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  1. I didn't get drop after watching the entire stream.3rd time it's happened and I've went down the checklist and done everything i need to do so it's not on my end.DE help fix this issue Please! : ) P.S. I know you're tired of people reporting the same issue and for that I'm truly sorry! I Don't mean to be one of those constant complainers! I just figured it let you know that more than 1 person was having a problem with this issue. Thanks again for all that you and your entire team has done to help improve our gaming experience!You all are awesome!
  2. When will the K-Drive issue get fixed? Issue is --After putting a forma on my K-Drive it doesn't want to level up at all. I still get syndicate standing but that's all it does.It has remained at rank 0 for 3 weeks now and that is even after races, stunts and everything else i can think of! DE Please help!!!!!!
  3. DE: Please work on the K-Drive issue of the K-Drives not leveling up after you put a forma on them. It's been two weeks since i put a forma on it and it will not level up.My syndicate standing goes up but K-Drive remains unranked!! Please help!!
  4. Is there going to be a K-Drive fix? After i put a forma on my K-Drive ,It would not level up and it is still not leveling up after 5 days of tricks and races and plains runs. Please help fix this issue DE!! Thank you for what you have fixed so far and the great efforts to improve the overall quality and experience of this great game and community.
  5. I have been having issue with my K-Drive not leveling up after i put a forma on it.It has been 4 days now after the forma upgrade and it still remains unranked after alot of stunts and tricks and Races,And still nothing helps ranking!Please help with this issue DE.Please! : )
  6. Is there going to be a twitch drop? Also i would like to know if there is ever a chance that the rubico riven mod stats will revert back to the way it was before? The stats as they are now don't make the rubico even seem worth using! : (
  7. Will there ever be ship to ship battles? If so how far down the road? What about adding armored weapons to pets like for example mini gattling guns,lasers,grenade launchers to add to pets for extra firepower and make there parts accessible only through void missions or just simply make the weapons appear only with certain mods. Just a thought! : ) Thank you De i Love Warframe so far It's my most played game. Keep up the great work!!
  8. Why is the drop rate sooooo bad for the Axi S3 relic? I have done dozens of runs for that relic and still have not gotten 1 yet.I have tried all the spots the codec has said it drops from and stayed a long time in the missions that are timed or wave related [20 waves +] and still nothing. Can you help or look into this please?!!!! Thank you bunches! : )
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