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  1. Yeah.... And I hit that well before most people even joined 😉 Granted this prevalence of quoting just one section of a post that already thoroughly debunks the comment is beginning to get concerning. Instead of re-quoting my entire post to give you a second opportunity, just go read everything above the TLDR. It makes a much better case than the only thing to do is farm for rivens and crap weapons. In fact, that you don't realize that FASHIONFRAME IS ENDGAME, attests to your lack of knowledge in the subject.
  2. Thanks again guys for the update. Lots of bug fixes are appreciated. Even small steps in the right direction are important, which brings us to: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1098019-the-jovian-concord-hotfix-2504/?do=findComment&comment=10789167 Oh boy this is going to be scary if you are still counting Hexanon as rare on these guys. I was wondering if it was due to Hexanon counting as rare and the recent fix to increase drop rate of Hexanon wrapping the Neural Sensors up in the mix. Please make sure that we have a better than 7% chance to get Hexanon off of these relatively rare mobs. Imagine if there was a 7% chance to get Oxium off of ospreys. I have all my Hexanon farmed but please for the sake of my fellow Tenno it can't take ~20 amalgams to get 5-12 Hexanon. That's not right. Alright guys. Remember Vacuum gate? Pepperidge Farm remembers. I straight let you know that this was going to break Hexanon drops. Hell, if you go into that original forum post Rebecca shouted out to in GD, you can see I posted worries there too. Hexanon and Neural Sensors being treated as rare caused the debacle in the first place. Hexanon is required in numbers of 300+. It appeared to me before, and I can confirm now, that the issue with Neural Sensors dropping so much was you boosted the droprate of rare resources on the Amalgams to apparently 50%. Oops. Reducing the drop rate of the rare resources dropped killed the ability to farm amount of Hexanon required. Double oops. Now you are boosting the chance from 7% to 7.7%? Holy flying Eidolon guys, this is silly. Alrighty, well I was going to hold off telling people how to farm this stuff given your brazen disregard for a sensible droprate. Now I go post on GD something you will have to fix that will require much more effort than tuning Hexanon back up. Sorry guys, but it's us players that are all lifting together against Nef Anyo level of resource starving. I will do my part.
  3. I'm sure OP is aware. The point of the post was to gather the data for the ability raw. A slight change in armor amount will change the numbers displayed, due to this the corrosive procs would cause some interesting numbers and add an extra variable to the data. Absolutely it is more effective, we would definitely use it in a real world situation like that. This was to determine the rate at which the ability increased in damage and determine how far it increases.
  4. Yeah, it's not really that kind of exploit. They haven't even messed with those that legitimately exploited the Operation by cheesing Demolysts. Just about the only thing gonna get you in trouble exploiting is plat related. For example recently the Neural Sensor droprate was a little cray from Amalgams, Rebecca even hit up the GD post herself saying it was not intentional and not staying, sure enough patchnotes got rid of the problem. Was the Tenno that pointed it out, or anyone in the thread banned? No, it just got removed. Oh I 100% agree. They at least slightly buffed the ability today, but I'm not sure it's addressing the core issue of armor. It is just something while it finds its place in the game.
