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  1. That's what I almost did 🌚 I had enough of this pesky brightness so I decided to use a freeware that can adjust it according to my needs, and when I don't play WF I disable it 🌝 This way I can keep "my ideal" settings on my computer and only have to do 4 really quick (hopefully !) clicks to play WF, hoping one day I won't use it anymore. For now I have no better solution.
  2. TYPE : In-Game, UI, Profile, Arsenal DESCRIPTION : I checked my profile to know what to level up next and found out that there was a bug between 3 companions (hounds) displayed in profile and arsenal. All of them are gilded and maxed, but only one (bhaira hound) is displayed as maxed in profile. Hec hound and Dorma hound are displayed as not even used in profile. VISUAL : Bhaira and Dorma / Hec REPRODUCTION : I don't know if you can replicate it ! EXPECTED RESULT : I should have seen both Dorma and Hec hounds displayed as maxed in profile and not in grey. OBSERVED RESULT : Both Dorma and Hec hounds are displayed in profile as if I never used them. REPRODUCTIVE RATE : It happens everytime I check the companions in profile and arsenal.
  3. Obviously you never did or did not spend much time on extermination missions (not the skirmish) and never had the loadout to do them. Corpus exter gave me hundreds of holokeys. So "4 very fast missions", with hk, is indeed conceivable.
  4. Hi, Skirmish missions are the Grineer ones, I don't know if it can help but I got all my hundreds of holokeys only doing Extermination missions so the Corpus ones.
  5. Could you please take a look at Railjack Survival missions where we still can't choose between stay or leave when a majority of players pick a side ? We are forced to follow them ! A timer for only the players who would want to leave would be great. And we can still be TP into the primary target, from where we can't get out, for no reason when doing some Railjack missions. Thx.
  6. Corpus Larva still not showing the weapon after Granum Void onslaught, even if I stay for 30s near it.
  7. Fetch is a passive mod, so wherever you place it it does not matter, it will be continuously active. Then, it's written in the link, the priorities for precept mods are read from top left corner to bottom right corner, which means it will proc more often one than another, unless you play without even taking a look sometimes at your Kavat's health. Mine procs everytime several times "Charm" in mission and almost never "Mischief" because it is either invisible or healed constantly (when he's not invisible), or saved from dying. To get a double affinity buff from your smeeta is however not so common, but happens.
  8. @AlyxisPrimeAs mods are read from top left corner to bottom right corner ( https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Penjaga_Mods ), I'd advise you to switch "Charm" mod place with ""Sharpened Claws" mod place to get more buffs from your smeeta.
  9. As @(PSN)iuvenilissaid in this thread on May 3rd 2019, " The Alu will only drop when the Razorback event is happening". This event is not live yet, just wait for it.
  10. Nobody, among all the players who wanted massive buffs for primary and secondary weapons, is in a rush to get that. We perfectly understand it takes time for DE to reach that balance. DE only quickly responded to an ignorant and popular streamer with nerfs that won't even change anything in the game. Melee still will be OP.
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