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  1. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    Refund System

    ok i did both of those things so I'm going to ask about the first thing you said but I don't how to go to support to talk to them
  2. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    Refund System

    If you waste something on plat or credits then you should be able to refund it. If the thing is a booster, Warframe, Weapon, Sentinel, or Archwing that been used, you cannot refund it. I really want this system because I wasted my plat on something that I wouldn't use because I usually forget or did not think about if I need it or want it right now. I believe we should only get 1 refund each year if it is plat.
  3. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    End Game and Helpful Solo Exp Farm

    But if you do a mission with a squad most people want to leave pretty early or the host leave and there would be host migration.
  4. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    End Game and Helpful Solo Exp Farm

    This new thing is mainly for solo players or veteran players who looking for a challenge. There should be this thing where if you choose to be solo, you have to choose the difficulty of normal, hard, extreme, and impossible. Normal is the regular amount of enemies will spawn if you are solo. Hard is the amount of enemies spawn of two players and you should get the point of this and the number of enemies there will be for each difficulty. This will help solo players level up things faster if choose on a high difficulty because most people don't want to be in a squad because of host migration. Veteran players will be able to get their endgame or may not if more enemies are not that much of a challenge to them.
  5. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    Changes for Set Bonuses

    Mecha set bonus: the marked enemy will appear on the map instead of you finding them in the mission with a crowd of enemies because it is hard to notice it and the Kubrow should mark an enemy every 20-30 secs depending on what is more balance. Tek set bonus: the zone won't be near you all the time because you have way more mobility than your Kavat so this should be replaced with something that orbits around the Warframe and Kavat granting it to damage any enemies who get near it or it should give damage reduction. Synth set bonus: it could be increased to 40% with all the mods instead of 20% but if this is way too overpowered then it should be the same or it could also battery charge while you have the weapon equipped but when switched to a different weapon it will have the feature we have right now for the synth set. The battery charge mode when be 1/2 of the current synth set bonus at reloading the ammo over time. Augur set bonus: be able to stack the overshields buff but it will be 1/2 or 1/4 of the Warframe's total overshields. Gladiator set bonus: the set bonus stat could be higher by changing it from 15% for each mod to 20%.
  6. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    Expectations for Future Years

  7. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    Expectations for Future Years

    New Umbra mods because there are rumors saying Umbra polarities will be added for Warframes that don't have it by forma the Warframe. New Umbra mods I would like to see is: 1. Umbral Stretch 2. Umbral Redirection 3. Sacrificial Organ Shatter 4. Sacrificial Point Strike 5. Sacrificial Vital Sense 6. Sacrificial Serration I would also like to see arguments for Excalibur Umbra and when he gets his own arguments, he shouldn't be able to use Excalibur's arguments. His arguments can be a drop from a new mission type that involves sentients after completing 1 rotation of it. It should be a rare or uncommon drop. The only reason I think he should get his own arguments over Excalibur because Umbra Warframes are different from their regular forms because they have a unique mechanic that make them fight on their own when they in operator mode and these arguments should embrace it, but I still do not know if he should be able to use the regular Excalibur's argument. I'm not saying all of the arguments should embrace it but one or some should embrace the Umbra passive. The other arguments could be something useful while you in your Excalibur Umbra. I would like to see a change in specters. I wanted something like a small program that you can do on it before heading into a battle of course. For example, you can program Trinity to use Blessing when a certain amount of your health is gone. This will help them use their abilities in the time of need. I would like to see new primed mods like: 1. Primed Streamline 2. Primed Fast Deflection 3. Primed Shocking Touch 4. Primed North Wind 5. Primed Molten Impact 6. Primed Hellfire 7. Primed Stormbringer 8. Primed Infected Clip 9. Primed Contagious Spread 10. Primed Incendiary Coat 11. Primed Chilling Grasp 12. Primed Deep Freeze 13. Primed Pathogen Rounds 14. Primed Convulsion 15. Primed Blunderbuss Lastly, I would like to see more Umbra Warframes.
  8. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000


    Not everything will be free if you think about. An example is things that can not be farm. One example is booster and cosmetics if the person doesn't have it, they have to buy it first before gifting it.
  9. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000


    If you have something you want to gift you should be able to gift it without wasting plat if you already have that item. But, if it is a Warframe and a weapon it can't be gift if it was trained, have an Orokin Catalyst or Reactor, and was forma before.
  10. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    Exodia Arcane

    I know they fix it where exodia contagion and epidemic do not work on exalted weapons but is it the same with other exodia arcanes.
  11. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    Shotgun/Phantasma Riven

    WTB trash phantasma or vield shotgun riven for 25 plat. Also, I could trade my hate riven, 269.1% damage, 163.2 critical chance, and -40.3% attack speed. The speed can easily be make up with berserker and primed fury and you could replace primed pressure point for this riven if you don't have enough space to fit all your other mods. I'm trading this riven for a phantasma riven with any negative I.P.S stats, damage to faction, +recoil, and crit chance or crit damage. The positive stats I want something like damage, elemental damage, multishot, flight speed, fire rate, and status duration
  12. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    Refund System

    I want a refund system on things you wasted plat on/stuff in syndicates that you waste your standings on.
  13. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    New Ways of Leveling

    Well I never try a non level 30 warframe in ESO
  14. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    New Ways of Leveling

    Just regular or elite
  15. (XB1)UltraMagnus5000

    New Ways of Leveling

    It will work if your weapons are silent but what if they not