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  1. I’m on Xbox Series X, and I am completely unable to load into my own dojo or anyone else’s. I discovered this issue by attempting to join a player doing Railjack XP and intrinsic farming, and my game repeatedly crashed after I closed it out and even restarted my console. Beyond this my game has no issue joining players and doing missions.
  2. For example a section for masks(like the Kiteer Atmos mask) and section for Diadems(for head accessories). Because you can't equip the mask and a diadem at the same time. I don't know about anybody else but my operator would look sweet with the Kiteer Diadem and Kiteer mask
  3. That is good! You showed the math to prove my claim, so thank you.
  4. This I agree with or at least have it so the mastery points they do get don't make anymore of a difference to overall mastery rank compared to a non-founder who has everything in the game as a founder. As long as they are both the same mastery with everything then it'll be fine. I suspect the real reason that these non founders b*tch is because they want Excalibur Prime for collectors purposes and they don't want him to be put on par/better with/than Umbra because they are selfish.
  5. This!! People forget that Warframe would have failed a long time ago if it weren't for the founders!!
  6. Very True and just to let you know I added more to my comment that I think addresses your point.
  7. I'm confused on what in the devil you are rambling about OP. So I'm going to say this, founders are the reason Warframe is still alive today. So they deserve something really special from DE and that is Excalibur Prime. If they want it to be on par or better than Excalibur Umbra in certain aspects and to get a appearance overhaul then that is ok. Once again founders kept this game alive
  8. I think they were mass produced but I've never read the lore so don't quote me on that.
  9. ^Holy Sh*t that's awesome looking!! PLEASE DE LOOK AT THIS THREAD
  10. I like that a lot!! We need DE to allow Tennogen ships because I would buy that.
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