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  1. its to bright some times you cant see the fish othertimes you cant see even what is a hotspot and the lamps for seeing fish make them white and even harder to see can we get them to be idk red or something so we can see the dam thing s PIZ
  2. i want the option to have my manual block re-enabled it is not viable to run around with a melee like this and use block when it shares the same key as aim just intrupting my melee so as of now no block combos till then also standing still isnt my forta so thats bit odd id prefer a hold or pause any day to that lest id use it so thats not gonna work much other then that not bad as for wukong 1 good ability no real changes i can think of 2 not bad but a lasting stun would be nice lake 3 sec from last contact oh and why do i have to move to heal bug?? 3 may be bug but i found all the dps say 2.5k going back out for 2.5 like the multiplier is jacked or its shared even then the numbers dont match lest from what i seen now as for the armor buff i like the duration thats what we need on atlas to make his armor useful only fix needed here is the resetting of the armor gained you caped it at 1.5 k so let us stack it up otherwise your going to leave us with a less then useful armor buff like the super fast disengration of atlas armor buff piz change that take the positive form both and will be good 4 aside from the melee changes mentioned above i feel this is ok total forma 5 frame 2 staff 3 total forma needed to reach this build form where i was 1 on staff for now its built well enouth lest for me build is as fallowed steel charge power drift primed continuity augur message constitution intensify vitality fleeting expertise 4/5 primed flow streamline now the staff is a status god now so its build is primed pressure point condition overload healing return all 4 duel stat mods (last slot is youres i use spoiled strike but i dont like speed so you do you] and thats all folks for now
  3. Soo guardian derision used to have a place in the game but does it now without manual blocking is it even useable now i was in the warframe discord the other day the intial i go from them pointed to a way to use manual blocking sooo is it really a thing if so how if not is the mod useless or even able to be used in some way?? Anyone ty
  4. this is a fairly simple DE when the rank 4 hek with scat on it overides a rank 12 syndicate version with all multi shot mods you can add to it this is clearly not right it makes the vaykor hek look like its the one that belongs at rank 4 piz give us scat for both versions till this happens its mearly mr fodder this is disapointing how many of the syndicate versions are left to this kind of irelivence piz make syndicates worth something again ty for your time have a blood filled day
  5. its a exalted wepon so wtf does xcal do then or for that matter valk
  6. thanks for hotfix tho when you gonna let ppl withdraw stuff form clan banks most of the stuff that gos in there is wasted after makeing all the lab stuff unless you decorate
  7. so far building it is odd and i see a glareing problem ppl are always striping armor and shields leaveing us with nothing to work with if 3 ppl CP then you only got 10% armor you can take with 2 super easy to make your shield gen useless and as that is one of the most used auras its going to be lower then its supposed to nearly all time
  8. well taking advantge of the 300% buff to wukong via arbs his 4 primal fury(iron staff) did no dmg to the flying godbots why dont you hit him in the face with a rework hammer well at it PIZ
  9. ty for the fix can you piz fix necros shadows they keep drinking me like a sports drink signed oberons who are tired of yelling at necros
  10. dear @[DE]Megan (and anyone else reading from DE] i dont suppose youd be willing to look at the little used ship air support 3 of the 4 need reworks /buffs scimitar has carpet bomb. cool idea but is to weak to help at and above lvl 30 also i do not see it being use full unless it clears the area outright and that could be op so maybe a rework or a new AS. xiphos has sentry gun. now this one compared to carpet bomb makes more sense and is viable with 2 buffs 1 it is treated as a specter in lvl it will match base lvl of match and scale for endless 2 no recast time. leset has overrides. seems ok however i think it needs il buff in the way of a say 30 to 60 sec dur after cast where no alarms can be triggered and prevent lock downs for that dur. thos 3 need bit of love tho il touch on the forth ship mantis with med tower. now this one could be reworked to heal in aoe like garudas 2 well still being able to be activated for extra health making it just bit more solid ps can we get it to stay on the elevator on hydron it floating above a hole is not useful anyway theres the 4 now one thing i have mentioned recast time. now recast time for these is absurd even with these buffs 10 min recast is unacceptable its a cool deal and id love to use it but right now its just not helpful except for med tower and even that is niche piz consider this i feel these would be simple buffs to make this fairly unused feature to widely employed in many different ways. also ty for fixes updates and your time reading this have a nice day
  11. still waiting for the k drive rep to be fixed races dont count for rep dispit showing rep gain at the end of a race some other bugs but thats the 1 that comes to mind ty for the fixs so far tho
  12. thanks for the update tho i am still afraid of that 90% im likely gonna die on a side note why have blocked dam at all why not do dur like garas stuff at high lvls this is just gonna burn off and if your not dead from that geting burnd in a few hits ...any way skins look good wether il the p to get them diffrnt story
  13. that's not my point i learned and mastered my combos. now there getting dumb ed down because the majority are ether to lazy or unskilled to learn how to use them there is only one thing this could fix and i bet it wont fix it (that being high speed screwing with ppl using combos looking at you volt ppl) anyway 99 % is over the first part
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