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  1. I am a fan of the concept of Ordis just being part of this mysterious "Weave" Samiris talks of during Octavia's Anthem. One Ordis perpetually confused about the state of countless tenno connected to him as long as they have PnP enabled. Like cleverbot, he simply learns more of the world through countless eyes all the while feeling as though he is having a conversation with one other person. That's my take trying to make continuity to work, but this is Warframe after all. I have killed too many versions of Alad V and have him ultimately help me later in the timeline for continuity to make
  2. What is your point then? Not difficulty. Not meaning. Not immersion. Oh you are upset people use it to revive their Carrier, which you admit you do. Oh but you can somehow claim these are reasons to change the system to your proposed absurdity. Then you deny you even claimed-well virtually any point you have made in this thread-as people are responding to you. I am willing to call this: >-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^Troll Line^-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Having less revives are not going to make the game more difficult. If you only died before to suicide to restore ammo/energy/carrier before this change, then afterwards you will still only die to suicide. It doesn't even "artificially" increase difficulty. It is a false equivalent. Actually making the enemies kill you more often without even touching the revive system would increase the difficulty of the game. It is not the only way to do so, but it would truly work. Even your argument for making "revives more meaningful" is fallacious. Currently revives can: That's pretty potent. Y
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