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  1. In the previews and before the 2nd-to-last hotfix, the skirt pulsed with your chosen energy colour. It's now blank.
  2. Instead of granting a 70% reload speed bonus, Penance now grants a 200% weapon swap speed bonus (scaling with strength) and headshot kills instantly reload holstered weapons.
  3. Garuda Successor also seems to be missing the custom claws that were shown in her preview.
  4. atejas

    Revenant bugs

    Here are some bugs I've noticed when playing with Revenant. A few are exclusive to Arbitrations and I suspect they're linked to the nullifier drones rather than Revenant in particular: Occasionally, enthralled enemies revert to being allied (but lose the enthralled status+visual indicator). They then become immune to damage from Revenant or his allies unless they are re-enthralled. Dying thralls sometimes fail to spawn a damage pillar. This occurs mostly when I'm playing as client. Enemies that have previously been shielded by an arbitration drone (but are not currently so) can shoot through multiple layers of mesmer skin without being stunned. These enemies also appear to be immune to being manually enthralled. Reaving thralls in arbitrations sometimes fails to damage them or restore mesmer skin charges. I suspect this is because the thralls are being 'protected' by an arbitration drone (despite them remaining enthralled and without the red aura appearing on them). Some enemies in the Orb Vallis appear to be able to damage Revenant through his mesmer skin.
  5. Yeah, it was just 'Fortuna coming in November' at first.
  6. I'm pretty sure they said 'first week of November'.
  7. Really wish your Khora skin had been accepted (hopefully next time), but I'll definitely pick up that Titania skin once the deluxe comes out.
  8. Can we get an indication on what we can expect this year besides Fortuna? Melee 3.0 2018 or not? Operator hair/appearance slots? Login reward rework? More clan-related stuff? Not to downplay Fortuna itself, it has a lot of systems and content even from what we've seen. Thanks for all your hard work.
  9. We're going through updates really quickly....just how far away is Fortuna? I assume it'll be 24.0
  10. It sounds like his 2 negates incoming damage altogether though, rather than applying a damage reduction effect like Gara or Mesa. Might still be worth running Vigor over Vitality on him, especially since he can generate overshields relatively easily too, but the passive doesn't seem that great. His 4's damage scales off incoming damage (including damage negated by 2), which sounds a bit finicky, but it's a scaling mechanic. I doubt he'll ever be Mesa though.
  11. I'd say they're waiting for the ghouls to get thinned out tbh
  12. It's a beam shotgun so it doesn't calculate status the same way as pellet shotguns.
  13. I think November is more likely at this point, I'd be surprised if they released two frames within 3 months of each other.
  14. Any word on when the next round of augments is gonna come out?
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