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  1. And would love a page that shows all the Currencies Im using and the amounts.
  2. Let me put it this way. If you walk pass your kitchen, and see a small red light on, what does it tell you. Quite abit. Are you going to look at a nearby display and read everything? Maybe one of those things has an INDICATOR to mean something is important. Lets look at your car. WE call them Dummy lights, as we USED to have gauges. They already do such a thing in game for OTHER THINGS. Like the assassins' Notification. Then there is windows, that has a few notifications that POP you back to the main screen. Im not taking the 1-2 sec to look at text, when
  3. Lets see, 7 years playing off and on. Wish you to go and look at a real reticle, Tell me what it looks like, and Yes there are Many types. And have you been in the middle of 20 enemy and fighting melee, and looking for the Crosshair? ya try that. Love how those ancients love to give you hugs. So you have time to read TEXT on your screen? Good for you. And up in the Right corner..Those dont change until they have LEFT. And the warning? Im not reading TEXT unless my team has posted it, and that ISNT popping up with NEW posts. ANd it would be nice if it was an OUTLINED FONT. Like
  4. 1. NOT if you are fighting in loud area.. And if Limbo sound overwhelmed other sounds?? what would you do? And you want me to look at shadows while in melee? Ok. and I hope you understand your existence does not require You to know you exist. 2.Numbers above my crosshairs? Not that I can see. And Im pointing and shooting. But not in melee? And AM I paying attention to a Screen, looking for x? number of msg that are possible to get my attention? NOPE. Love text..Would really love to read it, over a colorful display, but WHITE ON WHITE ISNT GOOD READING, TEACH them what Anime LEARN
  5. When Im in battle it would be nice to know everyone has left. And left me with enough creatures to start hurting me.
  6. Ok.. I will ask Nice. You NEED 4 dots on top, Nice sized Dots, that do things. 1 is for LIMBO and he puts us OUT OF FAZE/Phaze 2. 3 dots.. 1 for EACh team mate. Green/yellow/RED Green in game, yellow they are in the exit area/RED, they LEFT. You have had YEARS to set something up so I/WE can tell if our team is LEAVING. Chat dont do it, as its randomly on/off and IM NOT LOOKING THERE to see if someone is talking. JUST DO IT.
  7. "that's 5 attempts of 5 different courses all in a row. You can see I stuffed up plenty but instead of getting angry or blaming the game" Ummm. Look at the posts above this one. Umm, REALLY?? this should be a None event. AND the kids? Um if I got the EQUlal AMOUNT FOR THE RUNS, you would be getting 2-4 times the points on Deimos. Sooo EXCUSE ME, owuld you like 4 times the amount of exp? LETS ASK for the basic REQUIREMENTS IN REAL WORLD. Or you can suck a Mollusk.
  8. LETS see, very short, <10? ok. Lets say I did..LETS ask the stupid q:?.. How far should each gate be if you aint add more mods then you need? The only Mods Iv added attend to needing to be on a GRIND.. thats it. there is very little grinding in deimos. HOW about speed? NOT on my KD. I can get thru 1/2 of it and TIME dumps on me. I can see the end where I have to go UP that Strange creature and Jump to get the LAST PART(I think thats it). But I think DE locked down the time abit, as others were finishing the Venus area, easily. NOT thinking about basic SPEED. AS to limbs
  9. See. that is part of the problem.There are a few jumps you have to get over a prominence(a Short Mountain, abrupt LARGE HILL). withint about 3 seconds. and without the Kids, adding a mod, to shorten the time to jump YOU WONT MAKE IT. as my system has this interesting problem of JUMPING with the same key to do something ELSE, on a SOIL thats irregular. 1 button to do 2 things is abit STUPID.
  10. Finished orb V. wasnt this hard, and the points for Deimos arent EQAUL/BETTER to the ability on Venus... BUT if you look at venus, they all still tot he rules of a Pilon race... only THIS far, CAN be seen at the gate, Get it, got it good.
  11. YOU go look at an alpine course and tell me there are branches on the ski course.. Get off it. AND you can see EACH next point VISUALLLY...not on a fricking map, I can see a skier TRYING TO use a map as they go down a course.
  12. Anyone know HOW a Pole position or Pilon race is Run? That the NEXT position is Supposed to be seen when you go threw, AT the very least? And that there is Generally a specific distance from Each set of poles/pilons? THAT alone would help allot on Deimos. Then lets ask that TREES/BRANCHES/What ever, ARNT in the way. Not worry about the Surface, just that Branch that you hit the first few times THEN take time to GO AROUND/Miss it takes MORE time. If they WISH this to be advanced and the players have the Mods, to go faster and Jump HIGHER, to do this mission, IT WOU
  13. WE are the beta tester of there Game engine. and thats the ONLY Answer I can see that this game is around. It would be nice of them to tell us that, as Many of their games have Not done well. For all thats in this game, the interface between the groups, while in ship is like 3 people did the interface. Who in the Game world, on Venus and earth open area, PLACE a LARGE banner in your face, at the end of mission, WHILE enemy is trying to kill you. At the beginning of this game there was abit of fight over the position OF you, the 3rd party view. Where most other Place it above the
  14. Its just easier then editing. And if you want to know, Crack dont help me, hospitals arnt nice to me.
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