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  1. Usually argument goes like this: "You should know how things work if you have such huge rank. Why do you not using only meta build and having fun instead? " I get this a lot in onslaught when i go there with my inaros.
  2. Warframe community is toxic. If you want proof - just suggest adding auction house or removing self damage. You'l get full warehouse of toxic barrels in few seconds.
  3. I hope not. I enjoy killing hundreds of enemies in one mission without too much hassle. Besides "real" hardcore players will never be happy. They like that kid on a block that always tries to hard to be "cool" until he breaks his neck in one of his stunts. I hope devs focus more on regular player base this year, rather than hardcore one.
  4. When i tryout new mod i had only one question in mind - "Did they playtested this? Cos shure does not feel like it." Reward for grinding my first leech with my wife for around 10 hours was twin stubbas with 26% toxic. I mean wtf? Who even want this. Recently i been playing forums much more then the game itself. It's usually not a good sign when this happens.
  5. That what i did x) Still even if DE someday will fix railjack you can still play it - they don't.
  6. So? It's a pve game. They have it, you don't. Now they will play railjack for few more days and gonna be bored with it, and you still have whole mode to conquer. I wonder who has it worse?
  7. Ouh ouh! And when forma fails weapon transforms into MK1 paris or other random MR1 weapon but with randomised stats! Consider possibilities of having 10 similar bows but each one is worse than the last. DE will love it!
  8. In my opinion, more strong tools game has, the better it feels. We need more "imbalanced" things in our arsenal, instead of achieving great communist goal - of everything should be the same and bland.
  9. Well if SOME people want it to be harder, why not remove mods from your warframe, instead of ruin it for everyone who want to enjoy some relaxing grind after work?
  10. Well same thing with rhino...can't see anyone complaining about it. And besides it would be at least something. Right now shields are completely useless.
  11. It's no secret that shields are right now useless in 40+ lvl content. Total capacity of the shield is on pair with health but unlike health it dose not have DR. And DE clearly shown to us over years that they don't want to add DR to shields. Ok. So why not go other way then. Let's make shields cap damage that it can receive over one shoot. Let's say every frame starts around 100 damage cap (HP heavy frames have bigger cap, shield heavy less). Plus mod for lowering this cap. That way no mather enemy level we will have shields for few stray shots. And frames like Hildryn can actually take a beating.
  12. TLDR Too much grind, for too little reward. Accidentally got one before "Press E to grind" was a thing. Basically was forced to do one, so i could get rid of those stupid messages at start of the game. Did it in 5 full days of grinding, with my wife. Now she's scared to mercy kill any greniers, cos she may accidentally get it to. Nice job DE! Scaring players away from the content.
  13. Yeh got him when this was not a thing. Gonna ignore him till DE makes it possible to cancel him all together and after that it's Goodbye to all lich's forever. Kuva lich system is an outrages grind without rewards.
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