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  1. Wisp Graxx and Wisp Damas Helmet make me super excited.
  2. Metals look a lot better now, at least for my Warframes. My Inaros Ramses skin actually looks gold again. Thanks!
  3. The one and only God King, Inaros. Preferably decked out in shining gold.
  4. Yeah this is one I hope gets fixed soon, basically ruined my main operator look.
  5. Definitely agree with others saying that Axi relics need to be in the rotation for some of the higher level nodes. That's my biggest issue, honestly. That and the universal medal needs to give more standing for how rare it is.
  6. I was eager to farm for some because I need to do a lot of focus farming, so the warning is appreciated.
  7. The issue is that the worn out looking cube indeed IS better for things like, Grineer ships/ architecture, but to me it makes absolutely no sense for any Orokin aesthetics, something that makes up a huge majority of weapons and warframes. Gold really shouldn't look dull or worn out, especially not gold from a culture that valued beauty above all else. I saw the new cube and thought "oh neat they're going to make certain metals look rough" but it seems they just went and changed ALL metal to that new texture, something that has left me completely baffled and quite a bit saddened.
  8. Yeah I noticed the Jackal dropped one for me from today's sortie. Mildly irritating.
  9. It didn't work for me either, and I have properly received a twitch drop every other time I've tried. This promotion is the only one I've had issues with. 4 different partners, 1 hour at least on each. Nothing. Pretty sure it's bugged.
  10. No drop after watching 3 different partners for over an hour. Never had any issue with twitch drops before this one, double checked and account is linked and everything.
  11. Hotfix aside, the metallics still just look terrible. Can't you please just revert it to the previous, non-scuffed look? I'm sorry but the new changes just do not work.
  12. Unfortunately, I don't agree. I hate to say it but the whole metallic change in general just needs a revert. There's no point trying to hotfix it. The old metallics just looked better, period. As long as they look scuffed or dull they just don't work for any golden accents (AKA the entire Orokin aesthetic.)
  13. I would prefer it be reverted but a legacy rendering option would be acceptable too.
  14. Yep, Armor, Ships, Weapons, everything. Can't find a single one that still looks the way it should.
  15. I hope you're right. It was advertised as an upgrade but every metallic thing I see just seems like it was downgraded.
  16. Seems like it. The biggest issue here is applying the "new" metallic texture to everything doesn't make sense to me. On worn, duller metals, the new texture makes sense. But on golden accents/prime details and the like, the older texture works much better. Gold isn't dull or worn, the point of it is to be bright and shiny.
  17. Ooof, the Prisma Naberus got hit hard. I didn't even think to check until I saw your picture. Messed up my Nekros fashion frame because the dual energy effects on it are messed up now.
  18. The problem wasn't that metals were overly bright, instead they're dull/plasticy instead of bright and shiny. Still like that as of this hotfix.
  19. It looks really really bad. Pretty much any metal texture that was bright and shiny is now dull and dingy. Desperately hoping for a revert.
  20. It looks absolutely terrible. Unfortunately, I don't think it's a bug, although I do think it desperately needs to be reverted.
  21. Please, PLEASE, revert the metallic changes you made. It singlehandedly has killed my desire to play the game, as so many of the frames I put hours of work into making look shiny and beautiful have lost the luster of the gold/accents. My favorite frame and skin, Inaros Ramses, is straight up just hard to look at now. Before it was reminiscent of King Tut's shining golden mask, why is it now dull and dingy?
  22. It's bad enough that it's making me almost not want to play. All my prime frames/ frames with metallics just look like junk now. I cannot agree with you enough. Also, oh my lord, I hadn't checked Nidus Deluxe until you mentioned it. My poor infested boy...
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