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  1. So i'm not exactly sure when this change went through but it's obvious our rock man Atlas has suffered. Old textures close to the release of Atlas Karst VS the new textures, sometime around the release of the corpus ship tileset rework. this seems like such a easy fix? it's been so long with broken textures.
  2. have tried, the texture has simply been downscaled and messed up.
  3. So first off, Atlas's Deluxe skin has already received a downgrade texture-wise, but further, with TAA it ends up even worse, other frames don't seem to have this problem. for example: Xaku With TAA : ON With TAA ; OFF
  4. So in short.. on the remastered jupiter tileset, one of the destroyable objectives seems to be able to spawn within a "puzzle room"
  5. While i very much like this weapon, i think it feels weak and subpar to other archguns.. i personally believe it would be much more viable with both doubled base primary damage and max ammo capacity, the alternate fire projectile works fine enough already. on a sidenote, i think it is.. sad this weapon gets a skin from Operation Orphix Venom, just doesn't quite feel worth it unless you can overlook the weapons output.
  6. So, i'm not sure when this happened but.. something has happened with Atlas's Deluxe skin, contrast seems to be wrong.. from what i remember the texture was overall smoother before?
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