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  1. The reset seems to work like a combo counter, at least up until 150. If you kill quickly without going for more than 5-10 seconds between a kill then you can get up to 150. At 150 kills you get notified that you get the 1000 Nightwave standing. If you stay in the mission, after about 20 seconds the kill counter resets to 0 and you start your 150 kills all over again. You do not get the 1000 standing. The only way you might be able to get the 1000 standing is if you extract immediately after you get the notification, but it is hard to test this in SO or ESO because there is no way to instantly extract. Maybe it can be done in an infested survival where you fight near the extraction point. I've already wasted too much time trying to get 1000 standing that I don't really need.
  2. I switched to a different animal, the second tier one that looks a bit like an anteater. I had zero problems getting it. It showed up on my scanner and it did not just turn and run immediately. The second time I went for one it actually spawned right beneath the mushroom I was sitting on. Still got it. So the main part of my frustration seems to be the pobbers, which are buggy and seem to "escape" almost as soon as they appear. The second part seems to be that I need to catch different types of animals. It used to be you could just get 10 perfect pobbers. Now it seems as though you have to get six different ones. Unfortunately I am only rank 2 in Orb Vallis so I don't have the ability to get another creature type, unless I grind standing all day. But I just finished the two Nightwave elite challenges so this hunting one is the only thing left. I think I can do without the 4500 standing. I wish I'd not wasted a few hours on it. Thanks for the help and the offer to help. Made me feel better about the whole thing.
  3. I give in. I finally got 6 perfect captures. About 90% of the time, the guys says "better luck next time" before I even see a popper. Then, when I do see them they turn and run before they get even within 50m of the food pile. Luckily I had switched to Equinox, so I can sleep them at range. Equinox is great for perfect captures. Except, I got my six, but the stupid Nightwave log says I only have 2. So F this. It's the least enjoyable thing I've had to do in Warframe. It's tedious, it's buggy. It definately not worth it for 4500 Nightwave standing. When I played the first round of Nightwave I was on PS4, not PC, and I could do 10 perfect captures using Inaros. No warframe abilities. It took a while, maybe 90 minutes, but it wasn't that bad. Worst problem was that not all tranqs are counted as "perfect". And I think that was worth 5000 or 9000 standing or something. I don't know what they've done to it this time around, but it's fewer captures but WAY more buggy. It's almost like they made it so you HAVE to use Ivara.
  4. So I've read a lot of hunting guides and watched videos, but none of them address what usually happens to me. I can follow the tracks and find the place where you use the echo lure. I can use the echo lure. It all falls apart at stage 3 where you have to hide and then use the tranq gun. I have used Loki, Equinox - it doesn't seem to matter the frame. As soon as it says hide, and the guy starts talking about a particular type of popper "ah an interesting breed of blah blah", I crouch and move some distance away, trying to be up wind of the location. As Loki I use invisibility. Now I wait. But before I even see a popper, the guy goes something like "Ah well, better luck next time" or "Vanished" or something else, and the location vanishes from the map. What causes this? It happens all the time. I'm invisible, I'm crouched, I'm upwind. I don't get it. Sometimes he says this the INSTANT I successfully use the lure, before I have chance to do anything. Also, is there a way to cast frame abilities while holding the tranq gun? At the moment I have to switch to a weapon to recast invisibility. I don't have Ivara. I see many people using frames other than Ivara, so I don't think not using Ivara is the problem.
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