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  1. Did a sortie with a squad of 4, after we finished and went back to the Liset, everyone's UI was frozen on the Mission summary with the rewards section being blank. Went to check the Sortie reward UI and it shows that I've completed all the Sorties but none of the rewards are checked off. Also, the Excalibur Prime skin is bugged:
  2. Any news on bigger Scythes (current ones are more like pickaxes)?
  3. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Vacuum's range being reduced by 60% and not being included as a passive to Kavats and Kubrows is ridiculous. Nerfing Vacuum makes no sense at all.
  4. @Bold Any player would've seen that that it was way too much before the frame got released, I find it kind of hard to believe that anyone who frequently plays the game would agree with that Oxium cost. Only after it was released it was cut in half. The oxium cost to obtain every single Warframe weapon and Warframe in the game (bar Vauban chassis) is 6250, that is less than the chassis for ONE Warframe, it's ridiculous. I don't understand how having a component (not even a full warframe) use more than double of a resource (that is widely used) than every other weapon and frame in the game combined was given the approval for release. @underlined This isn't a solution for the resource creep and it also directly clashes with what was said a few Devstreams ago, apparently DE wants to get rid of 'loot caves' because they don't like the effect on the game. Maybe it would be less harmful to players if other ways (that don't gate player progress) were considered to combat stockpiles of resources. Now to the biggest problem with Vauban Prime. Dilution of the drop tables. It has been said many times that the devs don't like dilution in the drop tables, but all their actions seem to go against that. Take a look at all of the Void drop tables (especially A & B rotations of Survival and Defence) with all the free space to add stuff, just look at any Survival rotation A & B. New prime parts are being constantly shoved into rotation C with 5% drop rate when there is tons of room for them elsewhere. Now, the supposed reasoning behind Prime Vault was to make room for new Primes, if we are expected to believe that (I don't think anyone does) then why are the Void drop tables as they are now? Now it was said awhile ago that you guys wanted to decrease the grind but all the recent actions have gone against that notion. Xiphos (0.5% drop rate for parts), Knux research cost, Sibear and almost every weapon post U18 has required either Nitain or Argon (or both). I think you guys just need to be clear and say that the grind for new Prime gear is to increase sales for Prime Access, or not state a reason at all. I hope this is actually the reason because otherwise it would mean that DE thinks that they are reducing grind.
  5. Are we going to get Scythes to be actual scythes instead of just sickles? Scythes currently are the most disappointing weapons int he game in my opinion. Like we have the big weapons like Galatine and War but then we have tiny sickles instead of being galatine size.
  6. -Scythe Rework? -Sybaris Prime -Akvasto Prime
  7. There is no partnership anymore, they now fully own DE.
  8. A Dual Kama Blade would be awesome, been farming for the blades for ages and burnt all my keys and I still don't even have one. Thanks for the giveaway.
  9. -Less nerfs without proper testing (looking at you, exterminate 'fix') -Less grind -Less content locked behind RNG (Each part of Scimitar is locked behind Stalker, G3, Zanuka and it isn't even 100% drop rate) -Scythe rework -Akvasto Prime -Nikana Prime
  10. Is it really too hard to just unequip it/not use it?
  11. Why'd they make Umbra Excal so similar to Excal Prime? Seems like a shady way to get around the Excal P exclusivity. It's even called Dark Excalibur Prime in Warframe China. I don't really care about Excal P exclusivity but it seems kinda the wrong thing to do.
  12. I can tell no one likes this by the fact that when I try and play it there are no squads available... Sigil looks sweet but from what I have seen I don't think it is worth the pain.
  13. I hate this event so much, I get 1 shot by the fodder enemies and people activate the EMP before everyone gets inside.....
  14. Those red text sex jokes, can't....handle.......
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