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  1. Not a bug, Acolytes just don't spawn in Archwing and Assassination steel path missions.
  2. I didn't know about the rank affecting their stats, and quite frankly I'm a bit furious at it. A valence fusion system for liches sounds like a great idea. Or something at least. As it stands, I had a super-cool Lich that I liked and he is utter junk compared to my rank 5 sisters I converted. Why is this a thing? The game punished me for guessing the requiem mods early. My reward is now worse, why?!
  3. Much appreciated. All set now, invite me whenever you are ready. EDIT: Thanks a bunch!
  4. I definitely have interest in buying that sister for 100p. I still have to kill my current one though. Do you think you have an hour and a half or so before trading? Also my Dojo does not have the kuva lich trading room built, so we would have to trade at your clan if possible.
  5. Wondering this as well. Same as you, it's a radiation sister. Just had to abandon the mission because of this bug. Very frustrating stuff. Not sure if it made a difference but I was using wisp at the time of this bug.
  6. Noticed this as well, hope it gets fixed soon as the weapon is absolutely awesome looking. I need that red colored blade!
  7. It's insanely rough and the grind was enough for me to just give up entirely on obtaining one. I did 4 missions without a single drop, wikied it, and found out even if I GOT a drop the highest amount is 6 via Veil Proxima. And they expect us to get 40 for a single weapon? It's simply not even worth it, not until the grind is lessened. It should be 20 at most, and even that is still a grind.
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