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  1. Type: In-game Description: Using Tail Wind to Divebomb into a data conduit in Sanctuary Onslaught can cause your frame to get stuck in the Divebomb pose and unable to move or perform any action. Visual: Reproduction: Using Zephyr, aim your reticle down towards a data conduit during Sanctuary Onslaught and use Tail Wind to enter it. Expected Result: Zephyr lands after loading into the next zone and is able to continue fighting as normal. Observed Result: Zephyr instead gets stuck in the Divebomb pose and slides across the floor until she gets stuck in a corner
  2. Minor bug with Zephyr's Tornado ability tooltip. Reads "Tap for stationary tornadoes or hold for wandering ones", it should be reversed: "Tap for wandering tornadoes or hold for stationary ones".
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