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  1. I would like to thank you @fredavenfor your absolutely beautiful Chroma Graxx skin!! We finally got it on console recently and I'm a very happy Grineer Dragon!
  2. This! Is there an ETA on when we're getting them or is it just whenever?
  3. Accessories will probably be coming within hours at most, remain patient people
  4. Well damn, I was looking forward to Targis Prime today. Thanks DE for the update on what happened, you truly do involve yourselves in the community in a positive and helpful way and besides it won't kill me to not have Targis Prime till tomorrow(or will it DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN!?!?! Just kidding).
  5. The perfect post just before it was announced to be coming in 2 days
  6. I'm partially on the same page as the guy you quoted, unlike them I'm very much looking forward to the Sacrifice but if the build didn't make it through Cert because of bugs then DE could add the remainder of Tennogen round 12 into it though I'd say it's unlikely that they'd add it, but one can hope.
  7. Not true! PC players are the Guinea pigs of Warframe updates and they have always gotten updates first since Warframe started out on PC. I would never move to PC Warframe for anything. Besides Microsoft is in charge of the second half of the update process for Xbox so it's not DEs fault at all. Our console team worked very hard to get it out within the 2 weeks before TennoCon. PS There must have been a War Within the studio for those 2 weeks! ABSOLUTE CHAOS GUARDIANS/TENNO. Sorry I like Lord Shaxx too much
  8. No matter what red text guy is always funny and you know he's about to make some damn good jokes this time. Somebody needs to capture what he says and put it into this thread
  9. How far this game has come is incredible!! We are on the cusp of the next Cinematic story quest right now and back then this game was just a husk of what it is now. Good job DE and here's hoping for an even brighter future.
  10. Let me tell you that you are great at doing this! It takes a high level of ingenuity and skill to do stuff like this! Honestly you see the defects because you are trying to make it perfect but I will tell you that it looks really really good and I don't see any flaws at all. Stay strong Tenno and don't let any defects stand in your way EVER!!
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