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  1. So I know I don't have the update yet as I am on console, however I've read about the whole process and am really not interested in it. I think to get a kuva lich should be a more deliberate process as I imagine it's very easy to just accidentally kill a larveling without even noticing it was there, or if you're in a defence I'm assuming you have to kill it to progress or quit out of the mission. I think it would be nice if we had to equip a kuva key (or whatever) in order for the larveling to change to a lich. You could get the bp from the market or the place in the dojo that sells the dragon keys. Make it cost like a paltry amount of kuva or some other resource. That way people that want to make liches can easily do so and people that don't want to participate don't have to and don't have to avoid level 20+ grineer missions forever. It doesn't have to be exactly like this, I would really just like a way to opt out of fighting these guys and dealing with the crazy grind.
  2. I just find it especially odd, because the emissive slot seems to color nothing. Or at least nothing I could see. Either way I do hope they eventually let us set the energy color and body color separately for his deluxe skin.
  3. Right now Limbo deluxe uses the energy color slot to color the glowy dangly bits on his body. The emissive color slot was made exactly so you could have different colors on the warframe body and on warframe abilities. Right now, as far as I can tell, the emissive color slot doesn't even color anything on Limbo deluxe. I would like to have a different color for his energy and his body so if the change could be implemented on this skin I would appreciate it. This doesn't seem like a bug and more like an over sight so I hope it's okay to post it here rather then the bug forum.
  4. I agree with you OP. When you go to equip your companion in your arsenal it should just show all your pets at once and automatically switch your active pet on the ship. Same goes for load outs. It might seem minor, but the inconvenience of having to walk over to the pet incubator, put your current pet in stasis, watch the animation, take the pet you want out, watch another animation, walk back to your arsenal to finally equip the pet you want to use really adds up and gets annoying.
  5. I don't know if i agree, we are all adults and should be able to handle the responsibility of decorating around doors. If for some reason a clan is so immature that they block off research or other rooms and it isn't just a one time joke, then why are you in a clan with that person? I also feel like most people have teleporters in those rooms anyway. Plus you can already block off doors, it just takes more decorations (ex. You can take the rock walls and just make a cube that blocks the door as long as none of the individual parts are too close). I have many dead end doors I block off for aesthetic reasons, so what you are worried about is already possible. I would really like this change as it would enable me to make some nicer room designs.
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