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  1. Exalted Melee should have a maximum capacity of 70 because it will not be fair because exalted melee can not have acolyte mods so it would not be able to scale as far as regular melee and our only of solving this is sacrificial mods which waste a lot space.
  2. I think all aura mods should give you the same amount of space because steel charge and power donation give you the most space and they might not fit your build that much. Also, I believe aura mods should give you a maximum of 20 extra space if you got the same polarity as the aura mod because Warframes have an Exilus slot and umbra builds are getting more useful and umbra formas are so rare because you can only get 1 per season and each season is about 3-4 months. Lastly, Warframes have a lot of useful mods that waste a lot of space.
  3. I think we should have configs for Operator's Arcane choice so we do not have to keep going through that extra trouble keep changing our arcane option. Its not a very big or helpful change, so I thought we can make this change better by being able to change the configs while we at our arsenal in case we need to change it when we at Fortuna or Cetus so we will be prepared for the boss fight instead of going back to our ship if we already at Cetus or Fortuna because bounties or buying new gear and wait for a period of time that could be used to get coordinated squad. This feature will also be useful for the amps as for the Profit Taker you need a high range amp and the Eidolons you need a high damaging amp and most high damaging amps do not have a good range.
  4. In my opinion there should be a forma that let you polarize up to 3 times because some builds require 3 or more formas and most people do not have the time to keep leveling up warframes and weapons repeatedly because of their jobs or school. Most of you guys say we can just use an affinity booster but I disagree because booster timer still go on even if you not playing. So I think boosters timer should only go on if you playing the game or there should be this thing where you can activate or deactivate a booster if you want to save it for later.
  5. Does Tatsu's new passive get affected by maiming strike or can scale from combo multiplier and blood rush or weeping wounds?
  6. Is there way on console you can channel with the new melee rework
  7. Do Tatsu new passive gets affected by maiming strike, blood rush, or combo multiplier
  8. I got a Sepfahn riven with crit damage and puncture damage for a trash Plague Kripath riven or a veiled Zaw riven
  9. My captura fight with the Operator and Excalibur Umbra fighting alongside with each other against the Sentients
  10. I confuse about power spike. Is it intended to not work on exalted blade because people say that it works perfectly fine with the other exalted melee weapons, so I am wondering if you'll purposely did that.
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