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  1. also it would work conceptually. chroma is a dragon so what cc should a dragon have except outright damage, dragons have scales that are known to be the hardest materials on earth so why would a dragon not be tanky? why should he not have status buff, isnt the point of a dragon to harness the elements? everything you said is from the stance of someone who obviously dislikes chroma, but everything i put up there works on a concept level. if you got chroma ideas put em here and lets see because the only abilites a dragon should have is to make themselves hit harder loki has cc cause he is a
  2. Ok to get a basis for his identity chromas 2 and 3 will stay the same except with some minor tweaks. his 1, 4, and passive will be changed entirely. PASSIVE 1.Chroma is able to cycle through his elements by holding down his vex armor key. 2. Chroma increases the status chance of his team by 50% 3. Chroma shares his EMANATION aura with his teammates which does not scale in enemy armor strip WIP EMANATION I Would change SPECTRAL SCREAM to work like EMBER'S ACCELERANT , this aura makes enemies more susceptible to whatever element is currently active on Chroma. Startin
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