  5. Why do you keep telling this to people when it's just not true? What in the world is the point of posting 2+ times each page telling people they are wrong? You found an exploit. You are making it tic well beyond it's normal rate, which is the problem in the first place. In fact: your test shows the only problem with Sol Gate damage wise is that it tics too slowly. Yeah if it were to tic not +30% faster, but like you are showing about +500% (12 times per second is the magical number for beam weapons) as fast is the ballpark of useful. What's great is with punch through this should be even more hillarious for group swiping. The problem is this will become the mainstream use, right before the design team that for some reason hard coded twice a second tic rate into it decides to just remove the part that allows for the exploit, while mutually forgetting that it will do no damage thereafter. Something like, the beam only increasing in damage if it hits the same target consecutively, because if they do that, there goes your system. Don't worry, you can do the same thing with just intensify, or none if you so choose. The idea is every time the beam leaves an enemy, putting the beam back on it causes a tic of damage. So basically why they changed beam weapons in the first place, there is no reason to do anything but move the beam on and off an enemy in order to increase the damage. Do it faster than twice a second? You have increased the damage/corrosive procs of the ability. Do this for a group, and you can cause many more hits than you could otherwise cause by just leaving it there. The extra benefit is the "increases damage the longer you use it on the same enemy" is per tic of damage, and not limited to a single continuous beam, of damage so doing this exponentially increases the damage in just a few seconds. @sappinmahsentry The secret of the build: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1094901-the-jovian-concord-update-25-wisp-feedback/?do=findComment&comment=10782656
  6. Thank you guys so much again! These coming pretty quickly and I appreciate some attention Wisps way. Good stuff right here. These are the kind of changes I talk about when I say you guys listen. Okay, so.... 30% faster is that the tic rate? Or the animation. Testing myself after update. Beam weapons fire at about 12 times a second. Original Sol Gate tics at twice a second. If this is increasing tic rate that will make it tic barely 3 times in about a second, or tics every .35 seconds. It really isn't going to matter much how you change the base damage, the problem is the fire rate. Yay to the reservoirs! Now I can finally dump Ability Strength and not freak my entire team out. Was it just in Sanctuary Onslaught that random Eximus units were immune? I will take your word for it. Oh boy this is going to be scary if you are still counting Hexanon as rare on these guys. I was wondering if it was due to Hexanon counting as rare and the recent fix to increase drop rate of Hexanon wrapping the Neural Sensors up in the mix. Please make sure that we have a better than 7% chance to get Hexanon off of these relatively rare mobs. Imagine if there was a 7% chance to get Oxium off of ospreys. I have all my Hexanon farmed but please for the sake of my fellow Tenno it can't take ~20 amalgams to get 5-12 Hexanon. That's not right.
  7. This is actually the reality in a nutshell. This was not even prompted by the newly proposed law in question. It was prompted by European nations targeting loot boxes in particular. Many rightly stated that you were gambling on the contents and gambling is by and large a very regulated industry. Instead, because of a law that a handful of players could have raised concern about, they removed the concept from the game for the global build. I'm afraid your observation is just not true. Without even laws backing them, Congress rushed social media giants to testify as to the lengths they are currently going to protect users data, made laws based off those testimonies, then promptly fined the companies for going to slowly implementing them. The EU did the same thing, fining Google a billion dollars when they insufficiently updated their policies. This could end EA the same year it is passed. The same for any game that primarily markets to the US or EU. Cases can be lightning fast, and companies are forced to appeal these cases, not keep them locked up forever in court. I definitely think Warframe is about middle ground, with MOBAs being industry leading. The problem is there are plenty of times that Warframe is in fact pay a little bit of money and get a little bit more powerful. Sure, Arcane sets may cost 1000+ plat for a set, but that directly increases your power. Need a quick boost to damage? Go buy you a Primed Mod or Riven maxed out at 400+ plat. Yeah, you can in fact farm plat from other players by likewise selling progression to other players, but that's the problem from the other perspective. In MOBAs, you can pay to unlock new characters, and you can pay to unlock skins. Most are free to play, and make tons of money on these two ideas that have nothing to do with progression.
