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  1. ChaosSabre

    Umbra and his scarf...

    As I said on any post about this I personally would love to turn off the scarf. I don't like it, it covers up too much of frame and it just interferes with syndanas.
  2. ChaosSabre

    Stances for Primary and Secondary Weapons..

    If there was a reload aura for guns I'd put that on every single one I have.
  3. ChaosSabre

    When raids come back, what rewards should they have?

    It'll be same as before. They'll just harbor a small community that does them. Unless they prevent them from being button standing simulator 2019 tedium it'll just end up being the same as before play wise. Though I do hope they make it more obvious how to enter them.
  4. ChaosSabre

    Warframe Speedrunning Problem

    Is this a troll? I'm pretty sure this is a troll.
  5. 150+ bounties to get 10 atmo systems for rank up is pretty good drop rate to me *sarcasm*
  6. ChaosSabre

    Why not AMP today's special?

    I hope they add that option. Since that's the only way I'll ever master any of fortuna amps.
  7. ChaosSabre

    Inaros Augment Useless?

    Yea it's pretty useless. Sand spectres on their own weren't that useful to begin with.
  8. ChaosSabre

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Still no fix for Vallis Spelunker?
  9. ChaosSabre

    atmo system impossible

    I feel your pain. I did over 150 phase 2 bounties before I got nuff of those to get to baruuk rank so I can get his parts.
  10. ChaosSabre

    Sentient Katana

    Well that sword is already in the game technically as you can see Revenant spectre hitting you with it if you get close to him, but they are not gonna put it into the game for us to use till melee 3.0 is done since it's tied heavily to it.
  11. Coz arbitrations generally are bad for nuke frames. Unless you have someone in team dedicated to take down drones all the time. Also arbitrations are not hard.
  12. If I see a rhino dying in a fissure mission that is a bad rhino XD
  13. ChaosSabre

    I am getting Carpal tunnel (Semi Auto weapons)

    Well I meant bursts as in controlled fire modes. From 1 to multiple bullet shots. These weapons rarely will one shot a enemy anyway unless they are super low level so having a semi fire more only is kinda pointless.
  14. But you don't need health and shield mods. If you need those to survive you are bad at the game. And you can never rely on being able to dodge all the stuff. It's all about your frame choice skill synergies.
  15. ChaosSabre

    can we get a good man butt

    I'm just waiting for Ash and Rhino jiggle physics. But on serious note any skin made by Liger is pretty much butts. The Atlas one that is coming has that as focus point.