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  1. no i mean i get it. some low key QOL stuff that would be easy to do overall. i just dont think the damage being useable in her 4 really does anything. my point of infinite 4 with the assimilate augment can be a problem id think. or you come to the problem of it only last a pathetic amount of time while in your 4. either way its to short to matter or its a permanent extra hornet strike and magnum force and then some more extra damage just because. in terms of the gun damage buff. i mean in theory im more then fine with what i think was the design decision made. it seems to me they moved her more into a buff/debuff role alongside her CC. to me the idea is sound. the execution is just pretty far off on the buff side of things. like unuseable off. if i cant make it work in a dedicated build to just that part of the ability its relevance in any just general situation worthless. hate to sound like a broken record but if i cant trigger the buff, the enemies cant trigger very high in under 30 seconds, and my friends im running with are pissing and moaning about having to shoot 5 or 6 clips of some of the highest burst weapons in the game per minute then something is off. again just my thoughts on the matter.
  2. shes really good at open world defenses and at boss fights. her 3s range is more then most frames can get in the defend missions in open worlds which have the enemeis laid out in a much larger area. then if you get a good assimilate build going you can just face tank bosses as they cant deal anywhere near enough damage to kill you while laying down some okish cc for your squishy team mates and being immune to most annoying moves they have. shes my go to for boss fights these days. sure in some of them you really need to have some decent operator use for movement but overall its not terrible.
  3. i really hope they dont change it to DR in return for some movement. i have a lot of fun in my assimilate build and it would hurt my funnest build a lot. having a invuln deathcube poping out energy orbs every few seconds to keep my 4 up for huge chuncks of time is what the whole build is. sure i have to use a certain melle for movement across a room and i have to be really good with operator movement. but i love it and outside the drunk goggles i find myself with a large periods of the game its a lot of fun for me.
  4. im not anywhere near a nyx main but i did just forma her up. to me thats somewhere between a 50-100 times investment. before i go any farther though id like to state the 1 change that. in my personal opinion needed to happen during her rework was that assimilate should have became a exilus slot mod in the vein of mesa's waltz. the mod might as well say you can move and the fact it didnt get any type of speed increases like a roll, or jumping, or just a walking speed increase in general would be more then counter balanced by it being available to all builds with its already substantial downsides. thats my one true gripe with her rework. that sounds super fair and reasonable. to really make use of it you need that PS which really hinders a build already. being able to get some more control out of it would be welcomed. im sorry. i just cant agree. i fall into the camp a bit father down that says a 12-15 second buff duration is a must though i think they are way way undershooting what the timer would need to be. the fact i cant use this with assimilate on is imo a must. my assimilate (my personal favorite of her builds) i can hold assimilate for over 40 mins in a arbitration vs infested. and make no mistake infested are the most dangerous foes to a assimilate build as im sure a avid nyx player like yourself knows. sure i cant get that kinda mileage every time but for me to hold my absorb for 10 mins at a time is not uncommon at all despite what type of mission im doing or what im fighting. the amount of energy drain they would have to add to stop me from getting absurd self dps on top of my invuln would have to be somewhere in the realm of unusable by pretty much the entire warframe community. my personal thought is its a neat idea thats is hindered by absurdly bad numbers. i really did try a assimilate buff build and a 8 second duration alongside the >.03% buff is just unworkable. make no mistake the game says its .03% but its not. 200 and 300 PS marks arnt where they should be so its actually less then listed but the ui is rounding it up. my guess is its actually .025%. i dont feel like breaking a build on her to look at what it was maxed out but i can give a close approximation by potatoeing her regular frame and grabing someone to test real fast. with 207% duration you get a 16.56 second buff for 3 mods slots and all but narrow minded for duration mods. add in streamline and her arcane helmet for 145% efficancy. this is to pull her cost on her 4 down to 13.75 and a drain of 1.06 per second and 1.06 per 1000 damage you take. next add in umbral intensify and augur secrets for 168% strength or a .04% conversion. add in vitality because well its vitality. now get a player with a really well modded rubico prime or catchmoon to shoot you in order to pump every single energy you can into her buff from damage rather then a lot being wasted as enemies try to charge it up. you know what your entire 225 energy pool nets you? 265%!!! i mean their is no way in hell i can generate another 225 energy in 16 seconds every time the buff needs to be recasted. well maybe if i dropped like 5-6 energy pizzas every 16 seconds. the real kicker is w/o primed flow you cant even generate the 400% but its not like you can generate 225 energy every 16 seconds consistency so is kinda a moot point if u can hit the 400%. i know in the build i always used power drift for another 15%. my one open slot i tried a narrow minded for 24ish seconds buff that only i could get. not only is getting teammates, even friends none the less a hassle to shoot you a lot every 24 seconds but i could rarely ever get my entire energy pool back up to 225. thats with my death cube with a punch threw full auto vicious spread shooty to drop energy orbs like crazy and my rank 4 arcane energize in the other arcane slot. i mean you have no energy even for the occasion 3 on top of it all. the buff is just unworkable in every single way. the upkeep you need from teammates because of the duration is atrocious. the fact the scaling % is so low enemies cant proc above 100% in anything resembling a normal time span and that its also so low you cant hit the cap with your entire energy pool is unfathomable to me. i mean this would have to be proly a 30 or 60 second buff so that its upkeep would be minimal and still allow you some energy to cast other abilites. maybe up the scaling % by like 100% to 300%. at 3%-9% enemies might be able to give you a slight damage buff you and your team every so often in a fairly quick time frame. or maybe some mix somewhere in between as im not sure even with that high a duration or scaling alone that the a build on the it is worth it. however as it stands now its beyond useless.
