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  1. Thanks for fixing the open world unarmed bug!
  2. Issue 3 bothers the heck out of me. I love the ephemera but not being able to see it mid-mission in most cases is a massive bummer.
  3. Same, it's pretty irritating. Can't understand how to prevent it.
  4. Can confirm, Smoking Body Ephemera does not work in normal missions if you are playing solo. Even tried invite only, doesn't work.
  5. PLEASE. It's bugging the heck out of me. No color makes it look decent now.
  6. Noticed this too. Was hoping to see if a premade K-Drive with the new parts would be available, but the daily specials are gone across the board.
  7. Can confirm. Extremely annoying.
  8. Had a similar experience. My rotation C rewards in a 60 minute survival arbitration were listed as Orta Sculpture, Orta Sculpture, Endo and Endo in the HUD, but upon mission completion, one of my Orta Sculptures appears to have become a Sharpshooter mod.
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