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  1. Tweaks for Frost Prime? Hes the only warframe who received 25 Shields as Upgrade for his Primed Version. Globe Boy needs some love!!
  2. Frost stats feel outdated and different from other primes (Who usually receive 2-3 buff in stats) ~ he only got 25 Shields as buff from his Prime Version. Opinions for Buff Stats in Frost Prime? Warframe Frost -> Frost Prime Armor: 300 -> 300 Energy: 100 -> 100 Health: 100 -> 100 Shield: 150 -> 175 Sprint Speed: 0.95 -> 0.95 Im asking for a review in his stats (Energy 200 - Sprint Speed 1.0) he need some love and as older frame he havent gotten a check since cold status duration buff !
  3. they said its gonna be a mod for bows (because something about spaghetti codes) ... prolly with next baro + split flights?
  4. just got this bug ... cant move - cant /unstuck just turn around the camera .... theres another bug when you fail the requiem liches wont give you murmur ... longer farm for kuva weapon
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