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  1. So, after you are able to use relics to get your parts, and you have all these extra. Now they are being Lowered in Ducats? Booo
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXZRAw3vfuM Would like to see this adjusted. Or able to turn off. Seems your ships have this strange Idea we Dont wish to turn the way we would wish. It Like a horizontal placement, based on ??????(I dont know) Im not driving a Ship, car, truck, or a carnival ride. There is no real Up/down, in space. And if the Ship wants to correct itself, that isnt helping in trying to Control your ship. I wish to bank the ship to turn faster, and the ship thinks It wants to be standing Upright. Good If I were drunk and needed to walk, but not If I
  3. Only if this game has been around as long and still not Fixed the main parts. Which includes trying to Balance. You Cant balance weapons.
  4. ECACA

    why sepia tone??

    really? but there are colors in the HUD, they have not changed. And if you look at the shoulders there is abit of color. but its like a Change if you get HURT, and its not changing back to color. I can try it, but good chance it wont work. it took them 6 months to get a Audio driver to work. They let MS build it, and everyone complained, and after 6 months they returned to the maker to finish.
  5. There is only 1 mod for V. and it dont work for this gun, mentions above., And they have not fixed things for to long, they rather make things pretty, then develop the game, or finish the Main engine. Its still suggested we are the Beta testers for that engine.
  6. Like that, but give it significance in this game, insted of MASS destruction. Iv played games since middle of the 1970's. ALL I see here is PRETTY, and lazy programing. 7 years to fill allthe holes in the planets.
  7. Im sorry, Getting old and Glaucoma sucks. And got in a hurry. Its a V mod and the question stand for the Mod and Exilus. There is 1 V mod and its NOT allowed, that I have. Very interesting a NICE type of GUN and restricted all to hell. This game has a few problems and ALWAYS HAS. and even now are trying to get around them. Weapons that you have Crit, crit damage, and STATUS. On damage do you do IPS, Basically. what about the rest (IF YOU HAVE ELEMENTALS LOADED). Why dont all those in IPS HIT AND PROC? EACH have a chance to Proc, or if a PROC happens, ALL happen
  8. ECACA

    why sepia tone??

    Why has color changed? this happens every once in awhile. Why the B/W conversion?? Im not hurt or anything else..
  9. Probably I thought and others also. That they had an IDEA of what they were doing?? or just an IDEA, of what they could use it for? There are Tons of Primary mods, but only having Slash mods? Would love to add just abit more range, to keep the Ancients from catching me.. Its the perfect range for them.
  10. very interesting gun And an exilus , slot that dont match any MOD in the game. Why not leave it Blank?? And there are NO D exilus mods for rifles or assault rifles. So why have a D exilus slot?
  11. ECACA


    Why does my secondary and heavy attack CHANGE back and forth from mouse 3-4 Is there a weapon that has a secondary and Heavy attack AT the same time? Its interesting that I cant find this subject, as the difference tends to be Which weapon I have in hand, primary/secondary when I hit e. I cant see any difference for it to change. Then we have the 3rd setting for F. Melee and no secondary use. HOW in hell can I get that to BE on' when I want it.
  12. ECACA


    So you can use an Unranked weapon in sanctuary? WOULD YOU? not me. Affinity gained in Sanctuary Is only good in FOCUS. As all weapons and frames used in Sanctuary are lvl 30/40 and dont gain any more. MR rank/rating/lvl Watch it, you dont get any thing past 30/40.
  13. ECACA


    AS TO SQUADS. Its not that they arnt fighting, its other things. The points need to be something we can deal with. Just went to lvl 9, last 2 by myself. 50k. And I have double inf happening.. lousy points Big tile set and not enough AI, Period. we spread out and find every one of them. Efficiency Stimulus: Pick-ups which increase the player's efficiency by 10%. Suggest you do more reading, as this Raises the % efficentcy to keep the maps going, NOT extend time. as to affinity. There isnt much for anything, except for OTHER things. The only affinity yo
  14. ECACA


    more players = more kills. BUT NOT per player. A single person gets to kill MORE (per person) because no one ELSE is killing them. And some of the sessions, tend to Have, NOT ENOUGH targets. as we start to stand around after 1 min, with a good crew. No special points? Then what are those Nice gold Curls around. I find picking those up, Every time makes abit more points, dont it? Universal mechanic? REALLY? do you know that you get Hardly any, except for Building stuff and maxing it out at 30/60 or 40/80? You should know that. And al lthe affinity in Sanctuary seems to wo
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