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  1. So while at work, I had this crazy idea for a mission type. I'm sure it's not an entirely original idea, but picturing it would give an exciting and plausible purpose for K-drives. So the mission type starts on orb valis with you infiltrating a corpus facility/factory that has a giant tram tunnel below for loading up a cargo train to send to other locations on venus. Once you enter the tunnel, which is a pretty large tunnel and wide, I imagine a pair of tracks for trains, and a road for land vehicles. Eudico says the train is approaching, suddenly a giant train comes up out of a tunnel in
  2. I find if you fly around the map until you find the blue dot, that'll be him. At least so far that works for me.
  3. Just happened to me. I'm not sure why it happened. I thought it might be because I added a new emote which pushed my emote wheel to 13, but then I distinctly remember my gear wheel was over 12 because I had to do some fishing before going to bed last night. I log in today and found my gear wheel with only 12 items which was annoying to restore afterwards.
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