  8. This is absolutely correct. There is no scaling for the speed of her Will-o-Wisp. It is just as fast at rank 1 of the ability with no stats as it is fully leveled, fully modded. For this reason there are plenty of times you are faster than even the speed increased 2. Like a whole bunch of people have pointed out. Also for the most part, yeah the stun from her 1 works better than the cc from her 3. Primarily because you have 4 people running around with permanent stun everything in 15m buff on. Yeah there is a target limit for each like 2 second "pulse" with 4 people this is like 20 enemies. 3 is limited to LoS, so unless you got 20 targets in line of sight and cast her 3 every 2 seconds, her mote is better. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, why I return to this forum anyway. I'm going to up the ante on my original feedback. With about 36 hours of straight wisp, I've found a groove that works for me, mostly. Given aforementioned concerns of the ergonomics of the frame, I have done exactly as most do over the course of using a Warframe. I have gone about excluding the use of abilities almost entirely because they serve very little purpose. Let me just fully state for posterity: She is incredibly annoying to use in any mission that is not designed to sit in one spot for 5+ minutes. Her reservoirs are the reason for this. With this one ability you destroy any sort of mobility she would have in: Assault, Capture, Defection, Exterminate, Hijack, Rescue, Sabotage, and Spy. In addition, though in Bounties, Deception, Excavation, Sanctuary Onslaught and Survival you can theoretically stay in about the same location for a good amount of time, you still end up resetting up all 3 buffs enough that it's frustrating. In the non endless mission types, I just drop haste mote every time it disappears and live with the fact I don't get the others. There is currently no way to use this efficiently in any other way. While talking about how her 1 ruins 8/22 missions (36%), counting the ones she requires a very cooperative team to not be driven insane 13/22 (59%), we can talk about some in a little more detail as to why even more so her set up has ignored a good portion of this game. Her stealth, both abilities, are straight useless in spy/spy bounty. I have my operator at any time in these missions. Staying in the air to remain stealthed does not help hacking consoles, does not help prevent enemies from detecting you, breaks on attack so you can't even dive melee finish unaware enemies with Skiajati and hope to remain stealthed the whole time, and doesn't linger during Wall Latch. This together, no there is practically no purpose to the passive. Can't even stay airborne invisible if you throw your whole mod setup into it if you plan on attacking, or if you plan on touching walls at all. Her 2 is a trap. Correlating with the spy mission idea the only way to use this is to kill all enemies/cameras and use it to teleport through lasers. You cannot throw a decoy out in the middle of a vault to access the panel unless you wouldn't be detected by anything anyway. In other missions, the likes she actually does well, her 2 is primarily a survival mechanism and secondarily a teleport. To achieve the first purpose, one simply needs to double tap 2, providing instant invulnerability. To achieve the second purpose, she has to totally forgo any movement speed buffs including her 1 to give any sort of reason to teleport using it. It, even faster while holding it down, is nowhere near as fast and precise as we are with parkour. Especially now you added a bunch more parkour options. Her 3. So again in the missions she does fine in with a little set up you can use this to actually teleport faster than running. A little set up is an interesting phrase. You must make sure it's not behind Frost Globe/Gara Ice, or it cannot be targeted to teleport to. You also only have 6 to work with. So for interception, this usually has me making 1 main base, and putting a vitality mote on each base to teleport to. Screw up the placement of any in that sequence and you have to start all over again, because the ability removes the oldest one rather than letting you get rid of ones you do not want. I remember multiple times being done with the whole concept because it was taking up to 50% decoding to set up all the bases just for a nullifier or errant placed frost bubble to ruin the work. That's for the teleport. For the rest of the ability, it might be one of those that is totally broken client side, or something far worse. People here have been wondering if it even does what the ability describes it does. I can confirm that when it chooses to it blinds enemies in LoS, when you hit those enemies with a less than lethal attack it releases a mote that does damage if it can find an enemy. Since it doesn't do much damage in the first place, has a hard time locating targets, and requires you not to kill the target in one hit, it is a blind/teleport. A teleport that takes an enormous amount of effort to set up and use, but better than her other teleport. The blind is no better than Radial Blind, as the difference between finishers/not is mostly a matter of opinion. Her 4. Great when people are getting your goat by killing all your enemies. The absolutely best use of this is making it the most annoying color, building range (stretch or augur just fine), then blasting the player in question. Just hold them in the beam for.... IDK 20-30 seconds at a time. Of course its doing no damage but, like spamming the Clem outta Simulor with Mirage, it clearly displays your displeasure with the way others are playing by insisting on a strategy that is mostly annoying. Other than that, yeah you will end up swiping enemies along with it and since holding the laser on a single enemy until it dies is the wrong way to use this ability, this seems just as well. After about level 30 this is the tickle monster how it is supposed to be used, and still fairly annoying to swipe for effectiveness, especially in any sort of tight quarters. Now besides that, I'm running about loaded with the Fulmin(still pricelessly effective despite it not bugged to hit twice) Ballistica Prime and Synoid Heliocor. My strategy is thus to provide the buffs to my team when necessary, then running around at near light speed (Dispatch Overdrive on Heliocor) creating an army of ghost warriors. My legion is the envy of even Nekros, if albeit unable to provide me with mitigation. Still my invulnerability, Quick Thinking and 850 energy pool keep me relatively healthy when there is a hickup and someone manages to target me instead of my ghosts. Since most abilities are either permanent buffs, or laughably useless, I get to keep up my invulnerability better than Valkyr, while keeping people off the objective about as well as Nyx. It's also pretty funny confusing people about the powers of the new Warframe since my set up actually looks more correct to her theme. Since I'm well past the threshold "Fashionframe is endgame", I will continue to fly across the map as my Wispy Wendigo driving all those around me to madness as they try to figure out how I'm doing what I'm doing. Would have liked having some native support for this kind of play style on a female Warframe. I feel like the ball was dropped to the core of the sun on this one. Perhaps non-inclusively so.
