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  1. Yes complain bout only skill that is any good on her. Also remember Octavia exists.
  2. Because people want to actually play the game and not just be forced into playing a loot frame all the time in new conent to get a reasonable amount of resource drops. Before you could make a farm team, get the amount you need and move on to actually play the game. There is a difference between working for your rewards and doing mindless chores. Also 45 minutes for getting all wisp resources is only possible if you bought boosters. If you don't have those it takes at least 2-3 hours of farming to get enough resources for her. Not including bad RNG rolls on farming parts from boss.
  3. I mean just looking around solar system makes vauban prime clip through his collar. Imagine what Wisp animations would do to bigger frames.
  4. I wouldn't mind that at all but that would drive down market frame sales considerably, so doubt that'll ever happen.
  5. Took me round 20 runs to get one system drop here. I got chassis all the time.
  6. My biggest gripe with the new UI is the refinement bars. Those are so not accurate to how much actually the chance increase is. You'd think rare drop from radiant is like 25% looking at that.
  7. I bought it instantly. It is expensive but it was worth it.
  8. Only thing I don't like bout the fight is that the mount animation takes way too long before you can control it. But other than that it's a pretty fun boss.
  9. Nitain Extract can always be farmed. It's just a absurdly low chance. They just removed the easy way of getting it. Which is dumb but it's a thing they brought upon themselves by not thinking about it.
  10. Considering a lot of people in my clan are making easy money from their CP stockpiles coz newbies can't get them I'd say not everyone does that.
  11. Considering you'll be able to switch those like sentinels in the future DE thinks so too. I just have my infested pet out in ship and never switch it.
  12. Sadly that will never happen. Console versions gotta go through certification progress. Also it's better for DE this way since PC players can beta test the game so console versions are not broken on launch and there is no need hotfix those between updates so can they just bundle stuff that works.
  13. They said there will be a new resource found there so it'll probably use that.
  14. The problem is that is the only viable way to play him. And there are frames that do that much better. Also his exalted weapon is highly underwhelming.
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