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  1. 1- you cant choose abilities 2- no, only one each 24 hours 3- yes wait 24h and dismantle another 4- No, you dont need to max it (even the demo showed mag lvl 0 and pablo confirmed you dont need to lvl up)
  2. Lemme get that Garuda 3 (self damage) and use it in chroma ... the real comeback of dragon boy
  3. "Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission."
  4. (When the player doesnt log in some weeks/months) Operator! you are alive! You know no *co* virus will separate us right? ** = distorsioned sound
  5. because Nintendo Switch, they didnt had nova prime for SS. The only one available in market was 1k plat
  6. I will call him Crappy or Junky cuse hes made of crap. Passive Crappy pick ups everything from the floor even if he doesnt need to increase his junk bar (ammo, enemy bodies, health & energy orbs) ~ Ember Desing Style Crappy junks value cost its not affected by mods. 1 Ability: Crappy has 3 buff options but he only uses 2: each buff spends energy and junk bar (For example: Crappy can buff allies but not himself OR himself but not allies) Health, Shields and Energy: Regen buff (stronger than arcane grace) for yourself or ally based in Crappy strength and duration mods ~ spend 1/3 junk Junk Shield: Creates an shield based in junk for him or ally - inmune to damage and reflect bullets/attacks (5 seconds) ~ spend 3/3 junk bar Weapons Increase: Crappy buff melee range and aoe pulse for each swing ~ weapon bullets have increased punchthrough.~ spend 1/3 junk 2 Ability: Crappy cast an AoE junk circle around him and damage enemies as they pull towards him (damage based in how close are they) ~ Only energy cost 3 Ability: Crappy explodes doing elemental damage based in mods equipped for each weapon (no cast time can be used bullet/jumping or running) ~ Spend junk and energy 4 Ability: Crappy infuse the floor with his junk and create an terrain which damage enemies when they step on it. receiving full void or impact damage (like eidolons energy pilar) if Crappy leaves the terrain it wil last for 5 seconds and disappear (junk refunded based in duration) ~ spend 3/3 bar and energy
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