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  1. ...and give'em the same drop chance that Condition Overload has 🤣 On a more serious note, it looks like the whole reward system for the heist - including PT's drop - are rather far from their final version. I don't understand the rush to max everything on launch-day (leading usually to complaints about the amount of grind, RNG and whatnot), but something has to be done for them bounties to feel like "end game" content - both in terms of challenge (*cough*phase2*cough*), but also rewards (the joke that p1 and PT's drops are is a good example, I think).
  2. Aside from the projectile forming too far in front of the weapon, I'mma add that the grass shouldn't really collide with the projectile, especially when the whole PoE and quite a bit of OV is littered with it. Basically, for the catchmoon, a thread of grass is just as much a cover for anything as a bomb shelter.
  3. That could actually work indeed. There's a heap of caves around Temple of Profit too (granted, some are barely deserving that title) and there quite a few 'wild' (as you called it) locations too (like that lake with the half-sank corpus dropship) that could make for some good theater of combat/tasks. I'mma continue running bounties from random camps (mostrly 'cause I want to explore the Spaceport and the Temple for other reason than just farming toroids). I'd go to suggest that the bounties you take from camps to be less generic - both in title and in goals. Building up threat on the other 2 corpus "main" sites from these captured location bounties. And as more bounties get completed, the captured location could display an increasing amount of SU people and logistics which - say 3 or 5 bounties in - could become a target for the Corpus and you, as a player would be given an extra bounty to defend them (kinda like how it was in Glast's Gambit first mission, not the rather annoying agent-defense). Of course, one could choose not to, but upon completing the next bounty, one would come back to the camp to witness a rather gruesome outcome of the choice (with lots of victims and the Corpus repo-men rounding up all the surviving SU in their condors and having a very heavily-guarded base now (maybe leading to a permanent increase of the global threat by 1 point or something too). You know, just for the player to feel bad for being careless and selfish 😄
  4. There was this game once, called Guild Wars. Its dungeons had amazingly frustrating RNG for the most coveted drops. 2 years after I started farming for an item (the Bone Dragon Staff), some more than 300 runs, I got it... as present. From a friend that bought it from someone else. Yet I got another item - the Voltaic Spear - twice in one run. Needless to say that there was little incentive for me to return to the dungeon that I got the VS from and that I only did it when friends wanted to go there to try and get theirs, even if the instance itself was pretty fun to run. What I'm trying to say is that the low drop chance of items is pretty much a necessary evil when we're talking about games that don't get content drops too often. GW2 also had some insidious RNG related to crafting its legendary gear afaik. What else?! Aion and it's balic crafting (or its so much coveted Dark Poeta items that went to sh*t after the event that gifted them left and right)? It's normal to want to speed-clear content for the drops it offers. But when there's so little to do outside getting that stuff - there are no intense conflicts, no sturdy OWPvP or any OW events that could alter the landscape or the game for long, the apex of the invasions being pretty shallow with just one mission to repeat till your brain bleeds - you simply can't get favorable RNG. The only thing one can hope for with this kind of games is for the content itself to be entertaining (to help alleviate a bit the fatigue from over-farming every area)... speaking of which... We ran bounties today from Temple Fabrication, The Pearl and Reflector Control and all took place in the same central area (Coolant Reservoir, Central Maintenance, Grow Site and Enrichment Labs), with not even one stray task sending us to the Temple of Profit or... and here's where I realized: the other sections of the map don't have too many locations for the bounties to take place in. With the exception of Temple Fabrication, the Temple of Profit has nothing around it. Same thing goes for the Spaceport, where the only 2 locations that would fit for "vicinity" are the Dig Site and Transit Depot. The most unpleasant thing was that even the spy task that was part of every bounty we've got took place either inside Enrichment Labs (with its sometimes bugged alarm trigger) or at Central Maintenance. I was almost certain the task would lead us to either the Spaceport or the Temple. So it would seem that the only change came only when picking up some bounties from the Dig Site. Will run some more bounties to make sure, but yeah, I stand corrected. The tasks are - in their overwhelming majority - clustered around Fortuna.
