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  1. Seeing how you're working on props and decorations for Fortuna, is there a chance you could redirect some walls, ledges, trims and such to Dojo decorations?... Some that can maybe be sized down (or small to start with) so they can be used in tight spaces like the corridors... And any chance of doing the same with the grineer and orokin? Will Fortuna bring more reasons to use transference? That is, will it have more operator specific tasks and quests that aren't covering the whole screen or act as a mere barrier like it was the case with the Plains and Cetus? Can we look forward more intelligent enemies populating the landscapes of Fortuna - even if just marginally so like the Tusks are? And will they have more means of countering the warframes' abilities? Thank you!
  2. Yaaay! Finally! Thank you!!! Hopefully other relays will have other layouts and other syndicates initiating the reconstruction process 🙂
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