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  1. Ya, and it's not just relegated to shiny surfaces, I see fabric/cloth textures producing a high shine now (Frost Harka skin)
  2. I can confirm. Dark colors are most notably washed out, there is shine to textures that should probably not be shining (Trinity Prime lobster butt, Frost Harka skin cloth parts ...Mesa Prime's butt, just to name a few). I main Nezha and like to go with a dark scheme but....now he looks like he's wearing a shiny/wet rubber suit. And a lot of warframes now look like they're wearing shiny plastic. The effects are more so when you're viewing from the Arsenal (else-where things are mostly looking normal) and regarding that; the Arsenal lighting darkens when you open a color channel to change it, in this light things actually look closer to what they used to be aside from the increased shine to some of the textures; switching out of a color channel/pallet selection will retain the darkened lighting for a short time before getting washed out again.
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