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  1. Over the last month I've been experiencing controller issues with Warframe. When playing or even in the arsenal screen the controls keep pulling to the left. When I go to customize the menu will suddenly start scrolling by itself and when in game it is very hard to turn right, this makes the game almost unplayable! The controls work fine on all my other games so I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?
  2. Thanks man. That's almost exactly how I felt about it too. Sometimes you just gotta do that little bit extra...
  3. Hi Tennos. I know i promised no more edits, but just couldn't resist. I had to paint it. This is the final one.
  4. Sorry Tennos had to make an adjustment so you could see spacemoms name.. Oh and the smoking gun..! 😉 No more edits promise.
  5. Here's my entry.. A bit crude but fun to do. I always loved Dusk til Dawn. Good luck Tennos 😉😉
  6. Dude did you see Fotuna?!! That place is going to be hectic bro..! Content drought is a small price to pay. We'll get to dicsover the Kitguns and everything ourselves. I was worried we were going to get another half hour poop hunt though. Also Frame Fighter came out for Tennocon so they already had it prepped to put in the game.
  7. There should be an accessory bundle.
  8. Do we know when the results for "tennos best friend" will be?
  9. But the initial image has an armour set so..?
  10. Here's my cat Merlin. All Loki'd up and ready for battle.
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