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  1. It looks unfinished, frankly. The rest of the weapon is really cool, but the blade needs some additional texturing or something. Either that, or make it transparent. Right now, even with the reflection, it looks....wrong.
  2. Arca Plasmor and Karyst Prime buffs? I'm VERY excited now... the anticipation, oooo...
  3. Javlok and Nav Coords is an excellent addition, very glad to see this!
  4. Just wanted to chime in and say I really appreciate the Velocipod skins being added to Son's wares. They're super cool and I'm glad I can use them reliably now!
  5. Noticed this too, for my primary Tombfinger Kitgun.
  6. Between the new Switch Monster Hunter, and now the Velocipod skins, today has been a good day for me. Thanks for adding them!
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