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  1. The only way to seek for the best amp for you is crafting and trying them all. See the wiki below, click on every amp parts, there are a lot of informative comments below which may give you the best idea. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Amp I personally like Lega prism because using ammo-economic flamethrower is fun, and typical Shraksun scaffold, and the arcane that boost amp dmg on status proc. Also, I don't hunt eido often, so I haven't rebuilt a good crit amp yet. Yeah, pay attention to the amp too. Only amp arcanes in the Quills are good, the ones from Little Duck are
  2. Lavan reactor + Lavan hull + Vidar shield + Ironclad matrix = near maximum shield all the time.
  3. And for all the dirty minds like me, let us all enjoy Lohk's design!
  4. Your case is really weird indeed. My Saryn only has 265% range yet I have never had any of your issues before, nothing blocked my spores at all except they died too fast, or there were other Saryns "c*ck-blocking" me. Judging from your circumstance, I think you need to read again and again, meticulously, wiki description to see if you still miss anything of Saryn. She received a lot of reworks. I can only advise so, because idk how you performed during battle. It would be better if you could provide us with a short vid.
  5. I would even prefer more scaling stuff. I'm playing PvE content not PvP, as long as something does not 1 hit kill a lvl 9999 enemy too easily, the scaling is worth it. Come on man, we need to work a lot for those to scale up, no ? The high scaling do not come from a few initial seconds from the moment you start casting the skills though. Even to scale well you gotta study the warframe's stats well, learn them, and start researching which mod is best optimized for high level content. I wanna bring my hard work into battle and fly further with it, not getting pushed down because I fly too high (
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