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  1. Yes. Been so for a while now. Remember we are the console beta testers after all.
  2. I run Mirage Prime with Kuva Bramma. Should we not let Mirage clones shoot as well then? Coz that creates even more visual noise. As for clone autoing for player what's stopping a player from making auto click E setup with a tanky frame and just using that instead? Should we nerf Inaros then as well coz he is also basically invincible? What I see is I don't like this therefore everyone who actually likes using it must be the problem. I don't like the visual and audio noise a Octavia makes on the map with all the waves and pulsing lights and rollers. Should we then remove whole Octavia kit just coz of that? Also a frame you can afk with as well.
  3. Why rework a slab of meat? He does his job perfectly. As for the nullfier thing you can you know not walk into it?
  4. Poor Limbo. Losing the only thing he is good for. Well back to only being used for Kuva Survival and sortie Mobile Defense. At least he had his 5 minutes of fame.
  5. For me it's pretty simple. I just don't like her playstyle. That's all.
  6. It's simple. Murex is faster and more efficient to do. Plus you get some intrinsic from it too.
  7. Well perk of being a founder and getting there early. It's fine with me. I can always get MR29 once rule63 Vauban is in the game.
  8. Ground and Limbo plus a Reedemer Prime with heavy attack or Kuva Bramma for sure make it easy to solo those. Don't have a good railjack so mine blows up all the time when I tried that.
  9. Yup it's all same damage now. Tested it as well. Haven't really used that bow since like it was added into the game so assumed it was still the same.
  10. Oh then it must have been changed. Gonna have to test. Since I know it used to split the base damage with multishot before.
  11. It's a gimmick mod. Only weapon that can really use it and benefit is Mutalist Cernos since the procs keep the timer refreshed.
  12. Multishot is one of worst things you can put on that thing. Since it splits your damage between arrows. Split Flights is just a damage down on that.
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