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  1. Wow what a huge update I had no idea of the scale. Got a little question, after updating I logged in to see I got the Pulmonars Blueprint as a daily login reward, was this supposed to happen because in the notes "*Acquire the Blueprint for the Pulmonars from the Market." and sure enough checking my foundry for the blueprint it's in there.
  2. I noticed when Deimos was released there were new achievements along with the open world, however after some time the achievements stopped tracking. I'm hoping those achievements can be re-enabled sooner rather than later. These achievements that show up in game don't appear on Steam though which makes me think they were just forgotten about. I love getting achievements especially in Warframe because just like completing 6 bounties in 60 minutes or complete all K-Drive races, it feels good to get done and it really does feel like you've achieved something. Big Thanks
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