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  1. This makes up for the Avia Syandana... would be nice if it was animated well, but it's still nice. Hope we can give ephemera to tennogen so we can get some really dedicated stuff.
  2. Reload is a really useful auxiliary effect, and can cure some painfully long reloads. I tend to prioritize reload on Rivens as another axis of DPS increase rather than adding to existing stats, especially if it has a long or frequent reload. If I can get punch through, reload, and toxin on a pistol Riven, or something like heat, toxin, reload on a primary, it helps me stack more effects on a single weapon. Many weapons have such an unnoticeable reload that they can omit it all together. And ammo mutation is better on ammo starved weapons, naturally.
  3. Projectile speed directly increases the damage of fall off weapons. Any shotgun can benefit from reduced fall off more than additional damage, since melee weapons make point blank shotgun attacks obsolete. The point of Exilus mods was to emphasize more utility mods, reload falls short of the versatility mods vs certain DPS increase, same as explosive radius mods. I do wish beam length was in Exilus, it's similar to projectile speed and is a hard ask for regular slots. Vigilante Supplies doesn't matter, you can equip it to a sentinel weapon and get the set effect with 0 mod slo
  4. What was the market cost for parts before they put it on sale? 20 plat for 4 parts?, an easily acquired set of syndicate shop BPs, and half a week of building? Why is this a subject? Frivolous complaints obscure real problems and subjects. Did they put the three archguns on sale? That would be an improvement, those were unreasonably expensive to farm or trade for.
  5. Please don't, it's one of the few times the game refreshes content like bosses. There's something to be said about the dramatic difference in difficulty or time wasted compared to easy bosses, but that's more of a problem for Kuva Floods time vs gain ratio rather than Sortie bosses. Honestly Kela De Thaym is worse for all the bugs...
  6. About 250 plat? https://warframe.market/items/wolf_sledge_set Do a time cost assessment and decide whether your time spent hunting Wolf is worse than selling random parts. If your aggressive on the market than you can make that much plat weekly.
  7. The same guy making new threads rather than publishing demonstrations? It would be a land speed record if the car was jumping rather than rolling. As all high speed running involves catapulting off the ground in several bursts, your point is doubly false, jumping is ground speed, only Grendel rolls. You can set any arbitrary limitations you want on your test, but you can't redefine ground speed for the community. Maybe what you want is "running speed".
  8. They need to stop putting knockdown on everything rather than pretending their game is okay with obscene amounts of enemy CC. Several missions are almost unplayable, like Profit Taker, unless you bring Knockdown Immunity. And canceling bad gameplay with necessary mods isn't good design.
  9. Find me any land animal that moves 85m/s or 300km/h. Have you seen the definition of sophistry?
  10. Serious talk, Volt with Telos Boltace, Bullet Jump Mods and Arcanes gets a serious boost in velocity VS Gauss, who can't bullet jump and Mach Rush simultaneously. Either way, there was a video showing max build Volt dusting Max Build Gauss recently, without jumping. IDK if that serves your inquiry.
  11. Bullet jump is ground speed? Zephyr wants to know.
  12. Yeah, but not what I meant, I mean multi squad missions with several Railjacks in one mission. Kind of like a remake of Jordas Raid or the Balor Famorian, with Railjacks supporting Archwing deployment and running simultaneously objectives. Even if we were isolated to internal Railjack functions during a multi Railjack mission, it would be interesting to mix it up.
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