  5. ive never seen vigorous swap not give me the buff really fast. truth be told i wish it were a 4 or 5 second buff as i could really use it on a lot more weapons then what i can now. also getting the plants is just a pain. maybe make a helios just keep scanning ever after the normal threshold. that being said qol changes id like to see. 1. fix frosts bubble counter. dont even care if they have to move it into the buff area rather then the icon and show me a raw total. this one always drives me nuts when i play him. 2. change nyxs assimilate into a exiumus slot augment. this really should have happened in her rework. the mod might as well just have the new text "you can move." it really should have gotten the mesa's waltz treatment. 3. alter the vent in the moving laser grid corpus spy area. i get caught on it like every single time whe i bullet jump up to the second floor. it doesnt really effect play as its a safe area but its super annoying. 4. change the way rewards are handled on fortuna profit taker missions. its not uncommon at all since ive started doing them for the mods for a player to just fish or mine to show up in the last few seconds and get the reward. give them plenty of time but after say 2 mins of not being in the target area just auto boot them or disable their ability to get rewards. 5. maybe alter extract on sorties for survivals. its almost always a newer not geared player that falls behind and gets downed. i many times have to pass on my extract to help them up and get them to the extraction so they dont fail. i mean its fine for normal stuff but when you hit at least the sorties where new players really need things from this would be a huge boon. ive yet to meet any player that try to endless off a sorties mission.
  6. i like it and think its themed well. that being said i dont think that shes gonna see any changes. im am working under the assumption that one of two things must be true. the first is whoever was in charge of her rework has little experience and should not be messing with frames or any type of creative aspects of the game. im doubtful but it is always a posability. the second is that her rework was of a very limited purview. meaning its scope was from never going to have anything close to any new abilities. my reasoning for this is kinda simple. they took a coin flip passive thats based around survivability in terms of the design aspect and traded it out with a coin flip passive thats based on survivability in terms of a design aspect. they took the obvious route of trying to add a reason to throw on some power strength in to her builds to spice up viability in her builds by having a armor strip on her 2 only to have to quite quickly follow up of trying to add a reason to throw on some power strength in to her builds to spice up her viability by adding a low (ludicrously low like unusable low) damage buff on her 4. the damage buff they added to her 4 actively work against her fours augment. recasting the four cancels the buff. they traded out her passive for one that literally must be turned off to make her 4 function as its supposed to. they took the community seriously when they asked for some kinda damage scaling on her mind controlled target. they went about it by allowing us pump bullets into a ally that still cant kill anything at a reasonable pace when we could just use those same bullets to kill 5 or 6 times the number of enemys then the mind control target can. then the creme de la creme of her rework which i think shows how how limited the scope of her rework was comes to the forefront. assimilate who's text should read as follows. "You can move." for some reason it was not given the mesa's waltz treatment and made a exilus. if that kinda simple was missed someone who should not be working on reworks handled this rework or any changes to augments were completely off the table. meaning her rework was to be from a management perspective of a really low scope. or thats my 2 cents on the matter.
  7. its a known fact that dispositions change. its not some super secret.
  8. i use it on several builds. its very good. not tiberon prime good but its proly the second strongest AR. but i mean i see them not a lot but once a week id say. the gun has a cult following esp with rivens as strong as it had. if i let me slash procs roll in testing it can take out a 155 corrupted bombard in 8 or less bullets pending how lucky you get with HM procs. if you just shoot it till its dead its under generally under 15 bullets. its stupid good and i know for a fact im not the only person who mains it. every couple of months some youtuber tries it out and is like GD. the thing is my riven is just ok. glad i didnt spend 3k plat on one last night like i was thinking about doing.
  9. not gonna lie. im a little surprised at some of these and some that arnt here. like lex not going up? maybe i missed it a whole lot but i havnt seen anyone use it in such a long time. detron not going down? i see them quite often now days and was really surprised it didnt take a hit. i mean you at DE have the numbers and all i have is anecdotal evidence. just seems a bit odd is all.
  10. The new UI is just not working in most cases. we have lost a ton of information at a glance and it is much harder to to sort and find things.
  11. maybe ive missed this elsewhere but im wondering about melee which i believe said they were hoping to launch alongside this and venus. are they not a part of this patch, do the notes not include them, or was their just not enough time to get them in as well. sorry if this was answered elsewhere but im just wondering.
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