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  1. side note lion lichs are useless if i have to give up gunners or enginer or a pilot if you dont fly now if they gave us a 4th that you could have a defender only in thats someing worth talking bout
  2. piz make the on call crew like a normal specter none of this 10min cooldown or 3min duration then he is gone just normal specter for that many intrinsics its what is needed deserved
  3. 1 time limit for this is beyond pointless remove it i mean if other specters were like this no one would bother with them 2 if your going to just let it die no bleedout then there shouldn't be more then 30 cd starting at death tho not having bleed out for them on you ship but not im other content wtf 3 ai needs help its not useful if it cant keep up 4 so why cant we have call guy as defender or rather a 4th slot all together however the 4th slot should be defender only otherwise it engineer and 2 gunner pilot 5s 5 health bar under companions would help the where are you
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