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  1. After learning that the Solaris reveal the heads in their chests when you get to Old Mate, I no longer wish to get to that rank. I’d rather not see that every time I go into Fortuna
  2. Both of those are great ideas! I really just want a lich with that classic Grineer face mask. I saw one and it was incredible looking. If I got one of those liches I’d convert it without hesitation
  3. Same thing happened to me but it was 72 vitus essence, an arcane and 3,000 endo. As the other user said go to support. It make take a bit for them to respond but here’s hoping they can get us both what we lost
  4. Is there anyway to resolve lost mission rewards as a result of this outage? I did contact Warframe support already but I want to be sure
  5. I am unable to post under the Xbox bug reports forum, but anyways I was in an Arbitration interception mission for maybe an hour or so, and as we extracted a saving error occurred which I believe coincided with the cloud save error on Xbox around 12:50 ET. It broke my Warframe and when I closed and logged back on I didn’t have any of my rewards. I already put in a support ticket but decided to also post on the forums just in case someone else could help
  6. @[DE]CoreyOnline @[DE]Corey I encountered a bug when attempting to unbound a bound way node. I had the required one million focus for that particular tree and the required eidolon shard (and the pool space for it as well), but when I clicked Y nothing would happen beyond some weird blue energy ripple effect in the top left of my screen. I posted a thread under general feedback (for some reason I’m unable to post under Xbox bugs), and some others said they were experiencing the same issue Platform: Xbox Series X
  7. Yes I have the required 1 million for the nodes and yes I have the required capacity
  8. I attempted to unbound a bound way node yesterday. I had the required amount of focus (1 million) and the eidolon piece for the node but it would not let me do it even as I pressed Y. I also posted this here because I cannot post under Xbox bug reports for some reason.
  9. After reading all of the rewards given to players for converting or vanquishing liches I had noticed that I had not received the Oull mod that was supposed to be given out. Also, I am posting this here because I was unable to post in the Xbox bugs section
  10. Very true. The new mods and arcanes seem to further the gap but in the opposite direction with primary and secondary weapons potentially becoming far more powerful than melee
  11. Agreed. It actually needs to be a decent weapon in terms of damage. That’s why DE should actually look at reworking the Plasmor and starting fresh instead of just keeping it at its harshly nerfed state
  12. Thank you for the info, but it’ll have a slower reload speed?! The regular arca’s is already slow as is. As for ricocheting plasma/radiation blasts yeah I don’t quite understand how that’ll work, but I’m hoping that these changes will actually make the Arca Plasmor a reasonably usable weapon again. It’s truly a shame what DE did to it. It was too powerful, but there certainly are better ways to fix the issue surely.
  13. Truthfully some of these (the ones DE made specifically) galvanized mods really don’t seem to balance out the fact that melee is supposedly far better than primary and secondary weapons. To me it seems that these mods will further the gap in the opposite direction, because reading what DE had in mind for these new mods and arcanes seems like it would make already powerful primary and secondary critical or normal/elemental damage weapon builds insanely destructive. Thus making them better than melee and creating a new issue. Also, another problem is that you don’t need to use the meta melee mods to have a good melee build. I do not have condition overload and I don’t use the other ones but my Orthos Prime is still an effective weapon which I use when appropriate, just like for my primary and secondary weapons. They all are great for what they should be in my build and all are very good and (in my eyes) equally powerful (depending on the enemy and the distance of course). If they really wish to balance out melee they could have just stuck with the reworking of the meta melee mods they will do (if I recall correctly) instead of providing mods that will take primary and secondary weapon builds to an insane new level that will outclass everything
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