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  1. It is true defy do not deserve its nerf but gloom probably did not got nerf because you have to build a lot of strength for its maximum slow and have good efficiency (so blind rage will be very detrimental to have) so you won’t lose a lot of energy. Also the base range is not that good either. In conclusion, you have to build so much around gloom to make it good, when on some or most Warframes you are better off building around your other abilities than gloom and not using gloom will prevent you from losing a good amount of energy fast.
  2. Oh ok thx but now I need what might be better eclipse (more damage but can be inconsistent) or xata’s whisper (less damage but multi shot which means more status procs)
  3. I have been using it on Excalibur and I barely could notice any difference, I do not know if I am not paying attention to the numbers correctly or it really does not increase its damage
  4. U need her 1 so I can have increase damage and deal corrosive damage as well for her 4 tho
  5. No I think it does work but I think Loki is just so frail that it doesn’t make much difference and what is the point of DR if you got invisibility and rolling guard
  6. I have all abilities subsumed but the best one in my opinion is condemn. It is easy shield gating without using brief respite so you can run another aura mod and it is decent cc. It is not that hard to build around besides do not run negative. If you left all your stats untouched it will still be really viable. The second best will be silence as it can cancel acolytes’ abilities and stun nearby enemies.
  7. Luca puzzle are 12.5% chance but it’s fully built vs other places are just bp
  8. I thinking between ignis wraith which do not have to reload often but take a few seconds to kill or kuva zarr which have to reload often but one shots. Another difference between them is their aoe types and range which make it more difficult to figure out which might be better for speed running exterminate/reactant/sortie/kuva flood/ lich or sis missions. Ignis wraith can get 39m cone aoe range with sinister reach, have infinite punch through against enemies, and equipping primed shred you can make it go through walls. Kuva zarr on the other hand have around 11-12m splash aoe range with primed firestorm and the explosion able to hurt enemies through walls if they are close enough to the explosion range
  9. 70 formas? Holy crap I barely could waste 10 because I was too busy grinding other things and did not farm the bp to build any and it is annoying to wait a whole day for one forma
  10. That is true, that it will ruin other parts of the game that drop those rewards but I never really thought of it like that because I just want to grind all the things I want/need in that one gamemode. I do understand your point. Also railjack is not that great of an endo farm compare to arena because railjack take longer than arena and give you roughly the same amount in one go. Arena and arbitration can go hand to hand on the best endo farm because if you get lucky on getting endo or ayatan sculpture every rotation than it is better than arena but if you don’t then it is worse.
  11. I think we should have a fully built forma that cost 35 steel essence and we should also get 5,000 endo for 40 steel essence. These rewards will be nice to have because most time people just wait until weekly shop reset or just waste steel essence on kuva so I wish we have more in the shop to buy on a daily basis to make us willing to play steel path more often as rivens are not necessary so most times I will be lazy or do not care on grinding kuva.
  12. I think we need a arcane that boost the damage of primary guns when you killed with a secondary gun and vice versa. The rank 5 bonus will be holster speed and reload when holstered. I think we need this for people who are big fan of using guns and do not using melee much. Merciless is fine but when trying to use both primary and secondary for dps, you will have to keep building up merciless and using merciless kinda of force you to hard lock on using that weapon so you will not lose your stacks.
  13. I know that but companions will far faster/earlier than sentinels will
  14. Yeah but u have to waste a good 5 seconds to rez a pet and sentinels are in a decent place in my opinion as they do not seem to be attacked/killed that often
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