  9. Cool, I ended up running the test myself, I began to be concerned. All things considered, the ability is quite thorough, it just lacks proper tuning. Since the only thing that scales is the damage amount, I am not entirely sure why they made it tic so slowly given their precedent in game. We can't use it to ramp up any hidden slash or toxin procs so what's up? Heat doesn't stack and neither does radiation, for most Warframes with an armor strip ability they reach 100% in a single cast if albeit some built ability strength. Thing should tic like every tenth of a second. That's almost as fast as beam weapons, puts an appreciable amount of corrosive procs on the enemy to remove armor, and let's you actually focus the ability on something to make it die. In fact, they just really need to copy/paste beam weapons' mechanics into this ability. Then balance from there. Basically impossible to infer its relative strength with rules so different than what already exists.
  10. Wow, excellent job. This seems to confirm most of what I stated in the other thread. Granted, the focus beam is more powerful relative to the regular than I had imagined. Still I feel the damage ramp should be similar to beam weapons. I find it's interesting that it alternates procs like that. Does that 1/3 the rate of corrosive procs when buffed?
  11. Yeah the best luck I've had avoiding the whole ropes thing is Titania. Shes my go to now since the weak spots don't have that much health and she wrecks them anyway. Most of the time with proper teammates I never have to leave Razorwing, but if people aren't quickly figuring out the rodeo/laser I can drop out and do it too. As far as the base premise of this mechanic goes? I just really don't like it. Getting rid of all of our abilities to the point it feels like a bug is a new level of "what's going on with balancing?" I don't too much mind playing a particular Warframe for a particular fight but to me it seems, 1 there is virtually no reason not to run this with 4 Titanias, 2 it only drops Wisp parts so there is no replay value, 3 it is plenty past the annoying enough to totally change how you fight it, rather than adapting with your preferred character. All in all, could have been a better fight, I actually like most of it. Get rid of the nullifying entirely, iron out the bugs, and then you got a pretty good fight. Maybe put the new mods on the drop table, but I'm just not a fan of RNG, it would at least gives some replay ability.
  12. I definitely think you are correct in this statement. Modding the Exalted weapons is some semblance of balance in the fact that it doesn't just remain the same level of effective since launch. We would not be applauding Saryn's damage were it not for her "redesign" that just gave her some higher numbers to compensate her lack of scaling. Though making a balance pass every couple years for each Warframe ability is doable, it must take an enormous amount of DEsign attention. Balancing them relative to mods gives some sort of anchor point. That being said, I dream of a day when most Warframes find most of their kit useful. This is an enormous retroactive undertaking. For now "Exaltifying" abilities seems the best course. Look at whipclaw. It's always good to get cold hard numbers. I'm glad you went through this kind of effort. All this being said, and like @ADirtyMonk it is tuned poorly with these numbers. I'll put some filler to your observations, which I will assume as factual. 1. This is great. In any sort of form if we are expected to hold the ability on a single enemy, this basically has to exist. My concern is this may be somehow "recorded" as a variable on a single enemy, or a debuff. This would mean of course the damage would increase only relative to the number of times that enemy was hit. This gives us that hilarious GIF, and those Similacrum videos of swiping between multiple enemies. If it was how many consecutive tics hit a single enemy "recorded" as a variable on Sol Gate, it would not benefit us to swing it wildly to hit each enemy as often as possible. 2. This is a little slow for comfort sake. They really had a good idea going when they fixed regular beam weapons for ergonomics sake: Update 22.14 Fixed Beam weapons not being able to damage enemies (alive but in a ragdolled state) when being affected by certain ‘crowd control’ Abilities. Damage now ramps up over 0.6 seconds and after moving off target there is a delay of 0.8 seconds before it starts to decay over 2 seconds. All Beam weapons now start their Damage ramp up at 20% (instead of 10%). 3. Kind of an extension of #2. Even if we were going with beam weapon scaling and simply extending it past 100% to 500%, the damage ramp up would take a total of 3 seconds on the same enemy. Granted if we assume the 500% is the actual intended damage, sort of like how beam weapons start at 20% of their value and ramp, that would mean effectively Sol Gate starts at 20% damage and ramps up 25% damage each tic, twice a second for 10 seconds. That is 16.666... times slower than your pocket supra. 