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  1. Buff Frost Prime Stats!! Hes the only prime with 25+ Shields as Primed Upgrade ... he lacks energy 150 at level 30 - Same HP as the normal Frost - 0.95 sprint speed come on DE we are not in 2010 he needs an upgrade in his stats ... even excalibur prime got buffed after founders cried about umbra stats
  2. Xaku main here: Xaku its already a strong warframe, they are a new kind of support/debuffer/setup/dps frame and some mechanics need tweaks which already receiving w this update, quality of life buffs without making him overpowered. Passive: Even tho xaku has weird stats (like a broken frame - lore) this makes sense forcing you to play around 4th to avoid getting nuked in high level. 1. Xata's Whisper: Void damage its already weaker than all other elements (full strenght 89% damage bonus against 337% damage bonus from ember/frost/volt) - its a update but void damage as an element needs
  3. 1- you cant choose abilities 2- no, only one each 24 hours 3- yes wait 24h and dismantle another 4- No, you dont need to max it (even the demo showed mag lvl 0 and pablo confirmed you dont need to lvl up)
  4. Lemme get that Garuda 3 (self damage) and use it in chroma ... the real comeback of dragon boy
  5. "Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission."
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