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  1. On 2019-05-20 at 1:43 AM, moostar95 said:

    never played him but the common thing I hear is that he is boring. 

    if he had slash and puncture on his exhalted (like it was implied before release) instead of the impact only i would play the S#&$ of him,but he is boring,has a very boring frame model. Waiting for his 4 to charge enough is a drag,and then you just start ragdolling mobs around and not killing them. 

  2. Basically i liked the last years melee better then this one.

    DE wanted that players move more while playing, instead they game the melee system that does just that encourages camping and not moving.

    Sure i didn't look so "cool" with the old melee when you just coptering with a zaw or polearm ect. but it was effective and it didn't take the flow of the fight down to a crawl thru the mud like it is now. 

    Change my mind. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, HazelCapulus said:

    (Cue the 'I got Equinox in an hour' people) 

    I've got Equinox in 38 runs on Tyl Regor, got Prime version in about 1.5 hours after the release.

    How did i do it ? Simple, i cashed all 132K standing in both of my syndicates for relic packs, got lucky and got all of the parts in multiple relics, got lucky again and got all of the 4 parts needed from Radshare, i rushed the parts, i rushed the frame and i had it. 

    P.S. i only rushed the build on Equinox and Mesa, the rest was 3 days wait time. So that's it. 

  4. - Cut down the lotus babble by 99% or just make it for the first round

    - the animation at the start of the fight is unnecessary after the first fight 

    - bugs/glitches/annoying bugs/  switching in and out of the operator mode is laggy and don't work well 

    - had to do the fight solo because running in a squad when a host that has over 300ms ping is worse then running solo with bugs (even tho i selected the preferred host under 100ms) 

    - annoying claw grab of the "insert stupid name of the boss here"  that mostly bugs out and you can't see your warframe,you can only go with operator mode since the frame is stuck in the claw grab animation and you cant open console to type /unstuck ... unstuck works when you switch to the operator mode but the operator mode isnt stuck ...

    - strange insta kill from nowhere even when your not seeing any laser beam or rocket fired at you

    All of these bugs I've encountered where mostly in solo mode, it's a "tradition" of some sorts that every patch with new content is bugged so bad that i have to do it solo (the first orb fight,the ESO, now this) 

    Just cut down the unnecessary lotus babble while going to the  "insert stupid name of the boss here" , and shrink down by at least 50% the size of the field size of the lotus babble, it's covering much of the screen and you just can't do the parkour parts precisely,not to mention that i can't do most of them just by using the operator mode (every time i was on the far side of some great distance when i switched back  to the frame i was immediately pulled back to the place where i switched to the operator mode, is this just for punishment that i did not use parkour as intended by the developer ? if so then it's a bad design.  

    To not be negative ... i like this boss fight as i liked the last Orb fight, it's a nice direction.

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  5. 35 minutes ago, Dragmod said:

    And this is why I bought 75 nitain during NW, I had figured there would be a drought between seasons.

    160 Nitain left after i've done most of the "old alerts" over few months. Sucks to be a new player, Nitain should be a tactical alert and be obtainable not just by doing Nightwave. 

  6. I see Sonar Banshee i see a player helping other players on hydron, i see a quake banshee i leave. It takes the 5 waves last as long as 7-8 waves, and even after 5 waves if they still decide to play it takes even longer since they are not killing mobs,they are only prolonging the wave while knocking down mobs and pushing them away. That's why i don't like that playstyle, but it's a DE fault not reworking her ult that way it does not promote afk playstyle. 

  7. The last update broke many things, i found these

    - Plague star emblem on Mesa model is larger on her left side and smaller on the right, not equal size

    - game minimizes to the task bar or switches from full screen to window mode when the monitor energy saving kicks in

    - Chosen last aspect of Equinox isn't saved, have to start switching all over again in another mission and waste energy (it was saving my choice in before) 

    - over 6k HP pool on Inaros, i go on Nightmare detonation mode, no npc's near me, i go and hack the alarm panel to turn off the alarm, alarm panel hacked i go "poof" and turn into tomb. 

    - small  geometry keeps interfering with melee attacks

    - Inaros with negating swarm and scarab armor active (does not matter what value) going to Operator mode and switching back to Inaros makes the scarab armor disappear 

    Win10 (1803 build), Latest Steam client

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