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  1. Just had this happen. The fact that I spent 30 minutes doing vaults only to get to this point is insanely frustrating.
  2. Also have not received them. This is the only one I've had a problem getting.
  3. It looks unfinished, frankly. The rest of the weapon is really cool, but the blade needs some additional texturing or something. Either that, or make it transparent. Right now, even with the reflection, it looks....wrong.
  4. Arca Plasmor and Karyst Prime buffs? I'm VERY excited now... the anticipation, oooo...
  5. Javlok and Nav Coords is an excellent addition, very glad to see this!
  6. Just wanted to chime in and say I really appreciate the Velocipod skins being added to Son's wares. They're super cool and I'm glad I can use them reliably now!
  7. Noticed this too, for my primary Tombfinger Kitgun.
  8. Between the new Switch Monster Hunter, and now the Velocipod skins, today has been a good day for me. Thanks for adding them!
  9. I was in the same boat as you, farming for hours on end for those mods. However, I was also a person who advocated for the mods to be made available elsewhere. I'm not sure why you feel upset that the mods are easier to obtain, it's a net positive, regardless of the time you personally sunk into it. Perhaps one of the mods in the shop will be one you never found, and even if that's not the case, you should be happy that it's easier for others to now obtain these frankly vital Necramech mods.
  10. Thanks for adding some of Necramech Mods to Loid's offerings. My only gripe is that Streamline is not one of them, but some is certainly better than nothing.
  11. Super bizarre. Seems that this is being caused by mods that provide initial combo counter, like Corrupt Charge. Works on any melee weapon from what I can tell.
  12. Yep, just had the same thing happened. Checked nearby caves to see if he spawned underground or something, no luck.
  13. This bug actually infuriates me. I just ran into it. Is there any way to get the resources from my mission if I screenshot them, I wonder? I found a munitions vortex avionic that I really wanted to keep...
  14. Please, please make this happen. I've done so many runs and I have two unique mods to show for it, that's it.
  15. Yeah I'm desperately hoping for a Hotfix today for this reason. I really just want to be able to use my brand new mech, but the affinity bug is too much.
  16. I had that bug where I couldn't return to my warframe after my Mech died. In fact, I was doing an Iso vault during it, and after my operator died, it straight up FAILED the mission because it couldn't return me to the warframe. Seems like an actual gamebreaking bug.
  17. To revive a infested pet, you need to capture a weakened one, not just have a tag. It's misleading in a way. You need to find one that's been attacked by the infested first, and then call to capture it.
  18. Juice and Vapor Trail are both top-tier mods. I'm very pleased with these additions, Juice is especially interesting as you can fully regen your energy pretty easily on the way to a destination even with Vapor Trail active. Velocipods are cool, but the fact that they are random spawns makes me hardly ever use them. There definitely should be a way to permanently obtain a velocipod as a vehicle, maybe after trading 15-20 tags of a type or something. Having them as a permanent option would be something I personally would be happy to grind for.
  19. I'm always down for more aquariums.
  20. Please PLEASE consider taking this feedback into account. I have my Mech cooking and after farming a bit more, I have almost a full set of copied damaged parts with many duplicates, and still a total of ZERO mech mods. This is insane. I want to be able to use my mech but the farm for the mods is way way worse than the farm for the mech itself. I feel like there will be many more people talking about this soon, when they finish their mech and realize just how hard it is to get mods.
  21. Don't forget to add that the Necramech mods have a measly 10% drop rate from the Necramechs, with the rarest mod having a 2% drop rate AFTER the 10%. I didn't even know the Necramech dropped their mods, since I have yet to see a single one personally. I feel they want us to grind this mission and ONLY this mission for months.
  22. I've been grinding quite a bit to get my Necramech. After tons of vault runs, I now only need a damaged pod (who knows how long that will take, but that's another story), however, I was curious on how to get the Necramech mods, and was horrified to learn that they drop from Necramechs themselves. I have yet to see a SINGLE one drop. And what's worse, is the drop rates. The chance for any mod to drop is 10%, and after that, the mod has an 11% chance of being one of the two uncommon mods, and a mindbogglingly terrible 2% chance of being the streamline mod, something most people will want conside
  23. Just did a vault run, the operator void dash bug is NOT fixed. Please, PLEASE fix this bug. It's downright gamebreaking when you can't use Energizing Dash while attempting 3 vaults in a row.
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