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  1. Begging them to release a greatly time reduced event ! Don't fall into DE's trap. I will never invest 10-12 formas into a frame without a 10 days PS event. I am going to max rank it for MR, even without an orokin reactor installed, and let Sevegoth die in my arsenal.
  2. I hope DE does not think we're going to use Railjack void storm missions to open relics after farming Sevagoth (for MR and Helminth) because something tells me it will still be way faster to open relics outside of Railjack.
  3. Maybe not for Steel Path but elsewhere. In the last Devstream they talked about a new rewarding system we could see in the future but not for Update 30. Listen from 56:02 to 57:15 (not sure about DE Scott's idea, if it's cracking several relics to be able to pick only one reward or if each player will have to pick the same reward at the same time) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9maDMn0HYkg
  4. If you don't search, you won't find all the previous threads and comments : https://forums.warframe.com/search/?q=kubrodon&quick=1
  5. Plague Star when ? Last time was on January 27 2020 for 10 days, now we have to farm formas again ! I don't want to waste my time in fissure missions or be lucky in RJ missions reward or sorties.
  6. Absolutely not. Outside of DE nobody can really check what they're doing. To me it's just communication. I hope I'm wrong, only time will tell.
  7. @aXc909Rebecca Ford avait dit après le TennoCon 2020 que l'Athodai serait dispo à nouveau chez Baro Ki'Teer pour ceux qui n'avaient pas pu l'avoir l'été dernier. C'est exactement ce qui s'était produit pour l'Ephemera Lotus, récompense pour le TennoCon 2019 (ou 2018), avant d'être proposée par ce même Baro quelques mois plus tard. Concernant les horaires qui ne te plaisent pas, je ne vois pas ce que l'exemple du télétravail vient faire ici ! Digital Extremes veut à mon avis essayer de satisfaire un maximum de ses joueurs qui se répartissent sur à peu près tous les fuseaux horaires
  8. It's DE that put those WCC on a pedestal. If DE had the guts to look at the big picture issues they would notice melee isn't the problem. But number of followers on those WCC is, maybe, what they're looking at. I bet that in the next update we'll have the perennial hypocrite communication “melee balance” answer starting with DE's favorite “it was not intended...”. Just do what I do, very low improvments expectations for the tyniest disapointment 🤣
  9. For players who have already everything maxed out and don't want to infuse another warframe, you are going to force us to use it nevertheless ! Same issue when we have to use a forma, when we don't need to anymore.
  10. Hello, I still have often this bug but only in the new corpus ship as you can see on the screenshot.
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