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  1. Defense/MobileD: Really anything that can do hard-area crowd control is going to work but I find Limbo to be easy mode with max duration and a little range, use the Cataclysm mod to further extend the duration. BONUS: Replace Limbo's 3 with Pull, if you have subsumed Mag, since it can be using in the Cataclysm on enemies outside and can pull them into the Cataclysm to be instantly frozen by Stasis and you can sit there and melee or fire at will. Ya Nullifiers can be annoying but bring a toxin-melee weapon, slide in and make quick work them them before they get to Cataclysm and jump back into
  2. I couldn't agree more. Melee got over-buffed back in the rework with the stance changes and general damage increase combined with the normalization nerf to enemy EHP. They could essentially remove the general damage buffs and the melee damage output will fall in place (while retaining some minor buffs on the lower performing melee's). Generally speaking I feel like enemy EHP is at a good point right now and that weapon balancing should be done around it as is. Damage types is a different discussion though.
  3. For the skill set, the frame is fine, a bit boring though and since the armor changes to enemies the arena she normally shined in just doesn't require her anymore (endurance missions). As for the aesthetics. I was really curious how they'd go about this look. Helm, torso and arms look great, I'm not a fan of the metal-bar legs, I would have preferred something a little more fleshed out instead of continuing on what the original had...just feels more robot than warframe.
  4. Make us less powerful on the top end. Normal player progression feels great and balanced till about the time you would normally clear Chains, at which point player knowledge of the game takes off, mods get levelled, and they become too powerful for the rest of the game to really challenge aside from a few outliers.
  5. Too easy once you hit late game. There's almost no risk of failure, we are too powerful and enemies generally speaking are of no threat.
  6. Buff is the least logical and least sensible option. If you buff everything then eventually it's too easy so then they buff the enemies (because people cry about nerfs to their stuff) and then they're too hard so you buff the weapons and it's too easy...do you see the how insane this circle is? When a simple nerf would accomplish the goal (in regards to achieving balance I mean, needed to clarify that sentence a bit more). You adjust the outliers, and in this case the adjustment would be a nerf. Buff's should never be given unless it's to a minority outlier that isn't performing as well, b
  7. The problem isn't Guns, the guns (generally speaking) are in the right spot; though they have a higher variance with outliers but that's because Melee was normalized; guns could use a normalized run like melee but that's a lot of work on their end. The problem is Melee, and that it got over-tuned. 1) Melee mod set-ups are stronger in general, mostly due to the combo counter interactions and the addition of Umbral mods when you consider Crit. 2) Melee 3.0 gave melee a damage buff, which was overkill once the enemy armor changes were implemented and amplified the buff they got. 3) Stanc
  8. Original is Dojo researched and Prime is fairly new, kind of limits availability. Now if those stats were from the past 2 months only, holy hell he'd be in the top 5, he's everywhere now.
  9. Definitely a Twitch side issue. Clicked and it errored, clicked second time and it worked.
  10. Lens, Decorations, Stances, Profile Emblem, spoilermode stuff.
  11. You described Nezha. Or Gauss. Wukong and Lavos also come to mind.
  12. Previous replies giving good advise. If you're having difficulties with hitting the leg points I'd suggest Fluctus modded for primary Radiation damage as your archwing weapon, just go to the outside of the foot, line up with the leg and shoot, the punch-through will let it hit multiple times.
  13. Give Xaku a try, it's a fun frame. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Xaku#Abilities_
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