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  1. You suggested on stream that players might want to tactically trigger the overheat mechanic, but if it's at the cost of all energy, I guarantee nobody will ever do it. One burst of damage, no matter how high it is, will never be worth your whole energy pool. Instead, consider: When the bar maxes out, Ember enters 'overheat mode'. Healing stops working on her, and she begins taking rapidly increasing unmitigated damage over time, but in return, gets significant buffs to her abilities (either strength and range, or lowered cast costs). This would create an interesting game of chicken.
  2. Some of the new auras and arcanes seem fine, but please add them to the store instead of the drop table. Mods are only a useful drop once, endo is valuable no matter how many times you get it.
  3. Putting it on a timer is fine, but imo 60-90 seconds is a bit too generous, especially if we're keeping the 3 stacked revives and all his other invuln/tanking abilities. 2 minutes is more reasonable.
  4. If different combos used different weapon modes, that could be cool. So the long range attacks could use the current staff model, the big AoE attacks could have him change it into a hammer and slam it into the ground, the short range multi-hit combo could be with daggers, etc. Probably more work than DE are willing to put in at this point since they seem happy with the combos they've come up with but might be cool for a future frame or something.
  5. Another quick thought-- it would be entirely sufficient if the Wukong clone just copied all your mods, but if you wanted to go above and beyond, it might be really cool to have the clone be separately moddable and make the first real exalted specter in the game. Obviously, this would only be for the clone itself and not the weapons, but it would still be cool imo.
  6. People get mad when you tell them they actually have to play the game instead of afking If you have arcane energize and decent efficiency, I don't foresee keeping primal fury up at all times to be a big problem. Especially since Wukong will be able to recover with rage/adrenaline (and has a kit that seems to strongly incentivise that).
  7. Absorb also draws aggro. Actually, plenty of frames have abilities that draw aggro (Molt, Decoy, Shield of Shadows) just not to the frame itself usually.
  8. This needs a really significant multiplier, like at least 6000%. Hopefully the amalgam javlok mod has been instructive here. These are all pretty fun, but at max stacks Nidus has 6 extra lives that he can easily refresh over the course of a mission. So I hope there's a way to refresh this passive. EDIT: Since you compared the immortality meter to Baruuk's restraint meter, why not have it increase off his other abilities in a similar way? Simple suggestion: Enemies stunned by cloud walker, damage inflicted by defy, and kills scored with Primal Fury all contribute towards filling up the immortality meter and earning Wukong another death defiance.
  9. Honestly, why? I can understand this being a priority if cross-play was already implemented, but why is it a priority now?
  10. The manual pulse ability was her old 3, I got the impression that her cc reservoir in its current implementation just pulses by itself periodically. Basically a better Tesla seems like.
  11. @[DE]Bear will season 2 begin immediately after Wolf of Saturn ends, or will there be a period of downtime (if so, what will that mean in terms of challenges etc.)? Changes all sound pretty positive, thank you. EDIT: Also. do you have any planned changes for the acquisition of Nightwave creds and the offerings from them?
  12. Yeah, it was just 'Fortuna coming in November' at first.
  13. I'm pretty sure they said 'first week of November'.
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