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  1. The next prime its coming this year? (DE used to release 4 primes per year but this year seems like just 3)
  2. archgun cooldown - reset munition - enable to use archgun in land
  3. eidolons being weak its not a bug? or they gonna be fixed?
  4. whats leverian? or what type of content supposed to hit with "leverian" thing?
  5. Does railjack area for the dojo its the same size as the obstacle course/creative obstacle area or its bigger ? (just to know how much size i should prepare my dojo)
  6. Yes, theres a bug with equipped arcanes ... it unequips the second one
  7. Hi ... The only IRL friend i have in warframe has a bug which wont let him end Harrow Chains (If you cant end the quest practically = NO Sacrifice - Empyrean - New War... etc) Bug with Chains of Harrow yes ... he contacted support and nothing not even support know what to do (They said: Uninstall warframe - Reboot Cache - Repair Game) Is there a Patch/Fix for this kind of problem? Because he only have 2 options: Leave the game or Create another account (and he wont create another one)
  8. Why PC players gotta pay the problems in consoles? We always had Plague Star Event 1 or 2 months before consoles ... not acceptable PC players are waiting this event since february - march
  9. hope so but being realistic wednesday/thursday ... you know (tuesday detailed tease and wednesday release) besides theres the event thermia fracture so idk if they gonna release two events at the same time or release patch tuesday+ wait til the thermia ends then release the new one? idk so many questions.
  10. only read people complaining about free stuff: wHeRes mY ePheMerAh (they dont even read news) nEw TrAsH mOdS sO mUch DElay bruh they work their butts off for this amazing update just shut up and enjoy it all your questions would be answered in the new adventure. Mods for warframe/weapons are good as they are right now no need for more OP mods.
  11. Full list of clans who won the dojo decoration contest?
  12. Clan Name: - Snow - Clan Tier: Ghost Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord & Architect Feature Image: Video Tour:
  13. im glad about it... this is a step in the right direction, prolly affect some players who earn more plat from rivens but its fair for everyone.
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