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  1. 1 i want pause and hold combos back standing for combos or block stand still makes no sense easy fix hear 1 block/standing block 1 combo moving/standing 1combo pause and hold combos 2 we have a key for heavy attacks now why are they still in normal combos they keep triggering heavy attacks this in turn breaks combo counter making combo weapons S#&$ till this unessary heavy is removed geting high combos are are nigh impossible 1 key for heavys thats all that needs to be done to fix that
  2. so Grendel 4 is glitch city he stays in ball without ppl in you and instead drains your energy fast ... now if you get stuck in ball form no jump and cant turn it off all you can do is wait till it drains you energy dry then forces you out ...anyone else???
  3. some how i was able to add railjack based resource to clan bank yet they have no use outside railjack and no one can access them soooo what now
  4. sooo when you go bowling with 4 and you run out off enemy's instead of canceling the ability it drains your energy (edit) ok got stuck in 4 couldn't jump ether
  5. so when we geting are pause and hold combos back this block combo stuff is unusable?? or how about blocking right now you block one way and die every other way till you give us block reduction for you know the 3 sides were geting shot at from well trying to block 1 side untill this is buffed blocking is a unusable why it is this way ... simple what moron would try to block when there being flanked all the time theres no point to it your better off killing with this said i dont want to go away or stay as the unusable mode it currently is it needs this kind of buff {before you even start protecting blocking just rember the 300 they didnt die because there formation was weak they died becuse the were flanked and the formation was broke block is a mirror image of that formation} the idea of blocking isnt wrong in general its wrong it doesnt fit the scenario we need tactics that fit the combat were in .
  6. still waiting to get my block combos replaced with the hold and pause combos till then no melee as i cant use the block combos efficiently making a waste of time for me (this really sucks piz fix or add a on off for the combos what ever works just anything but block combos) side note with the block angle being a think it is a super nerf as were surrounded most times making it more of a danger then a helpful tool ether revert or give us some %block lest enough to make it worth using
  7. @[DE]Megan will we be geting a on off switch for the stance combos to trade the 2 block combo for a pause and hold PIZ i cant use any block combos there even harder to get the timeing on maybe some like it but there are thos like me cant stand it
  8. so when we get are pause and hold combos back instead of this block combos there a pain to use idc if its just a on off switch ppl but i cant use this bs piz fix /add feature ps blocking has been a nerf blocking in only 1 direction makes no sense when were being hit from every angle at lest give the rest of it some block as of now its more of a danger then a use
  9. melee combos harder and no i cant change the keybinding im out of keys in fair range so no more melee till its fixed
  10. how about that stance combo revert still waiting idc if its just a on off switch between the to but i cant use melee in this state and will not PS why am i stuck in grendels 4 and randomly teleport when it releases
  11. grendel isnt to bad tho there is one change or were screwed as his 1 drains energy per enemy and not as a whole (like hydroids puddle) meaning geting 5 ish your draing bit and 10 + you have hardly any time as long as it stays this way dont expect him to be useful in long missions your going to eat to many and pop... all that needs to be done is to change the scaleing from per enemy to flat rate de before you say its to easy then facter in the constent drain high lvl enemys will pose as they wont die as fast
  12. i did prefer the block to be only so much insted of this bs im constantly getting hit from all angles this is ineffective on paper and worse in game it just doesnt fit the combat were in on that note... stances are unusable for most of us who you know trained for stances block combos were alrdy a pain / not worth it now melee is joined that so till that is ether reverted (wether its a on off swich to use ether your choice or full revert idc but its unusable as it stands) with all this said fix it piz till that time comes i will be NOT useing melee nothing unequip it all (note if its not reverted in some way il just end up selling all my rivens... rip fun) EDIT ps remove the y in gun exilus slot it cost more to fix it making it a big turn off
  13. DE lot of good stuff and thank you for that however piz for the love of the lotus bring back melee combos this block combo bs is the same reason the tofanas dont get the love they deserve there combos are such a pain to use its not worth it hell id take it just as a on off swich some may like it (god knows why) but im not touching it its made melee absalutely useless to me as i cant use any combos so till its fixed melee does NOT exist to me (note this is about the stance combos the rest like heavy strikes are great but combos form the stances are horrific) ps vauban could use bit more dps on his 3
  14. bring back melee combos or atlest a way to swich to old way this block combo S#&$ is a no no and i will forgo melee till thenfor the most part
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