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  1. Hard to judge without testing stuff but man range change and high dispo rivens are gonna be a thing for sure.
  2. I said it before and I'll say it again. I'd gladly give 300 plat to be able to make nora shut up forever.
  3. Only time you can fail a mission in warframe is spy coz it's the only mission type that actually requires brainpower to complete.
  4. I'd switch to Path of Exile instantly. It has all of that but it's free.
  5. Excavation on pluto and the higher level sabotage mission in void are way more effective ways to farm those relics than interception. I hate it when there is a unvault with a new prime release coz bounties are by far the best ways to farm relics you specifically want.
  6. Unless it doesn't require any mod capacity to slot in doubt many people will use it. Since you'd need to throw one or two extra formas on each of your weapons. And we all know how terrible a item can end up being when overformaed if something mod wise changes or gets introduced and you have to reforma it all over again. Specially bad if you are running a weapon with a riven.
  7. No I read it. Basically coz corrosive and heat together would be too good. Guess what? People are already running 4 CP aura groups if armor is actually a problem so it won't change much at all there. If you are complaining that it would make the game too easy, newsflash warframe requires barely any skill to play as it is.
  8. Killing dargyns is easy. You got a guranteed spawn on kuva assault mission. The dargyn pilot one however is such a RNG fest to complete. Going from 10 minutes to up to one hour plus. That one can go away.
  9. "Don't you dare give feedback to developers. Just shut up and be grateful." That's what I see when I read that.
  10. Magnetic having a effect of pulling enemies together is the obvious choice. Specially considering the secondary element you'd make with that is gas which would also benefit highly with a grouping effect of magnetic.
  11. Relic drop rates have not changed in years. You always have the same amount of relic drops in rotation. Don't know why it's a issue now when it's always been like this since the relic rework.
  12. DE: We'd like to make heat procs actually useful. Community: Don't change a useless element that does barely any damage, change bad.
  13. Well one run I had a nekros in team and they were dropping all over the place. As far I can tell from personal play as with anything nekros related it's just RNG whether it actually works or not.
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