  5. I agree with that. The bonds you get as reward for taking down the Orb are ill-suited for the task, just as 1k standings. The fact that all the Profit-Taker has is shields (with a few hitpoints hiding behind them) is even more unpleasant, if we're judging the build-up of an epic battle. I also agree that the most desirable drops should be attached to the Orb itself, not to the loot table of the bounty - that is, make the latter always give the bloody bonds and have the drops from orb pick from the reward table of the bounty. It changes little (as you'd probably not get bulks of systems and stuff, but rather individual drops), but it at least gives a better feeling of being rewarded. Otherwise, it's only the articula that makes it so - and one cannot be happy forever about them. I'll dedicate some time today to see how them bounties change based on where you take'em from. I really hope that further updates for OV will draw some inspiration from other games with environments that change based on your success or failure (like GW2), even if the effects are negligible and vanish completely once you leave the area.
  6. To start with, PoE bounties made very little sense to me in how they were spread and what the end-goal was. Vallis is a lil bit of an improvement in that direction, by having specific areas tied to (at least for now) specific bosses and with at least a different described functionality. To top that, PoE ping-pong'ing you across the place didn't make it more interesting, especially since - as it goes with WF community - the goal ain't to enjoy the game or the scenery, but to rush the brain out of yourself doing X or Y activity in the shortest time possible. I mean, sure, if on PoE any route between objectives would've been a perilous journey, then yeah. Fun! But it ain't the case. For the second part, I don't understand for the life of me what is it desired... It's a problem that you get 1 bounty around Fortuna if you're gunning for the higher tier ones - okay. But then again, Vallis is larger than PoE so you can't apply the same tactics there when planning the activities, so that means you want a smaller area, not a larger one with more potential activities in the long run (to which I'd ask if a defense map would be good enough, so you don't waste time going around). Another thing is that everyone's poking at the time cost - faster, quicker, give everything under the nose. Not much to comment about the reason of the Vallis being divided like that or what purpose every area serves - and if they're different in goals, then why the missions are the same. Lastly, the problem is dire since in my few days trying to pug the bounties I didn't find 1 group that wanted to stay for more than one set once - regardless of how efficient we were. So all the pretty mechanics of the Vallis that DE has implemented are going to waste because, again, of our rushy nature. I'm mentioning this because, guess what?! people would probably complain (again) if the starting mission would be randomly assigned to a different area (not always tied to Labs), about how much of a time-waste it is to return to Fortuna from there. Or how much time's wasted going from phase 1 near Dig Site to phase 2 near Fabrication... The first couple of weeks after the update, I didn't even thought of using the archwing. Traveling around on the drive or just from rock to rock while mining was fun. Quite often it happened that the last phase of a bounty was taking place close to a capture point and from one bounty to another like this, I barely had time to realize where I was or how much time I 'wasted' on the Vallis. Granted, the bounties do have different names but are all the same in their scope, regardless of where the action takes place - which induces a bit of fatigue after a while. With more lore and more area-specific tasks this would manifest less though and maybe players would... attack the problem from a logic/lore pov too, not just an efficiency one. Maybe increasing the standings reward with every successful consecutive bounty would entice the players to stay longer. Maybe having area specific rewards for the bounties would encourage the players to capture the bases. Maybe tying in the heists with the bounties for every capture location (with some incursions of sorts that have heist rewards as their rarest drop and that - just out of spite - would make the actual heist available once enough of them have been completed). The way things are right now, I think it won't be long till we'll start asking for the rewards to be offered up-front, not in the end, and to be for us to decide if we're gonna do the missions or just consider the npcs stingy and ignore them 😄
  7. People didn't play enough with the otherwise pleasant change from PoE - of being able to get more bounties from random camps you capture. Yet, people complain about stuff. It baffles me... We capture the dig site and the spy mission was at the Spaceport. It stands to reason that picking up the bounty at Fortuna won't give you a task to go to the Moon... Furthermore, taking the bounty from Eudico or the bugger outside Fortuna will give you tasks around it, based on the location you took the bounty from, not where you're hovering at the moment the next stage starts. For clarification, I believe that each area of the Vallis belongs to a bigger chunk (judging by the distribution of Toroids). Just as such, bounties picked up in one chunk will having you roaming that particular district. Still, I believe that even if you people knew this, you'd rather not put the "effort" into capturing a different base, but rather ask that DE implements more dialogues to Eudico where you get to decide where you feel like going - Labs, Temple or the Spaceport. And then, you'll complain about being to tedious to get a bounty from Eudi, being dragged into a cluster**ck of a dialogue...
  8. Ever tried capturing bases around the Vallis and taking more bounties from there?! The ones you get from Eudico do take place around Fortuna, but that's about it.
