron Vandal on Ophelia - Uranus, no potato, only Serration and 2 elemental mods and yet I got top damage of the whole team due to a number of headshots. People used to camp a lot, but since DE removed the "spin2win through walls", the need to camp seems to disappear, I think that's why.
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