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  1. Kasio's Rest (last Saturn node) is the mission to farm new BP weapons but.... how do you want us to be able to farm those if there is almost always a bug that kills this mission ? The last 19 times I did this mission, I couldn't end it 17 times because of a bug ! Not 1 or 2 times but 17 out of 19 ! Among those bugs, most frequent ones are : - last crewship not spawning - Host migration making squad to loose everything (fortunately I did not get a single bp in these 17 times) - Crewship shooting indefinitely at railjack - A crewship spawning out of the playable area At least I managed to farm some intrinsics.... 🧐🧐
  2. Navigation menu still bugged when ending last two Saturn missions, sometimes (even often !) we can't do anything, impossible to come back to dojo or launch another mission, and the only way to do something else is to abort the mission so all the loot lost
  3. Bug on Octavia's mandachord when played co-op
  4. Well, the cure still doesn't work
  5. @Djudah You are misreading what we are complaining for. We never wrote the word "hard", you wrote it three times. Thankfully if we are playing this game is because oft its grindy core and to your surprise we like it. It would have been much enjoyable to add some lore to this new content, and not only to have to farm.... to farm, again. KL are like the prime warframes we got every three months, boring, it's just spending half an hour to get all parts and craft them. Of course we got a little bonus on these prime warframes and KL weapons.... wonderful ! It won't make me play this (very little) new stuff often necessarlly 😂 Farming for farming for hours is pointless whereas farming in order to reach a specific objective relating to the lore is much more interesting and fun.
  6. Indeed, Kuva Liches would not be so boring if we could farm them much faster, maybe around half an hour max or to be able, like it was mentioned earlier on the first page, to delete the one we just created if we're not interested in. For now this is probably the worst content I ever seen on this game since am playing, even if the weapons showed with some Kuva Liches are quite good. I guess all DE did not even try to farm those weapons.
  7. Could you make the Kuva Lich spawn farther please ? I would like to rush over several thousand meters, it's so fun to reach it this way 🤣🤣
  8. I do it with Octavia, Helios Prime to be able to use Deconstructor Prime and Gram Prime With Octavia buffs I rush and don't waste my time on Nox they are never thralls, I'll meet others grineers elsewhere. Actually there are some issues with gladiator set mods, but DE will fix that.... I hope ^^ Once it's fixed you can get a full set bonus for melee weapons. Octavia build Gram build you can put Prime Fury instead of the riven Deconstructor build
  9. You can get solo all murmurs you need in 1 hour and a half with the right stuff. I noticed it's way faster to do only extermination and survival missions trying to not exit after 5 minutes for the last one.
  10. Merci beaucoup pour la trad 😎 Par contre n'hésitez pas à faire remonter que le nouveau look des Options est dégueulasse, c'est monochrome et uniforme sans contraste avec la couleur de fond. C'est pour cette raison que maintenant avec la Gram Prime par exemple on n'arrive plus à tournoyer 5 ou 6 fois sur le même mob pour le tuer, désormais ça nous fait faire soit une galipette en avant soit un saut en arrière ? Si c'est bien ça le changement c'est pire que prévu.
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