  9. We've played with Gara, Rhino, Valk. I'm thinking Inaros, Baruuk, Oby, Excal would do well too, and certainly quite a few others. To OP, I agree that the actual Orb is too squishy. I'd probably increase its base HP while lowering the shields a bit and give it some badass ability (abilities?!) when its shields are down, so as to not just one-shot everything in 10 seconds before going back to chewing its shields.
  10. The area of the energy refiller is wide enough to play a game of Lunaro inside it. And if you picked a strength build volt or whatever that eats through your energy reserves like a tasmanian devil, then maybe just drop a bunch of them at once. It's nothing wrong with askin' for stuff that would balance the game, but Phases 2 and 4 are already easy as they are. Makin' 4 even more forgiving would turn in into a bore-fest (kinda like how p2 is right now). Lastly, you do realize that one could just as well go there with Lato Vandal and complain afterwards that the mission is too difficult and demand it be toned down so he/she can sport his/her favorite weapon and... it would be silly. Not all frames are suited for every task in the game (guessing it's why Rhino doesn't have a spy augment for example :P) and with 3 config slots, you could fiddle with your build to fine-tune it for Profit-Taker, isn't it? But I guess that's too much effort already...
  11. I am one of those that fights quite a lot from under the Profit-Taker. The mag-proc is a nuisance, yes, but I don't mind it much. Around 10 pizzas per run and Rage are enough. Also, the whole fight is happening in a rather small area and you don't need to sit on the pizza item, so I don't get that part. You don't die from mobs if you spend a few moments to cull them down every so often 🙂
  12. Rad built Velocitus can one-shot the legs, but Fluctus did feel better overall, as you can shred the flock of corpus buggers comin' at you while at it.
  13. Maybe by taking the main goals of the quest and slappin' them together in a bounty-like run... Let's say you get it after capturing a base (so as to skip one step), a separate bounty (kinda like how the eidolon one is displayed in Cetus). You could go with either an ambush, a drone or an assassination to get the info 'bout the satellite protocols. But then, since you don't need the gravimag part, the next step would involve just a struggle to reconfigure the satellite protocols via hacking (so again kinda fixed step) and then maybe some extermination mission to cull the amount of corpus that would react to your dirty deeds. These 3 steps would have the mechanics of bounties (bonus rewards and such) and each step would introduce the next tier of rewards (of the systems). The bounty would conclude with the Profit-Taker biting the dust (this section would be considered as completed with a bonus by default for the purpose of evaluating the bounty's rewards). Still, other than diversifying the steps a bit, I wouldn't like the idea of just getting handouts after doing the quest (like having them all available at Ticker for some random resources), as it would lead to everything being obtained too fast and in a very lazy way 😄
  14. As it being kinda tied to a narrative, the random element can't really go wild. It has to be tied to the Enrichment Labs. And as steps, you kinda can't go finding different ways of achieving the same end-result: one dead mother of all spiders. Or maybe you could, but that would mean more recorded dialogues, more workin' on just diversifying the course of the first orb take-down and it's not worth it when everyone's only gunning for the rewards, grumbling and screeching at everything slowing them down. Without writing gazillion paths, there's little that can be done. Phase 1's cave/capture/defend can be shuffled about, with all the plethora of locations available in the Labs' vicinity. But the phase 2 directors can't be in the Spaceport. They could spawn in different locations inside the Labs - hell! they should spawn in different locations! They should have different teams assisting them so as to not feel like a kuaka. And if anything, phase 4 should have the Profit-Taker's stats scale with the party size. But the rest... can't really be diversified like the bounties are. I do find it weird though that Stofler is your go-to location for anything. Same spot, same mechanics, same outcome. Kinda like The Heist, only slower with less of a challenge in terms of mobs composition. But if a defense mission is your example of "fun" then... 😄 The comparison I made there (between The Heist and ESO) was exactly aimed at the difference between a completely static scenario (regardless of the location) and a fluid one that Vallis does seem to be. You gave a defense mission as the "fun" definition and then said that Heist is a downgrade on the bounties formula - only it ain't a bounty, but rather an eidolon task, so if anything, you're comparing apples and oranges 😄
  15. If Heist ain't fun to play, what is fun from your point of view? ESO? 'Cause this - your definition of "fun" - can bring a whole lotta light on the topic. I for one would say that Heist would be more fun if the other 2 phases would have their rewards balanced (so as to not feel like a time-sink in comparison with phase 2). It would also help prevent fatigue from settling in from over-farming the same step to oblivion.
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