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  1. We could also shove Ordis into it. No I'm serious. Imagine how awesome that would be. For him too since he'll finally get to be "Covered in blood".
  2. TYPE: UI DESCRIPTION: Random lab consoles in the Dojo would have a "e" in the search bar and the mouse can't click on anything, including the Exit button to back out of the menu. The ESC button will also be unable to bring up the main menu. VISUAL: N/A, as nothing is visually off. REPRODUCTION: Visiting any dojo Lab Console EXPECTED RESULT: Being able to click on things OBSERVED RESULT: Nothing besides the search bar responds. REPRODUCTION RATE: The Biolab and Chemlab are the most susceptable. Haven't tried it with the other labs, don't want to because each
  3. Anything with a timer that isn't a countdown to failure. Chances are, whatever the difficulty was for the mission, if I could survive the first 15 seconds, the remaining 4 minutes and 45 seconds isn't going to be an issue. Which makes the awaiting 15 minutes to get to Rotation C a snooze fest (sometimes literally, I once fell asleep until the 13th round of Elite Sanctuary).
  4. From reports on the Wiki and other posts here on the forums, it seems like the Invested Salvage Rewards are bugged. Many people have seen the 50 Endo Drop (usually as the Rotation C reward) and I've personally experienced a bug where I've only received Stretch and Vital Sense from the Rotation C reward and nothing else (I myself have yet to see the 50 Endo Drop, but I've not seen a single piece of Nidus after 20+ rounds, which is almost statistically impossible if their drop rates are suppose to be about 14-15% each). I'm making a post here because a similar thread was posted in General Dis
  5. I haven't gotten any rewards other than Vital Sense or Stretch from Rot C, not even Metal Augur, and I've just done it 20 times. By all accounts I should have seen at least one of Nidus's parts. Until this is fixed, Nidus is by all accounts inaccessible without plats.
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