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  1. They really need to multiply the amount of voice actors and dialogue automated into the game, even some operator comments would be welcome at this point. They could even make a schedule for remarks rotated in and out so some semblance of life exist. But even than, it probably wouldn't escape the demagoguerous undertones permeating throughout the game.
  2. I've done everything except reformatted some Kuva weapons, but I'm not wasting forma on weapon I don't use, or that don't need more capacity just so I can get those load out slots a few months sooner.
  3. Some weapon progression is fine, not every weapon has to be competitive. I think they should look at making every weapon type competitive, so we aren't using only beam, explosive and automatic weapons, but unfortunately they haven't considered more diametrically unique ways of enhancing weapons. Once regular bows, semi auto primary and secondary, and so on are at least rational choices, they don't even have to be strictly as good, than maybe it wouldn't feel so wasteful.
  4. Auras don't apply in the mod screen, you'll have to test it in mission. Pretty pointless though since those are never good mods You should look for that overcharge mod.
  5. Your gonna have to give specific examples rather than general hyperbole. It might seem like it frustrates an existing problem, but your imagining that DE needed an excuse to ignore unbalanced and weak frames. Yeah, that was gonna happen no matter what, maybe because they lack the resources, maybe because they lack priority, either way, it's happening.
  6. Some basic buffs and fun improvements would be nice, the worst part about Loki is how boring he is, not how weak he is. Functional high mobility high duration invisibility is fine, they could make his invisibility recastable before it ends, they could change his decoy to scale defense directly with Lokis defense or power strength, they could make it so the decoy actually takes your secondary weapon and actually attacks with it. They could allow your decoy to be placed on walls and ceilings. I like the idea with switch teleport hold to swap with decoy even if your not targeting it.
  7. Why would you replace an Oberon ability? He's got a solid kit.
  8. Yeah, me and some ppl trying to trade with me can't invite each other or anyone else...
  9. I hate lore breaking cross overs, I don't even really like holiday events. If it was DMC and Bayonetta, those fit, but a lot of cross overs are cheap.
  10. The real problem is the artificial rarity of uncommon tags, and that good awful Avichae spawn point.
  11. Put it on the ones that don't fit in the 35 warframe slots?
  12. Really? Are we believing habitual deceivers? We should just wave this like a flag until the changes drop to demonstrate that we want improvements rather than penalties.
  13. I mean, it's a mirror system, your using the same stuff, so it doesn't need to change much. Just META mash it.
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