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  1. While i would like some way of controlling AFK leechers, Votekick has historically never been a good idea. Payday 2 had a Votekick system (or rather, just flat out kick) and one of the most frequent abuse of the system is people trolling others by mass-kicking people just before extract. They also had the infamous issue with skins, where the community hated skins so much that they started kicking people with skins, which caused people with skins to form an elitist attitude and start kicking people without skins. It just snowballed from there and people got kicked for, I kid you not, Infamous levels (which are prestige ranks that have no bearing on gameplay), achievement dates (someone see you with two achievements at the exact same time? You are definitely a cheater since that's not possible, even if it is possible due to a dev update changing the achievement), choice of masks, choice of guns (there is maybe like 5 guns with actual different uses, everything else can be modded to to be roughly the same), and clan tag. There's a reason that game is an even bigger cesspool of toxicity than normal mmos. The only real fix I can think of is just an inactivity boot; the game has received no input from the player in x amount of time that isn't a duplicate set of actions in y amount of time will result in the player being booted to a solo instance of the mission. This usually gets rid of the most basic AFK-ers who might program in a simple script to just have the warframe crouch every two seconds. However anyone competent enough can program a set of instructions that has just enough variation to either last them the 5 minutes a mission demands or completely fool the AFK kicker. This is simply one of the evils of PvE pub matchmaking.
  2. I managed to do it and get the standing, but I noticed there was no daily mission. This one (Jailer) is also marked as the daily when it gave out Weekly-level standing. There is some major kerfunkle going on here. EDIT: Only some people were able to see Jailer, when it got shuffled to the top of the list of missions in the Navigation console (not when you click into navigation, but the menu it brings up before you hit E). If you see it there it does not have the Weekly icon (a stylized shield) but the Daily Icon (half moon and sun).
  3. I think the noggle is kinda broke. The thing that's suppose to be attached to it's head is...not quite attached to it's head.
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