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  1. (XB1)spikeylizard

    won't load in after hotfix

    just updated to latest hotfix and now the game wont loadin to the sign in page, it tells me an updated version is available and to exit and run the launcher ,however I have already received the update and it won't goto sign in ,please help
  2. (XB1)spikeylizard

    Bugged loot after Eidolon fight

    I've notice this happen to me a few times so i check my inventory before going to orbit to check and I think I've lost at least 5 radiant shards over the last few months,really annoying when you go to put it in as focus and puff no radiant shard , de fix this
  3. (XB1)spikeylizard

    death from above still not unlocking

    have posted this before with no help but wondered if anyone else has had this problem , achievement for death from above has been stuck at 90 percent since febuary and I know I've done missions where I've sat with Ivara and got 30 plus stealth kills in a single mission,has anyone else had this problem and is there a way of getting it to complete.