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  1. I feel like the pots you put in will affect only your standings and you only have to place 1 of each to get max standings because doing it solo is a waste of resources and in a squad setting, there is a chance not everyone going to contribute like there are supposed to do. Also with all the bugs it have it is hard to find others to play the event with. If solo it will still spawn the maximum amount of hemocyte and level scaling with only one of each. In conclusion, I want this event to be reworked or all the bugs be fixed.
  2. I wondering if it can increase arch wing speed as well
  3. I was talking about using a balla dagger with amalgam argonak metal auger but that is not my main problem with it as this could be intentional but the problem I have is the damage and mainly the damage falloff
  4. I recently found out that amalgam argonak metal augur works with tick damage and potentially gas clouds. So I test out exodia force so I can get a constant 6m aoe armor strip but it did not work so I presume damage from arcanes did not count but to be sure I use exodia contagion. The results I got was that exodia contagion seem to work with this mod but not exodia force which was already bad to begin with and exodia contagion was already one of the best or is the best exodia. I then thought about using it with Garuda’s 4th but decided not test it because I was already pissed and the damage most likely going to be worser then using a regular meta melee setup as exodia force is only affected by base and elemental damage mods. One could say but it damage scales with combo counter but it still will not make up the damage loss of not having a faction bonus, crit, can’t proc status, or huge damage from CO and it’s falloff is bad (0m to 6m with a falloff of 100% to 0%) I wish DE will buff this arcane later on in the future because right now it provide no use. This also applies to exodia valor need to be changed to heavy attack efficiency as additional combo count chance is not that necessary as it easy to reach max combo already, also we already have an additional combo count chance exodia arcane, and lifting enemies is not something that will happen very often. But I still want a change to exodia force more because it seem to have really good potential and interesting mechanic.
  5. I wondering if someone just know or tested it out so I will not have to
  6. I was thinking about Garuda with exodia force. I was wondering if someone can test if exodia force can proc slash when Garuda’s 4th is active on them.
  7. On the wiki it said enemies that aware of Excalibur presence can be affected by radial blind/howl even if they are behind an obstacle or out of your LoS for a short period of time. So I wondering in missions where enemies are already/always aware of you like survival will radial blind still be able to get enemies through obstacles even without LoS all the time For capacitance does it also factor in damage mitigation or just how much damage you would have done without factoring in enemies’ damage resistance or weakness to electric damage
  8. Well latron if you run fire rate on it either with arcane or mod it feel nicer with shooting but y’all probably still will not like it because of it being semi
  9. This weapon is a forgotten one just because it is not an aoe or new weapon but it is now one of the strongest weapon in the game because of the gun buffs. That weapon is latron prime or wraith with the double tap augment. This augment applies after mods so most likely it will also apply after the new arcanes which means your arcane will give you around 1,800% more damage with double tap at max stacks. Also with galvanized chamber it should be so easy to get it to max stacks fast.
  10. I will be okay with it going sentient but can it not deactivate exalted blade because it make it hard to utilize magus lockdown on demolisher or demolyst. In general/most usage of operator is magus anomaly can’t be utilized that well either as you will to go through the exalted blade animation each time. Most people will just say use regular Excalibur but I like using Excalibur umbra because he got a better helmet and the scarf and gold pieces makes some of his skin look less naked/bare.
  11. Ok thx for those other tips but do u know if level scales off per round or per demolyst killed
  12. How would only doing 1 conduit will take longer than doing all 4
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