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  1. If you're focusing on Crit, then it's a great negative to get. But if you are going to rely on DoT or can't kill the target in a small amount of time then best to move on. That said, for the majority of content the negative duration is NBD as the target will in most cases be dead before the status effect wears off; high level content is where this can become an issue though the easy fix to that in your case is using abilities, secondary, or primary to establish the status effect. Ya, I'd use that.
  2. Can confirm with above, Cyanex is a lot of fun. As is Ocucor.
  3. Been like that for a long time because in the past the Cold mods worked differently from what I understand. I wasn't playing at that time in early game development, but I think cold mods were purely status mods, there was no actual cold damage. Then at some point it was given damage properties. Some older-older timer would be able to clarify more on it.
  4. Right to sell is part of the issue, the other part as to whyyou can't use the console coupons on Tennogen has to be with how transactions are done on the various consoles and how money transfer's. For console WF, all real money transactions are done via the console's "portal" so to speak, and the coupons we get do not transfer to this domain of transactions, which is why those coupons are not redeemable for Plat because they are "in game coupons" (but they can do discounts on Plat packages as a whole because that is done through the console portal). The Right to sell agreement with the Tenno
  5. I've mapped as much as I can on my controller at this point, and I believe there is a command or 2 I can not use what-so-ever. I'd love to see more button combo-options implemented and more commands available from the Ability Menu as well.
  6. You have completed War Within, you are not new to this game. Those missions are no more difficult to you than a level 3 sortie (except with Level 5 Lich, then just slightly harder). Here's the efficient way to get rid of it. First, if you are having difficulty, do NOT stab the Lich, just farm murmurs until all mods are revealed. Farm the mods from the relics, you should have a few from the murmur farm (option to trade for the specific ones you need, they go cheap and some people may just be willing to do a 1-for-1 trade on the mods). Once all 3 mods are known and you have
  7. Hm, looks like fun, definitely another take on survivability. I've considered dropping Vitality altogether as well but just never pulled the trigger on it.
  8. I tend to agree, don't waste Forma and Adapter at this point. Arcane Guardian should be proc'ing enough to make up for the armor difference between our builds, and Grace replaces Rejuv so don't worry about that aura then. Quick Thinking just causes you to start utilizing Energy to prevent death at 2HP, which becomes very efficient with Halo-uptime. Well, you have 2 slots you could change out as far as I'm concerned, just a try few things and have fun.
  9. Got around to taking vids/pics. This was 2nd consecutive run on Jupiter Sabotage mission on Adrastea. 1st run the console worked, I cleared it tier 3, completed the mission. Reloaded back in and got this, Palm open but console off. Solo runs both times. Picture and Video. Picture Video
  10. Ok: so you can relate to what I'm saying, this is what I use: Max Umbral Steel & Intensity, default rank Umbral Vit (might be Maxed, I don't recall, health pool is 1337 :D ), max Armored Agility, max Streamline, max Gladiator Aegis, rank 0 Adaptation, max Endurance Drift, Exilus Slot: max Rush. Arcanes Fury and Strike. Zenurik School with healing arcane on operator. Running Helios-P with Set-mod stat-stick Deconstructor-P so I don't use the Halo Augment unless I run a Rescue mission (replaces Adaptation or Endurance). Aura: CP or Rejuventation depending on situation. Melee focus'd buil
  11. Post your mod-build on Nezha, that sounds more squishy than Nezha should be. I'm using him on SP as well, not getting that problem. Adapation does help a lot but shouldn't be needed with him. EDIT: Though I can say that you would benefit greatly by utilizing his mobility, the AI's accuracy takes a significant hit to fast moving targets.
  12. I'd say this right here, without a macro at some point the software will register a double-tap/click as a single due to the sensitivity settings. EDIT: I've hit this threshold on console with my Stave, it's incredibly difficult to continue the stance combo and just ends up with awkward pauses and restarts to the combo. There isn't really anything DE can do to prevent this since all systems have some variance to their sensitivity in regards to tap-registration, so it's on the user.
  13. Had 2 spawn in a tier 1 vault, had resource booster active from daily login, Kat-proc on the 2nd pick-up and Mech dropped one = 7. Yes, lucky run. When you get to the Mech battle immediately go around a look for them, they despawn if you don't get to them fast enough like Wisps. Just ignore the mech, check all the rooms carefully. They can be near the floor, tucked in a corner, or all the way up to the ceiling and moving around periodically. Sometimes they'll appear dark and hard to see, (apparently they have a shell) and some will be bright and hard to miss.
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