4. Definitely interesting an add, because it's basically Blind Rage built into the ability itself and I will offer very little besides the fact that this feels even more like Ember's WoF mechanic in laser form than ever before. Could it just do this automatically? Sure, and at the base cost of the ability not very many people would notice. I like it feels like I'm doing more when I focus it, and sounds different. It just doesn't do much more, and maybe some other effect besides increase both damage and cost could be implemented. The reservoirs fortunately should be like # 4, in that they don't affect the actual algorithms for the others, but simply add another bonus to damage. As if someone had been running Power Donation for you. The big difference is the corrosive procs, which at least shows that DE was well aware of the inherent Armor issue. These have a very special place in theorycrafters' hearts because they actually determine how fast you kill a higher level armored enemy (100+ Grineer) rather than the base damage of the weapon itself. Or in other words, it is much faster to strip armor from enemies than it is to simply blast through the armor. If the ticrate of the laser was about 5-6 times as fast (closer to a natural beam weapon) this would actually make it competitive with those beam weapons. Still much better armor strips exist, and since it doesn't viral or toxin, there are going to be times it suffers against shields, though to a much lower degree. All this said, like in the videos posted in this very thread, there are ways around the tic rate problem. It's kind of a shame that it seems exploity, but as long as it's in the game.... I remember a time when Mirage's clones broke the logic of the thrown weapons, and you could charge a throw then proceed to just melee over and over and they would keep throwing more. Didn't take them long to fix that one lol
  13. This thread gave me a good laugh because at first I thought you were a bunch of people who miraculously responded to your OP on the Staticor with talking about the rest of your equipment. Good times, good times. Um... Like I guess I can see your concern with the Staticor, I actually kind of like the change because it's more apparent as to how big it is, and it still launches enemies, just not as inappropriately far. My biggest gripe is there are exactly 0 times when I have wanted to just discharge the full attack on one melee enemy. The Ferrox is, so so. It has superb numbers for anything, and the shocks can do a decent job of stunning the enemy. Guess I was always using mine to apply some low level damage in a doorway. I actually kind of like the other changes to the gun, but I think it lacks oomph to make it very many peoples go to. That you like it is fantastic, maybe slap some fire on there to turn those into radiation procs. At least then enemies would fight each other instead. Larva... I feel you so much on this one. Granted, this seems like something that they are painfully aware of. Like melee kind of being.... unfinished. A lot of abilities can do weird things like this: Hydroid's tentacles, Khora's Dome, Valkyrs Ripline etc. If it grabs and pulls it's in RNGesus's hands. At least with Larva, Tentacles, and Dome there is an anchor point it is being pulled "towards". It tends to be a little more reliable than hoping something gets ragdolled towards you well. I could see work into this one, but it is probably a painful thorn in the side of the developers.
  14. I agree on Sol Gate, but check out the newest exploit in how it's being used: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1094901-the-jovian-concord-update-25-wisp-feedback/?do=findComment&comment=10782656 Credit not mine. You gotta swipe it on and off the enemy quickly to apply the damage. Also agree on you opinion of her 1, and would have it be all the buffs at once if anything. While previously discussing about Ivara's arrows, I had been made aware of the issue with simply adding more hotkeys in that consoles could not have that option. While it's perfectly reasonable for me to imagine a world with 3-4 extra ability keys, a blocking key, a heavy melee key, and a quick melee key, there are only so many buttons on a controller. I have never played Warframe on a console, nor will I ever unless cross save becomes a thing, but we are perpetually entangled to the consoles limitations.
  15. I was wondering if something was up. Perhaps to do with Hexanon being the other rare drop and being basically required in uncommon amounts. I see the Neural Sensors dropping about as often as an uncommon resource, whereas Hexanon while being found in packs of 5-10, are being dropped about as often as a rare resource.
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